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Traveling Tips and the Freedom of being an Entrepreneur. Just a bit of my Sonoma County adventure

Entrepreneurship Freedom?

The beauty of life is learning to enjoy each and every moment that we are on this earth.  More importantly, enjoying each and every moment you have with your family and friends.


We all deal with the day – to – day daily life struggles always feeling rushed, kids sports, work, bills, problems, but we all need to take a moment and GETAWAY!  A moment to enjoy life and the beauties that mother nature has for us.

Many think that Getaways are expensive, but that’s NOT the case, at least NOT for me.  Why, How?


Well, I take advantage of my outings – for example when we have to take our kids to their sporting events, instead of sitting and waiting we take advantage of our day/weekend out and while the kids are prepping for their sport, we go out and explore and learn about the new cities, counties, states and/or countries that we may be in.

FAQ: So, how do I do it?

Well, we travel a lot with our 13-year-old son who’s an amateur boxer, we have to take him to his boxing events that sometimes are local, or out of town. 

These events are all-day events, meaning that we have to arrive very early and leave very late :). 

Example: This past month my son was scheduled to fight in Sonoma and while he went through the routine of; Weigh-ins, seeing the Doctor, and waiting to see if his opponent showed up from the Central Valley, my husband, daughter and I decided to explore the beauties of Sonoma County (sometimes our other children opt-out on participating, they rather wait and mingle with their friends, which is perfectly OK).

So, we had a couple of choices, we could either sit and wait for hours till the Boxing Showtime started, or we could go explore beautiful Sonoma.

So, we decided to go and explore #Sonoma AND it was all FREE, yes FREE!

Take advantage and find FREE SPOTS; the Beach is Free, the Lighthouse tour was Free, the Walk along the Beach was Free, and the View was Free 🙂  We always pack lunch, drinks, and snacks, so we don’t have to spend a fortune on eating out!

We started to drive and decided to jump onto HWY 1 and followed it all the way through and this is where it took us – to the end of the Pacific Coast, isn’t it breathtaking???


Places we visited

We went and visited Bodega Bay and stopped by some of the other Sonoma County Beaches and enjoyed our walks on some of the most beautiful beaches. 

We decided to take a walk and enjoy the warm and soft sand while enjoying every moment of watching and hearing the sound of the waves. 

We sat for a while relaxing and enjoying the fresh, and cool ocean breeze and reminiscing with our daughter about our visits to Santa Cruz, Petaluma, New York, Las Vegas, etc… meanwhile my husband relaxed and napped on the beautiful sandy beach!

Words can’t describe the beautiful moments we spent on those beautiful beaches and seeing the blue water and sunshine and nothing around just the beautiful Pacific Coast waters.

The Point Reyes Lighthouse on the Sonoma Coast is the place to visit it’s surrounded by “33,000 acres of coastal wilderness is a wild seashore that should be on your must-see list.”

Follow me to see more of my adventures, or see the products I use, or learn how to start your own business!

I learned so much since the closure of my Corporate Business, Life taught me so much after the Economy Crash, God gave me another opportunity after my multiple accidents and here I am enjoying life and its beauties with my little family while doing what I love!


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