Stay Healthy at Work!

Healthy at Work

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Healthy at Work

Your Health. Your Body. Take Care of It!

Entrepreneur BootCamp

Healthy at Work!

I received this awesome guide on how to stay healthy at WORK! I hope you enjoy this Actionable Guide to Staying Healthy At Work in order to raise awareness and to give you tips on how to stay healthy while sitting behind a desk all day.


You can see it here:


fitness gains vs self care

Fitness gains vs. Self care

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fitness gains vs self care
Health and fitness

4 Fitness Tips that Fit

Even the Busiest Schedules


Many people want to exercise and be healthy, but according to the CDC about 39.8 percent of the country were obese in 2015-2016. And, that isn’t counting all the health problems caused by inactivity and unhealthy weight gain among those who aren’t even medically obese.


No one wakes up in the morning and decides they’re going to be unhealthy and inactive that day, so why are these problems affecting so many Americans. One answer – time. We are all very busy people and finding the time to work out and be active is extremely difficult no matter if you’re a professional, parent, or student. Life is busy! With a few simple tricks, though, you can find time to be active even with your busy schedule:


Find a Pause


There are natural pauses in a working day, whether it’s in between meetings or while the children are napping. These pauses might be short, lasting only 15 minutes or less. But, using non-traditional workouts and a few fitness tips, you can turn these short pauses into your workout time whether you’re in the office or at home. There are a number of fast, equipment-free workouts that can be efficiently utilized during these breaks.


Try Resistance Bands


Want to take things a step further? Invest in a good set of resistance bands, which can spice up any workout. These bands are incredibly portable and can be shoved in your desk drawer or put in a closet. They allow you to perform exercises that usually require gym equipment anywhere. You can use resistance bands in the office, while watching the kids outside, or even during the commercial break of your favorite show. A little goes a long way, so there is no need to carve out large chunks of time to use them. Keep them close by and try an exercise like these from Bodylastic whenever you get the chance.


Set Up a Home Gym (and use it!)


Remember that elliptical you bought, but now use to hang clothes? It’s time to clean it off and get to work. The benefits of setting up a home gym is that you can workout whenever you catch a spare minute without the hassle or time it takes to load up and head to the gym.


There are lots of different home gym machines available, but your money might be best spent elsewhere on a good set of free weights, a jump rope, balance ball and a kettlebell. These small pieces of equipment are more versatile than a machine and are much more portable. You probably aren’t going to park an elliptical in the middle of your living room, but you can workout with a kettlebell while watching your favorite shows.


Transform Ordinary Activities


If all else fails and your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to get in even 15 minutes of exercise time, find areas of your life you can augment to include more activity. Buy a standing desk if you spend most of your time sitting at work, walk to the park with the kids instead of driving, or even consider biking to work. Going to the store? Park in the back and away from the door. Have an extra 30 seconds in the morning? Do some quick sun salutations.


Finding time to exercise can be difficult in our modern, fast-paced world. However, it is more critical now than ever to find time to exercise, especially with most jobs involving large amounts of inactivity. Try some of these simple solutions to find time to be active on your busy schedule.


Photo Credit: Pexels


Check out this awesome article with more Tips and helpful information 

Health and Fitness is important

Physical and Emotional Self-Care

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Physical and Emotional Self-Care

for Improved Overall Well-Being

the ceo hustler helping you boss up and rise

Courtesy of: Sheila Olson

Faviola the CEO Hustler

Habits of self-care are crucial to overall well-being–associated actions, behaviors, and thoughts help to avoid serious illnesses and to improve physical and emotional health.   


It helps by providing our bodies and minds with peace and balance in an increasingly over-stimulating world.

“Boss up and Rise CEO Hustlers”

Depending on specific personal and professional commitments and priorities, no two strategies for the execution of self-care will look exactly the same.


However, all people share the need for physical and emotional well-being, and many find that one cannot be achieved without the other.


For example, physical self-care ensures the health, energy and focus necessary to cultivate meaningful relationships, perform sufficiently at work and engage in personal reflection — all practices that strengthen one emotionally.


And, consequently, emotional self-care produces the confidence, self-worth, and motivation necessary to exercise regularly and eat well, which enhance physical growth.


When physical and emotional self-care habits are formed together, the associated positive and productive actions, behaviors, and thoughts intertwine and gain momentum. 


Just like a snowball rolling down a hill, enabling one to reach new levels of overall well-being.

