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Helpfult Tips to Start Your Own Business
Start Your Own Business ~ Mommy and Entrepreneur Start Your Own Business ~ Mommy and EntrepreneurHow many of you think and think and say; I want to do this. I want to do that. I want to Start my Own Business. I want to Become an Entrepreneur. I’m Bilingual can I use my skills to Start my Own Business. I have a Special Skill, Trade – can I start my Own Business… Of course, you can! You can do whatever you set your mind to do! My name is Faviola, a professional “Interpreter and Entrepreneur”.  I’ve been in business for over 18+ years! Yes, 18+ wonderful years.  Throughout my years in business, I’ve been asked time and time again: How did you start your business? What made you start your own business? How did you do it? Was it hard, or easy? What did you learn? Can I start my own business? I’ve been asked pretty much anything that you can ask any entrepreneur, well I think 🙂 I will be answering these questions and so many more in my upcoming training “Can I start my Own Business – Freelancer to CEO”.  So, if you’re thinking about Starting Your Own Business and becoming an Entrepreneur and you are serious about taking this “leap of faith”, then this training is just for you! You may RSVP here and SAVE YOUR SEAT! Start Your Own Business ~ Mommy and Entrepreneur Did you know that by 2020, there will be over one billion entrepreneurs?  Yes, one billion! Did you know that according to Inc report, as of 2016 according to the report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), found that 27 million working-age Americans–nearly 14 percent-are starting or running a new business?  according to the BLS article below:

Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of the U.S. economy. As the primary source for information on the nation’s labor market, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects data on new businesses and job creation. The following highlights from data series produced by BLS Business Employment Dynamics (BED) program provide insight into the contribution of young and small businesses to the overall number of businesses and jobs in the economy. All this information is great, but WAIT! One of the problems that I see time-and-time again is that people are quitting their jobs and have no source of income and worse don’t have a plan to successfully transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur or self-employed. Start my businessLET ME HELP YOU, HELP YOURSELF so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made when I started my business. Let’s make sure all the puzzles are in place before you START! Therefore, I’m hosting this LOW COST and AFFORDABLE training “Can I start my Own Business – Freelancer to CEO” to educate you and provide you with insightful information, steps and guidance before taking that “leap of faith into entrepreneurship” YOU WILL LEARN: You will get answers to all the questions above and more… The pros and cons of being an Entrepreneur “Good, Bad and Ugly” Managing your job while trying to venture to a side hustle Identify the Right Business for You Business Planning Sales and Marketing The do’s and don’ts of Business Identify if you want to bid for State, County, Federal Contracts and so much more… So, don’t let being a Mommy, No Experience HOLD YOU BACK…Are you Mommy, Entrepreneur Rock Star who just wants to: Start Your Own Business ~ Mommy and Entrepreneur


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