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Happy Translators Day

International Translation Day

El Día Internacional de la Traducción

Good morning everyone – Buenos Dias todos.

Happy International Translators day – Feliz dia Internacional de la traduccion.


The celebration of this day is being promoted by FIT which is known as the (International Federation Of Translator) which was set up ever since 1953. The idea of making this day official was promoted by FIT and then it got recognized as the International Translation Day to show the solidarity of the worldwide translation community in an effort to promote the translation profession among all the people and not only in one country but in the entire world!


International Translation Day is celebrated on the 3oth day of September, a day to pay “a tribute to the work of language professionals” which plays a huge part and an important role in bringing our nations together…One-Language-At-A-Time!


El 30 de septiembre se celebra el Día Internacional de la Traducción, para destacar la importante aportación de los traductores y la labor professional que nuestros lingüísticos profesionales aportan cada dia por medio de la traduccion.


Esta celebración fue introducida por la Federación Internacional de la Traducción que viene promovida desde 1953.


Are you a Translator?  What language pairs do you translate into and how long have you been translating for?  Share your responses below!



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