Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is a Very Complex task
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What is simultaneous interpretation? It is a very complex task that requires a highly Skilled Interpreter and NOT everyone can do it!

Simultaneous Interpretation is a popular method used by many interpreters providing interpreting services for conferences, courtrooms, tours, meetings, and large group settings.

This method is provided by using conference interpreting equipment, professional equipment set-up, and on-site recording. 

Therefore an interpreter must be familiar with not only interpreting but also interpreting equipment.

Simultaneous Interpretation

How many of you fully understand or know how difficult Simultaneous Interpretation can be?

This method of interpretation is a very difficult method of interpretation and not many are able to master this method.

I myself use this method of interprationg the most and it’s my favorite mode of interpretation. 😍


Over 16+ years of experience working as a:

  • Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference interpreter working in:
  • All business sectors including but not limited to Medical, Legal, Government, General Businesses, State, and much more!!!

Simultaneous Interpretaion

As mentioned before simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting, which not only requires accurate and complete oral interpretation, but also the interpreter must interpret at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with only a few seconds of lag time. 

This task requires a lot of concentration and usually requires a “team of interpreters” for any assignments over 2 hours (but I usually handle all tasks alone).

Many organizations and companies think that Simultaneous or Conference interpreters are high-priced, and yes they are.


Because of the skills needed to successfully get the job done, but also because there aren’t that many interpreters who are skilled, qualified and/or able to interpret in this mode of interpretation.

What you need to consider

As an interpreter and throughout my years in business, I’ve met a few Court Certified Interpreters who have years of experience working ONLY as Court Interpreters but have NEVER worked as Simultaneous Conference Interpreters.

Moreover, they have never used specialized interpreting equipment. 

I’ve also met many medical interpreters who have no experience in legal or conference interpretation settings, etc…

Therefore when you are in need of a Qualified, Experienced, Simultaneous interpreter for your event – make sure that you provide the agency, or the interpreter with as much information about your event; date, time, location, type of appointment, etc…

This information helps the interpreter prepare and/or locate an interpreter experienced in this mode of interpretation, because again…

“Just because you speak a second language, does NOT mean you can become a Professional Interpreter” and “Just because you contract a Court, Medical or Administrative Certified Interpreter” DOES NOT MEAN they can interpret in all modes of interpretation or all industries!  


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