There’s NO EXCUSE as to why we can’t do some SELF CARE at home.  Set up a Home Gym…”There are so many positive aspects to having a gym in the comfort of your own home.”


Read More “Click the button below” some amazing tips on how to Help You Set it up!

Practice physical and emotional self-care habits together.

Practicing both forms of self-care together means that the two require equal attention.


Don’t go physically wild by spending hours at the gym at the expense of other necessary or enjoyable portions of your day. You will burn out quickly and your mind will suffer.


At the same time, don’t neglect physical and nutritional effort in favor of emotional stimulation.


Such activities will become un amusing without the stamina for full participation. Rather, consider physical and emotional self-care to be one in the same, begin both at square one and progress naturally.


Increase the level of physical activity in your everyday life and accomplish more in your limited time by walking to class, work or the store.


If prohibited by time or distance, park farther away from your destination or exit the bus a stop early and always take the stairs.


Journal each adjustment: When reviewing entries at the end of each day, you will be surprised at how many opportunities for exercise were already woven into your existing routine, which will embolden you to hunt for more.


Forget the old notion that achieving physical fitness means running on a treadmill or lifting weights in a gym all the time.


Pursue holistic health by choosing activities that not only exercise your body but also engage your mind and spirit, such as dancing or gardening.


Examine your personal interests and incorporate options that appeal to you. Perhaps you will acquire a new hobby or skill along the way.

Also, abandon the idea that eating healthily is to either starve or confine yourself to unappetizing food.


Continue to enjoy delicious meals, while expanding your creativity, by exploring strategies for creating more nutritious varieties of your favorite recipes.


For example, trim fat from meats and reduce the amount of butter, sugar or salt previously used.


Swap whole-milk products for low-fat dairy options. Incorporate a few cups of broccoli, carrots or spinach into casseroles or kinds of pasta.


To remain accountable to new habits and cultivate stronger relationships, invite friends and family to join you on your quest for physical and emotional well-being.


Swap recipes, host weekly potlucks, form a weekend kickball team. Encourage, challenge and celebrate one another.


The addition of the community will transform your health journey.  Prevent illness and heal your body.


Adopting habits of physical and emotional self-care may protect you from serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension or depression.


Additionally, these habits also encourage the healing of bodily systems suffering from previous damage.


For those recovering from addiction, routine self-care is crucial for maintaining sobriety and restoring health.


Exercise, for example, relieves stress induced by feelings of withdrawal, releases endorphins for a mood-boosting natural high and strengthens the mind-body connection.


Physical and emotional self-care heals the body, helps to prevent serious illness and strengthens overall well-being for a happier, healthier life.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Depression and Stress

Never Give Up

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As the holidays get closer, the bills pile up, the cost of living goes up and the problems don’t go away and now the year end comes to an end, so we may feel like #givingup – right? WRONG!

Like many of you, I have problems, I have struggles, I cry, I lock myself in the room and cry my self to sleep, I ask myself time and time again “Why Me, Why Me” and just can’t find a way out.  I feel that things just keep coming my way and more things keep thrown my way, more problems arise, more issues, etc… I sometimes say to myself “Why do I even try, Why do I continue, Why even do it, Why, Why, Why”…Well, I’ll tell you why!  Because, life is beautiful, life is great, life may have its ups and downs, life may throw things at us that we don’t like, but guess what? Not many, have the luxury of being alive!  There’s so may men, woman and children that wish they had one more day to go through the daily life struggles that we complain about everyday!

I know my father would have wished to be here one more day and would have preferred dealing with the daily struggles, drama, problems, so as long as he was able to see his grandkids alive, see his children get married, go camping, fishing, etc…So, STOP COMPLAING and STOP saying YOU, YES YOU!  That you want to GIVE UP!

Stopit1. Every problem has a solution

2. There’s a solution to every problem

3. Life is Great

4. Life is Beautiful

5. Life is Precious

6. No problem to big

7. As long as we have life, there’s HOPE

8. Have FAITH

9. Love Yourself

10. Love Life



God does things for a Reason, you may not know the reason NOW, but TRUST ME – you will see it – sooner or later…So DON’T GIVE UP!



Trauma, how do you deal with it?

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Have you had a Traumatic event – either recently or in the past? Death of family member, friend, teacher, pet, lover, divorce, physical pain or injury, illness, war, natural disaster, terrorism, moving, parental abandonment, witness death, rape, domestic abuse, prison, or other

Have you just dealt with it, or received help?

