How to Use Your Website to Accelerate Growth in Your Business

How to Create a functional website for your business
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It takes a lot to make a business succeed in today’s technological age. However, there are innovative tools you can use to accelerate growth in your business – one of them being your website and how to optimize it to achieve success.

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Integration of your website with an ERP or CRM

Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) can help you streamline your essential business functions to ensure that they all work together cohesively. As for your Customer Relationship Management system (or CRM), this can be used in conjunction with other software, such as an ERP system, to ensure your business processes function as optimally as possible. More specifically, a CRM enhances the way customers interact with your website with the goal of improving customer service and, hopefully, revenue as a result.

What this integration means for your website

Depending on the type of website you have, CRM software or ERP software can be easily integrated into your website to optimize your website functionality. For example, if your website is e-commerce-based, a CRM can make it easier for customers to navigate your website and complete the checkout process. On the other hand, an ERP can make it simpler for customers to pay and checkout upon the completion of a purchase.

How to create a functional website

If you feel your website needs some work, you can look into what you can do to improve it. Of course, this will be determined by various factors including its size, the type of website you have, and the level of integration that is required to ensure your website functions to the best of its ability. You could also include process mapping as part of the planning process to ensure that the design of your website is carried out by the relevant people and according to a specified timeline.

Moreover, don’t forget about the fact that your website may be susceptible to corruption. Make sure you have a data recovery plan that details what you should do if you are the victim of a cyber attack and what to do to rectify the situation should this occur. Information you’ll want to include as part of your backup plan is what information you’ll need to recover first when it needs to be recovered and who will be responsible for this function.

Incorporating process mining

You can use process mining to improve your website in a number of ways. By understanding how visitors interact with your site, you can identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. You can also identify which pages are most popular, and use this information to tailor your content and improve the user experience. Process mining can also help you to understand how changes to your site impact visitor behavior.

Examples of process mapping and mining include introducing a new feature or redesigning a page that can be tracked to see whether this leads to an increase in conversion rates. By understanding the impact of changes to your website, you can ensure that your site is always optimally designed to meet the needs of your visitors.

Optimizing your website for growth

Indeed, software that integrates easily into your website design is certain to help grow your business. But there are other things you can do to optimize your website’s presence online. A website should be easily navigable so that your audience can find the information they are looking for quickly. For example, are the contact buttons where they need to be so that customers can reach you easily? Can they navigate from one section of your website to the next without any problems? Is your website as mobile-friendly as it is desktop-friendly? These factors all impact how user-friendly your website is to Google, which will directly impact your search engine rankings.

Other things you can add to your website to make it even more attractive include adding customer reviews and testimonials to make your business more credible. As far as increasing the marketability of your website is concerned, make sure that your homepage has all the necessary information on it to spur a customer onwards to action, such as including an attention-grabbing headline, having a clear Call to Action visible on your site as well as the necessary tabs to enable your customer to get from one section to the next easily.

It’s safe to say, a company’s success is dependent on a website that works well to keep your company top-of-mind in an increasingly competitive space. Moreover, it’s a good idea to make use of tools like process mining and software to increase your business’s chances of success and growth at the end of the day.


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