Start Your Interpreting Business in less than 90 Days

Start Your Own Interpreting Career... Become a Professional Interpreter... How to Become an Interpreter in less than 90 Days!
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Start Your Interpreting Business in less than 90 days

How to become an interpreter?

  • Are you Bilingual?
  • Want to be Your Own Boss?
  • Ready to Start Your Own Business?
  • Do you Like Working and Helping Others?
  • Like Traveling?

If you answered YES, then this might be the Career for YOU!

“It takes more than JUST BEING BILINGUAL to become a Professional Interpreter… it takes; professional skills, training and much more!…”

A little history

As a professional interpreter, translator, and former CEO I have everything you need to get you started on your Career!  I’ve been in this industry for over 19+ years. 

I started as a “Freelance Interpreter” in 2000 (just like you) and within just a few months, I started my own Interpreting agency. 

While running my agency I was also Training New “Potential” Interpreters and teaching the Does and Don’ts of this wonderful Industry.

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Things to ponder

In life and business, it’s important to remember and to take into consideration these “inside secrets” that no one tells you or is willing to talk about!

About the Business world

We all start excited and feel complete and “stoked” when business is growing and running smoothly and cash is rolling in and business is just BOOMING, right?!

How about when S***hits the fan?!

Things to remember

Yup, that was me…Business was good, Life was good and things didn’t seem BAD, but then…

Life Happens – the Downs!

  1. I suffered an auto accident (was out for almost one year…
  2. The economy was about to crash (but I didn’t see it coming) but
  3. Then I got pregnant (had a bad pregnancy & almost lost my Baby Girl)
  4. Son suffered a femur fracture (son in a body cast), just when I thought things couldn’t get worse…well they did!
  5. My father was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (Stage 4 Glioblastoma & after just a few months passed away).
  6. I was being “sued, accused of “crappy, s****” business practices (but I was victorious and was able to prove my innocence)…

But in the eyes of my “loyal interpreters, subcontractors” I was just a horrible business owner who was taking advantage of them, who “cheated them.

What they didn’t know or “unbeknown” to them, was that I was going through horrible business and life experiences (I don’t wish upon anyone).

In business, we have ups/downs and unfortunately, I too was the victim of “bad business, business shutdowns, the economy crashing & life/death situations”.

But as the CEO it was my fault & I am responsible for everything even the horrible ups/downs & life struggles and challenges that are being put in front of us!

So after my father passed away I decided to close my business and go back to Freelancing, as well as continue to  Train New Potential Interpreters to help them prepare and avoid these same challenges and problems.

The Rise & Comeback™️

Fast forward… Let me tell you I enjoy being a Freelancer and Entrepreneur more than running an Agency and CEO :)…

Many ask Why…

Well as you can see based on my “Little History” that is why, but also I don’t have to deal with bureaucracy and headaches that come along with running a large business 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong running an Agency is a very lucrative business and industry to be in.

But YOU MUST BE PREPARED to work around the clock to make your business work.

Versus a Freelancer / Entrepreneur you get to work when you want, earn as much as you want, and have the freedom that you want – sounds great, right?

Well, that’s if you working with the right agencies and the right clients.

We move on…

After 2010 shenanigans I decided to make a shift and well here I am “still standing. 

I’m standing with my head up high” and with God’s blessings trying to move forward and learn from the past and my mistakes…


  1. My father passed away, but he’s now in a better place
  2. The princess, my daughter is alive and healthy (dealing with kidney issues, but nevertheless alive)
  3. I survived the “Economy Crash”
  4. Son recovered and is living his dream of being a Chef in the US Navy

So here I am still enjoying this wonderful industry providing services to various companies across the globe, but more importantly, I get to Train and work with New Potential Interpreters all while doing what I love!

Traning & Development

On another note, you will see online that there are various Training programs focusing on Medical, Legal, and Conference Interpretation / Certification.

However, if you don’t have the Basic Skills and understanding as to how this industry works, or how to run your own freelance/entrepreneur business then let me tell you, you are ONLY setting yourself for failure!

Join my Introduction to Interpreting Training

Why, well as you may be aware there are hundreds, if not thousands of young college students who go to college for years and years, and after graduating they find themselves unable to obtain a job in their industry. 

Why? Well, because during their years in College, they never got into internships, nor did they work in a similar industry to mirror their college career goal, therefore making them Non-Competitive!

Trust me when I say: Becoming a Certified Medical, Legal Interpreter is GREAT!


If you don’t have the skills, qualifications, or understanding of this industry, YOU, MY FRIEND WILL NOT GET FAR!

Although I am NOT CERTIFIED, I do have OVER 18+ years of professional experience, as well as the skills, the qualifications to work in any industry I choose…

TRUST ME, my clients will pay my fees and will prefer to hire me vs a Certified Interpreter, why? Well, because of my skills, qualifications, and experience!

Note: I finally have the time and I’m currently working on my Certification – because it is a VALUABLE ASSET to have!

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