Or are you like many who just “sweeps it under the rug” with the hopes that it will just go away, or that it will get better?

I myself have had many events and never in my dreams did I think I would ever need help.  I know many of you reading this will agree that you or someone you know have at one point-or-another have suffered, experienced one of the above.

As state above I’ve had many events, but I will start with the most “recent” one(s) just to give you an idea of what I’ve gone through and what it took to overcome some of these problems and what I had to do.

The most recent one started in 2009, I was feeling so sick that I kept going in/out of the hospital and to the doctors and the doctors just kept telling me it was nothing, just stomach flu, constipation, acid reflux, etc and they would send me back home with medication, drink lots of fluids, etc.  A few months went by I was feeling the same when all of the sudden I felt like my stomach was just going to burst, I was rushed to the hospital where I was told that it was my gallbladder 🙂 and that it needed to be removed.  I was so scared, unprepared especially because I had my little one who at the time was only 6 and was just crying and crying making it harder for me to deal with this.

Well, as I was getting my gown on, getting ready for the pre-op and having some tests done and my kids and hubby sitting there waiting for me to go into surgery then all of the sudden minutes later the doctors come in and tell me “sorry ma’am, but we can’t do the surgery because it’s not your gallbladder, it’s your pregnancy”, My what??!!! Yes, you are pregnant and that is why you are having these pains.  It left me baffled of course because we thought we were done having babies and the thought of having to start all over with diapers, sleepless nights, the crying the feeding, etc.. I couldn’t believe that this was happening, but couldn’t believe that this baby was causing me so much pain!  I cried and cried I didn’t know if it was of happiness, scared, afraid, shocked, it was just too much for me to bare – especially because of all the issues I had with my other babies.  So, I put on my big girl panties and said to my husband “we can do this, if this is what God wants, then we will find a way to get through it!”.  So, 3 months into the pregnancy I started to feel even worse, the pain, headaches, I couldn’t’ keep anything in, I was in/out of the hospital and all the doctors could say is “Ma’m please prepare yourself, your baby might not make it!”.  This went on for 5 whole months – yes!, 5 whole month’s going into the clinic to get my fluids until it came a day where they could no longer find my veins and they had to put in a shunt and of course that didn’t go well, it was so painful and discomforting that they had no choice but to remove it.  To make matters worse I was also going on a 1 month and 1/2 half of no sleep (sleep deprivation), I was going crazy, then my body was itching all the time, it felt like it was burning inside, I couldn’t handle this pregnancy to the point I felt I was going to literally go crazy.  I knew this was NOT NORMAL, so my husband and I pressured the doctors to please run some more testing, so they did and found out that I had a case of severe Cholestasis apparently my case was one of the severe ones because none of the medication or treatments that they had for this was working for me and since I was pregnant and the pregnancy was a risky pregnancy they couldn’t remove my gallbladder which is one of the procedures that they could do! So yeah, they say 1 out of 1,000 pregnancies suffer from severe cholestasis  cholestasisSo, yeah I was a lucky one 🙂 So, it got to the point where my husband could no longer care for me, run a business, care for the kids and handle the day-to-day issues, so he talk to my doctor and had me checked into the hospital until I gave birth.  I was so mad, hurt, felt deserted, isolated, angry, etc., at the time “I hated my husband”, I couldn’t believe that he was doing this to me, I felt like he no longer loved me, I felt like this baby was tearing my family apart.  I remember trying to sneak out of the hospital, I wanted to run away, I wanted this baby out!  Words can’t describe how miserable I was and how much I hated myself for feeling like this – especially knowing I was going to have a Baby Girl, the little girl I always wanted.  Well, they even made me a “Medication Cocktail” (don’t try this at home, only under the care of your treating doctor) trying to get me to sleep and get some rest especially because I was getting closer and closer to giving birth, so I needed my medication.  My Daughter KhloeWell, thank God everything worked out fine, I had my baby girl, but then I had to deal with the fact that she was a premature baby and that they had to leave her in the hospital until she could eat on her own, that was devastating for me because I felt like if only “I could have kept my big girl panties on and held on to this pregnancy full term, instead of crying and begging for them to take her out, my baby could have come home with us”, I felt useless, I felt like part of me was staying in that hospital, like I could not breathe, sleep, eat but I also made my little ones feel worse, torn apart, I felt like I was being selfish!  But, thank God after 3 weeks she was finally home with us, but I never dealt with that Trauma, we never talked about it at home, we never sat down to find out how this whole episode made my children feel, or how my husband felt, we just “swept it under the rug”...

part two soon to come, this is NOT the end of this horrific nightmare – stay tuned!




