Simple Home Tidiness Tips to Make You Feel More Relaxed

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Home Tidiness Tips to make you feel so much more relaxed!

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Quick Home Tidiness Tips

Living “clutter” free and organized can make your life so much easier, less stressed, hectic and make you feel so good!




Keeping up with clutter in the home can be challenging in our on-the-go lifestyle.  However, maintaining a tidy home can actually promote relaxation.  Here are some simple tips for finding orderliness and well-being. 


Tidy means better well-being.  Keeping an uncluttered, tidy home can actually be good for you.  According to some studies, there are numerous health benefits from decluttering.  Tidying up can improve mental health by reducing fatigue, stress levels, and symptoms of depression.  Homeowners tend to feel surrounded by unfinished business when homes are cluttered.  An uncluttered home promotes better rest.  Also, those who make their beds in the morning are more apt to enjoy a good night’s sleep, especially if climbing into fresh sheets.  A tidy home is less distracting, thereby promoting focus and productivity.  Messy homes appear to induce unhealthy eating patterns with more snacking on junk foods, and there is a correlation between cluttered homes and being overweight.


It’s therapeutic.  There seems to be a form of catharsis in the act of tidying a home.  NBC notes that reducing clutter through the elimination of things we feel tied to can be freeing.  For instance, you could give away that outfit your mother bought you but you will never wear, which is a release from the item.  We improve our feelings of independence and control in our lives by unloading things.  You may even make a little extra cash by selling off belongings you no longer want or need.  A clean, uncluttered home can make you feel good with less to look at, too.  Both you and your guests can feel more relaxed with less “stuff” surrounding you.

Where to begin.  Try starting in one room or in a section of a room.  Begin with easy areas and go to more difficult ones later.  Try a simple task first, such as eliminating junk mail and never-used plasticware. Then tackle more emotional projects later, such as jewelry you rarely wear or the extra winter coat you don’t really need. 

Cleaning up.  Along with an uncluttered home, you’ll feel better keeping your home cleaner.  The two go hand in hand in making you feel good, and some studies show you’ll improve your mental and physical health with better house-cleaning habits.  While you could hire a cleaning service for this work, those costs will add up (a maid service typically costs $116 – 235 per visit). Here are a handful of simple tips you can do on your own to keep your home cleaner and tidier:

  • Opt for some tools to help you remove pet hair. Pet hair can collect everywhere, including furniture, ceiling fans, table tops, and carpeting.  Use a sticky lint roller, groom your pet with a grooming glove (available for $6.99), and invest in a great vacuum.
  • Remove your shoes when you come into the house. Shoes bring in dirt, germs, and debris from outside, which gets trapped in carpeting. 
  • Wipe down kitchen counters routinely. Country Living recommends a solution of vinegar, water, and almond dish soap to cut through grease and leave a fresh scent.
  • Put away your clothes. Dirty items should go into a hamper, clean clothes can be folded and stored in dressers or hung, and in the morning, put your pajamas away appropriately. 
  • Spruce up the bathroom every morning. Keep a squeegee handy to wipe the door and walls of the shower after each use, and wipe down your sink area with cleaning wipes before leaving for the day.
  • Clean as you cook. By not allowing dishes to pile up while you’re making meals, you don’t finish eating knowing you must deal with a disaster in your kitchen. 
  • End your days on a good note. Ask everyone in the house to spend a few minutes tidying up before going to bed.  Picking up toys, hanging coats, and putting away shoes means not getting up to a mess in the morning. 

Clean and tidy.  Some simple strategies can equate to a home that promotes your health and wellness.  Spend time decluttering and do some quick cleanups every day.  You’ll reap the benefits of a happier, healthier home!

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