How to Become an Interpreter and Entrepreneur

How to Become an Interpreter and Entrepreneur

Understanding what you need and what it takes to become a professional interpreter.

Want to learn how to become an Interpreter and Entrepreneur?


Did you know that if your Bilingual you can actually become a professional Interpreter or Translator and start your own business?

Let me tell you…


If your bilingual interpreting can be an amazing career in today’s economy.  For decades Immigration into the US has led to a growing number of individuals seeking assistance in immigration settings, medical, and legal settings just to name a few.  Unfortunately, many are unable to speak or understand the English language and therefore require the assistance of a professional, skilled and trained interpreter. 


But – let’s make it CLEAR! They need HELP from a trained interpreter who speaks FLUENTLY both English and their target language, as well as knowing the right terminology in the respected field.


Ever wonder what you need to become a professional interpreter? Well, the first step to becoming a professional interpreter is to make sure you understand the requirements. 


Secondly, if you are seeking to become a certified interpreter then there’s also steps you must take in order to become a medical/legal certified interpreter.  The requirements to start and become certified are different from one to the other, so it’s important you understand the requirements.

business training

There’s many steps you need to follow to become a professional interpreter.

  • Be bilingual (fluent in 2 or more languages)
  • Get trained
  • Decide what business sector you will work in
  • Learn the terminology
  • Get business experience
  • Get experience in that specific field

Check out this video and learn more…

Paths to starting your career as a professional interpreter

About Faviola Valencia, the CEO Hustler providing Elite Services 4 You

Faviola Valencia, the CEO Hustler dba Elite Services 4 You has over 20 years of professional business and language experience. 


I’ve been providing interpreting, translation, transcription, over the phone interpreting, localization, interpreter training and business coaching services to small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, law firms, government agencies, international corporations and professional organizations just to name a few.  


I’m proud to say that I’ve been the company and interpreter of choice for so many years to so many amazing companies and organizations.  If you are ready to Boss Up and Rise and ready to Start and Grow Your business using my same steps, processes and procedures then let’s Chat!

Interpreters Skills Assessment

English Spanish Interpreting and Bilingual Assessments

Interpreter Skills Assessment and Educational Interpreter Training

All interpreters should have interpreter training, and the basic skills, qualifications as required by their individual state, county, and more importantly adhering to the federal guidelines.


Unfortunately, many employees, freelancers, and independent contractors claim “proficiency” in a foreign language.  And maybe, they learned a language by speaking it at home or by living in a foreign country.  But, how do you really know if their language skills meet your job requirements?


Well, with Elite Services 4 You Skills Assessment and Interpreter Training you will now be able to provide an evaluation of your potential candidate’s ability to interpret in; general, legal, clinical, and educational encounters.  More importantly, provide them with the necessary training they need to provide you, your clients with professional and ethical interpreting services.  

Education Interpreter

To ensure that your employees are able to speak Spanish, and with the help of my services, I will be able to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of; vocabulary, terminology, and their ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.


I provide you with testing in a quick and cost-effective manner in the following language pairs: English<>Spanish.  My Interpreting Skills Assessment is done either by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

My services enable clients to arrange assessments quickly and easily on an as-needed basis. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for my skills assessment.


I will assess your “potential candidate”, staff, employee, in-house interpreter on the following:


Evaluate the “potential candidates” knowledge and skills on the necessary vocabulary terms and the ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.

Elite Services_Interpreters Skills Assessment 


Your “potential candidate, staff, employee, the in-house interpreter” will be tested for the following:

  • Language proficiency English <>Spanish
  • Proper use of interpretation terms, protocols, and best practices
  • Delivery of accurate and complete interpretation
  • Ability to interpret the specific terms used with your specific business/company
    Assessments are available by telephone or via webinar. 
Faviola the CEO Hustler

To schedule an assessment, please e-mail me Subject Line: INTERPRETER SKILLS ASSESSMENT


If your candidate does not pass their test, feel free to share my website where I can provide them with the training they need to help them Start Ther Interpreting Career!

Educational Interpreting

Educational Interpreting is more than just being an interpreter.  It requires high-level skill knowledge, terminology, and understanding of how the educational system works.


It’s also important to understand that each industry has its own uniqueness and more so in the educational setting especially when it comes to special education.


Therefore it is of utmost importance to understand what it takes to become an educational interpreter and what you need in order to meet both the educational system needs, but more importantly the parents/students’ and teachers’ needs.

Learn how Elite Services 4 You can train your bilingual staff and help them improve their professional interpreting skills. If you are bilingual and would like to start a career in Interpreting, my Basic Interpreter Training course will help you get started!


What You Need

  • Understanding your role as an Interpreter.
  • Understand what an educational interpreter does.
  • Preparing for each setting.
  • Professional conduct and guidelines.
  • Resources and ongoing training.
  • Fluent in 2 or more languages
  • Get Trained 
  • Learn the processes and procedures
  • Get Business Skills
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Travel and be available upon request

Are you Bilingual and want to Start a Career as a Professional Interpreter?




Join my Introduction to Interpreting the Interpreter Training program!


Are you looking to start your own business

Are you looking to start your own Interpreting or Translation or General business?


First and foremost keep in mind that starting a business is NOT EASY, but it’s also NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  If you have the right mindset, ideas, planning in place – you can be very successful!

  1. Do you have an idea, concept, service or product that you want to sell?
  2. Have you done research and know what you need to put this idea to work?
  3. Have you taken into account all the ups/downs, cash flow problems that may arise with a business?  If not, it is important to be prepared for the ups and downs and especially the “cash flow” that can break your business!
  4. Do you have a; business plan, strategic plan, etc…in place?  If not, I will provide you with all the resources to make sure that you get all your licensing, permits, insurance, etc…in place!

Well, I Invite you to Check Out my Video and Learn More about Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business

Spanish Interpreting and Translation Services

Now, if your looking to Starting an Interpreting and Translation business then this is a whole new “ball game” it’s NOT EASY, but again it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  

First and foremost you have to know the industry, you have to know if you are able and experienced to do both.  You have to find your nitch, your target market…It takes more than just knowing a “second language” to be a “Professional Interpreter / Translator”

Many interpreters and translators forget the important things about the business.  They forget that if you are a “Freelance Interpreter / Translator” based on the City, State, County that you live in, you are required to:

  • Invest in a business license
  • Obtain liability and errors and omissions insurance
  • Establish a contract/agreement for your services
  • Have a little sales and marketing experience in order to market your self
  • Some basic accounting experience in order to properly invoice and collect for your services
  • These are just a few key points that many “Freelancers” forget to obtain.

Follow my blog and learn more about the do’s and don’ts of this billion dollar industry, so that you don’t end up like “the other guy”…Not adhering to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Learn how to become a “Professional Language Interpreter / Translator”

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