How many of you fully understand or know how difficult Simultaneous Interpretation can be?

Well, let me tell you its difficult for some, but NOT for me, I love it and it’s my favorite mode of interpretation. šŸ˜

I have over 16+ years of experience working as a Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference interpreter for all areas, such asĀ Medical, Legal, Government, Hospitality, Investigations, General Businesses, State, County, Federal, and much more!!!

Simultaneous InterpretaionSimultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting, which not only requires accurate and complete oral interpretation, but also the interpreter must interpret at the same rate of speech of the speaker, with only a few seconds of lag time, therefore requires a lot of concentration and usually requires a ā€œteam of interpretersā€ for any assignments over 2 hours.

Many organizations and companies think that Simultaneous or Conference interpretersĀ are high priced, and yes they are.


Because of the skills needed to successfully get the job done, but also because there aren’t that many interpreters who are skilled, qualified and/or able to interpret in this mode of interpretation.

Throughout my years in business, I’ve met a few “Court Certified Interpreters” who have years of experience working ONLY as Court Interpreters but have NEVER worked as Simultaneous Interpreter, moreover, they have never used the specialized interpreting equipment.

So, my point is: When you are in need of a Qualified, Experienced, Simultaneous interpreter for your event – make sure that you provideĀ the agency, or the interpreter as muchĀ information about your event, so that they can be prepared and/or locate an interpreter experienced in this mode of interpretation, because again…

“Just because you speak a second language, does NOT mean you can become a Professional Interpreter” andĀ “Just because you contract a Court, Medical or Administrative Certified Interpreter” DOES NOT MEANĀ they can interpret in all modes of interpretation or all industries! Ā 20160510_102052

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