The Remodel Nightmare

What to do and avoid remodeling nightmares - In the process of Remodeling my Home Office aka Woman Shack!

Remodeling Nightmare

How many of you dread remodeling? 

OMG, never, in my mind did I think it was going to be so chaotic, draining, and stressful!

So, last year with the rain my little homeshed office was damaged due to the rain and because I didn’t have the necessary funds to repair it, of course, it got worse! 

So, this year wanting and not wanting I had no choice but to get the repairs and remodeling on the way before the winter starts. 

As you know with all the ongoing catastrophic events that we’ve had going on around the world, I obviously don’t want to take a chance and have it come crumbling down on me 🙁 that would NOT BE GOOD, right?!

As you can see the damage on the bottom, this little office was actually starting to tilt…OMG, right!!! 

Don’t let the outdoors fool you, the inside is very, very nice and comfy, as you can see the old color was bright orange!

So, we decided to get the bottom repaired, and reinforced, as well as to get the roof done, and change the door (provide me with some more lighting and outdoor vision), but I also did, even more, I had them change the insulation and sheetrock to make it more energy-efficient and of course to SAVE SOME $$ MULA, and although times are still hard, without an office, I can’t WORK! 

I also changed the inside color as well, I made it a more neutral color, so that it can match my white, gray, Paris, Shabby Chic decor 🙂   Having your own personal workspace makes a huge difference, right?! 

At least, for me, it makes a big difference!

So, what do you think? 

Do you think, it’s coming out well?

So, what I realized is that making repairs and maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive.

Originally, I was going to do (2 front windows and a glass door), but that was going to cost me about $400-$600 bucks just on the material (And, it wasn’t even the nice expensive stuff)…

So, we kept shopping around and my husband suggested that I do a wide french door, which would still give me the view and lighting that I was looking for, so we started to shop for that, and guess what?

I found a door for under $350.00 on SALE at Lowes (+) I found a professional laborer who installed it for $250!!!

We also SAVED on the paint because we had a 5-gallon bucket that we had used for the inside of our house years back 🙂

The sheetrock and insulation, we found it on SALE at Home Depot and for labor, I was able to SAVE some $$ because my hubby and kids were able to install and handle this task using Youtube 😉 Yup, it came in handy!


So, I will post new pictures once this task is complete, so stay tuned for the final finish!!!

As you’ll see in my Featured image, I finished the makeover of New Paint and Flooring compared to what I originally picked!


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