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My Mission and Passion are to help you and your business by providing you with fast, quality and professional solutions at an affordable price to meet yours and your business needs. But More Importantly, I keep it simple. To the Point, but yet professional. I'm a California based agency located in beautiful Sacramento "The Golden State".  I operate on a small scale, I'm a "One-Woman show", but...(don't let that fool you) I provide you with everything a larger company is able to provide, but at a much affordable rate.  

Professional Spanish onsite simultaneous, consecutive, conference interpreting services for all your interpretation needs, from; Medical to Legal, Depositions, Hearings, Trials, Mediation, Conference, Hospitality, Educational, Government, State, Federal and more...

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Quality and Professional document translations for all your translation needs, from Immigration Legal documents to School Transcripts, Medical Transcripts, Employee Handbooks, Birth Certificates and Decrees, Collateral Material, and more...

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Are you bilingual and want to be your own boss? Love helping and working with people? Love to travel and want to start your own business? Or, are you already an interpreter, but need help growing your business base, or want to grow your business, but don't know how?  If your bilingual, motivated, passionate and ambitious then use your language skills to create a business opportunity...

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Biz Coach
If you have a special skill, talent, product and you are ready to start entrepreneurship journey because you want Freedom + Success then join me, I'm here to assist you!  My mission is to help entrepreneurs just like you from going through the headaches that ALL start-up businesses go through by providing you with personalized service, step-by-step guides, training, coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your life's goals and dreams.

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My language skills assessment provides an evaluation of your potential Spanish speaking candidate's ability to interpret in general, legal, clinical, educational and business encounters.  Make sure that you are hiring a qualified candidate who is capable of interpreting in the above encounters. Don't put your business at Risk, but more importantly don't put your clients at Risk!

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Did you know that Simultaneous Interpretation cannot be carried out successfully without the right equipment? Well, it's true when you have an audience of 2 or more who are interested in your products, services, or training you want to make sure they are able to hear and understand everything the speaker is conveying, correct? Great!, well I can provide you with the necessary equipment that is needed for all of your simultaneous interpretation assignments.

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My "online store" has everything you need for your StartUp Biz. I provide products, services for the Language Industry, or for your Entrepreneurship journey, so don't worry I got you covered! Coaching - Personalized support and step-by-step guidance to help you start, grow or launch your business. Membership Club- an online monthly subscription that provides you with ALL the "Bells and Whistles" you need for your business; online networking, referrals, guides, training, coaching, mentoring, and so much more...Your One-Stop-Shop for all your business needs. Books and Guides - Step-by-step guides, books, worksheets to help and support you in reaching your life and business dreams.

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Need Health and Fitness products to help you stay healthy and fit. Yes, it all correlates with each other, why? Well, in order for us to work the long hours, have the strength to still take care of our family, kids, sports, etc., we need products that work! How many of you miss your morning breakfast? I think 95% of us do, why because we are so busy running around doing this and that, and we forget about ourselves, true?  Well, no worries, I got you covered. You see, I've been using these great products for over 10 years and they are on-the-go, easy and fast to prepare and more importantly, they will fill your tummy and will help you focus and stay healthy!

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Bilingual VA
Yes, I also provide you with Bilingual Virtual Assistant services.  Many businesses want to tap into the "Hispanic Market", but don't have the resources to hire a P/T or for that matter a F/T assistant.  Well with my services, I'm able to help you "tap into the market", while still staying within your budget.  Yes, I've helped 1000s of small to large businesses just like yours "tap into the Hispanic market" and have helped them grow and expand their business and I can help you! From answering phones, email correspondence, biz contracts, sales and marketing, accounting and so much more...

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