Depression is a Killer

Depression is a Killer

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Depression is a Killer

Depression affects you, your family, your loved ones...Get Help!

Well, how many of you suffer from; Depression, Anxiety, Stress, or PTSD? How many can relate to this image?

How many of you struggle waking up and getting up every morning, or for that matter doing the “Daily Life Things”; cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.?


How many of you have to deal with the Daily struggles that these Chronic Illnesses and pain bring you?


How about dealing with your “Family and Friends” who don’t understand what you’re going through?

Depression is a Killer

Well, let me tell you – I have to deal with it all the time, so you are NOT ALONE! 


When you come from a strong bloodline who doesn’t believe in; Therapy, Counselors, or seeking help – it makes it very difficult to express your feelings with others, do you agree?


After going into a severe deep depression my husband suggested I seek help and go to a Therapist / Counselor, I told him: “Me to a therapist/counselor, you are crazy!


What is my family/friends going to say when they find out, they are going to think I’m crazy!”


Unfortunately, we are so worried about what others think or say vs NOT GIVING A F*** and doing what’s right for us, right!!!


Well let me tell you we shouldn’t care what other people say or think at the end of the day – it’s our lives, right?


Well, I took my husband’s advice and finally made it to the counselor and according to my therapist, I was suffering from PTSD, which may be caused by the passing of my father. 


And again, my husband was right… I shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, afraid, or scared to seek help!  Because, we are stronger when we recognize that we are human, that we too need help and that it’s OK to seek help from a professional.  It shouldn’t matter what others think, say or do!


As a wife, a mother (of 4 beautiful children) and businesswoman, three years ago in (2010), I had a major breakdown (as mentioned above). 

So here it is…My painful journey…


I remember waking up one morning feeling so down; I had this horrible knot in my throat, this pain in my chest, I started to feel anxious – like I wanted to just; run, scream, cry, getaway, run away, or for that matter “blow my brains out” because my head was just spinning with crazy thoughts, my brain would NOT shut off…


The sweat, the fear it just felt so horrible, I felt hopeless, I felt fear and for the first time in my life, I felt useless and WEAK!


I felt like I had let all those who loved me down like they were going to see me as a weak person like they were no longer going to love me or see me the same way. 


If you are like me who has at one point or another felt this way, PLEASE, PLEASE seek some help – It’s NEVER too late!


Tips on what helped me:

  • I searched for a Counselor – one who I felt comfortable talking to and expressing my feeling too! (You will know when you find the right one, you will feel that personal connection).

  • At night drink some nice Chamomile Tea it will help you relax and sleep

  • Use natural sleeping supplements such as Melatonin Sleep Now this is natural and will help you get a good night rest (Seek advice from your Doctor before taking any medication and or supplements)

  • Eating healthy meals especially in the morning will help you get the nutrients that your body needs.  As you may notice when you DON’T EAT, how does your body react? You start feeling jittery, anxious, dizzy, etc., Sign Up and Order Your Delicious products and start getting a discount. 

  • Exercise such as Yoga has been a great exercise for me, jogging, running, walking…Many studies have shown that Yoga can provide stress reduction and anxiety relief. It can also enhance your mood as well as the overall sense of well-being. (Find something that you like to do)

  • Music can be very therapeutic and soothing, calming and a distraction to the brain.  It’s believed that music can provide; stress relief, alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension.


When I start to feel down, anxious, depressed I tell my children that mommy needs some “me time to relax”, trust me at first my children would tell me:

“Mommy, why don’t you love us, why do you always cry, why do you lock yourself in the room, why this, why that mommy”…


And that made me feel even worse, it made me feel like I was a bad mother, or that I was neglecting my children. 


But no, that is NOT the case, as parents, children, teenagers, adults, etc., we all have our own “Daily Struggles in Life”, this may be with School, Dating, Work, Peers, etc., so it’s OK, to have some “Me Time”! 


So before you reach your breaking point go into a quiet room, turn on some soothing music, light an aromatherapy candle, dim the lights, do some meditating, yoga, breathing exercises, or just take a warm bath, or go for a walk, a jog find something that you like to do and JUST DO IT!


Remember PAIN IS TEMPORARY, but if you quit and don’t seek help it can BE LASTS FOREVER!


Depression is a Killer but your not alone