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Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness

managing your business with chronic pain

Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness


Starting and Running a Business While Managing a Chronic Disease or Illnesses


Those of us who are dealing with chronic pain, disease, or illness know that it’s not fun, easy, and can become very overwhelming, and can create more stress.


I was taught at an early age to ‘live with it, deal with it, you’ll be ok’ having aches, pains, etc…Had I know then what I know now I would have done things very differently!


1. I would have eaten better.
2. Would have gotten my rest.
3. Decreased my alcohol intake.
4. Would have exercised more/partied less.
5. I would have made better choices when I was younger.


You see living with a chronic disease or illness hasn’t been easy, it’s been a very painful road and at times I’m so sick of being in pain that I want to hurt myself even more…

1. Go on a hunger strike.
2. I get depressed.
3. Stop eating well.
4. Start overworking.
5. I stop my self-care.


I’ve always suffered from medical issues caused by anemia, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain (First auto accident at the age of 15).


So when you add the Real Life Stresses; family, kids, business, life, daily ups/downs it can trigger your pains even more! I wrote an article in 2017 Depression is a Killer finally the fact that I had some internal issues that were triggering some of these aches and pains and that I needed to get some help.


I also learned that there are many things we can do to help us get through life and help us with both our life and business ( Your Health is Your Business As a matter of fact, I learned that dealing with constant health concerns can actually prepare you for the ups and downs of business and life. 


I read this amazing article where spoke with a few entrepreneurs who actually live with similar challenges and they shared some tips on how to manage their business and life check out the article, you will love it!


As for me, I learned to…Listen to my body, but I’m not going to lie after years of abuse, it’s still very difficult to stay on track, but I try every day! I also shared some tips in my previous article Physical and Emotional Health


Listen to your body


Those of us who have been running a business know that it’s mentally and physically exhausting, and the risk of overworking yourself will happen daily. Therefore learning to listen to your body and learning how to manage your chronic conditions, and paying attention to your symptoms becomes a vital part of being able to continue working.


“If you neglect your health in the long term for a short-term business need, you may find that you’ve created bigger long-term problems for yourself,” warns Kyle Brost. 


I’ve been suffering from autoimmune disorders for 30 years, but I didn’t know until I was just recently diagnosed and my doctors reviewed all my medical history with me…Yeah, go figure! For the past 5 years, I’ve been learning new ways to stay healthy, I try to pay close and careful attention to what both my business and my body needs on a daily basis and I try to adjust my workload when possible, rather than pushing myself, but I’m not always successful and therefore know that I’m going to get sick! I try really hard to be in tune with how I’m feeling, my workload, daily life ups/downs, and notice when things may be headed downhill. Both my family and I know that when this happens, I need to start taking the necessary steps to prevent it from getting worse, unfortunately, that’s never the case, I push myself till the end – NO BUENO!


Managing stress levels


We all know that having high levels of stress can often make chronic health and pain problems worse. But controlling the stress “is easier said than done, right?”


Therefore paying attention to your stress, both with business and life, is a must if you want to continue to stay active and productive in both business and life. After all those of us with kiddos, we know that being healthy and active is a must in order to care for our kiddos, right!


So starting in 2015 after lots and lots of research I learned that I had to start listening and understanding my triggers because these triggers will also cause flare-ups. My flare-ups are caused by; the food I eat to the stress I have, from being overweight, to not eating or resting well, and of course, overworking has been my main triggers!


So keeping your stress to a minimal level is a must!

1. Staying away from the “toxic people”, even if it’s family
2. Delegating your work both home and business
3. Creating a routine/plan
4. Controlling your workload/flow both home/business is a must
5. Understanding and being ok with the fact that NOT ALL days will be easy


Manage Your Time


One of the many illnesses that I’ve been diagnosed with is; Fibromyalgia, RA, Lupus, Chronic Pain just to name a few, so understanding that having these medical conditions will cause sudden flare-ups and therefore trying to “be superwoman” and not taking breaks will cause pain and will put me out of work, but more importantly it’s not fair for my family to keep going through my aches/pains because I refuse to LISTEN TO MY BODY! Therefore listen and take some of these basic and simple steps:

1. Take a breather
2.  Go for a walk
3. Listen to some music
4. Quick exercise; yoga, meditation, stretching
5. Create a system for both life and business and DO IT!


At the end of the day how precious is our time and health? It’s a valuable resource and therefore should be treated as such. We also have a tendency to test our limits and push ourselves and maybe that was ok when we were young, but in the end, as we get older we start paying the price…So if you’re young and healthy take care of yourself, if you’re like me older and in pain then start listening to your body and create a plan, and change your way of life, but more importantly SEEK HELP, you are NOT ALONE on this journey!


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