Faviola Valencia


Business Coach & Mentor

Need help with Starting or Growing your Business?

Are you struggling with processes, procedures, foundation, etc for your business?

Feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed? Well, your not alone. Most motivated entrepreneurs struggle and feel the same way. However, there’s a solution…

Coaching for interpreters

Are you bilingual and want to become a professional interpreter using your bilingual skills?

Or maybe your already an Interpreter but your struggling in growing your business, struggling to earn your worth, not enough visibility, not enough clients, or just stuck!

Well, your not alone. But, I’m happy to tell you, your in the right place to get the help you need to start and grow your career & business.

Interpreter & Translator

Do you have a special event, assignment, or conference and need a qualified, professional, and experienced Spanish interpreter for your event?

Have a document, collateral material, handbooks that need to be translated into Spanish<>English?

No matter what type of project, or document you have or need I can help you “Break the Language Barrier in Communication” and help you, so you can help your customers in their own language!

work with me

As an immigrant who had no status in this Country for many years, I had no choice but to find a Career or Business that would help me and help my husband support our family.

I’ve always had the Business mindset (thanks to my father who came to this Country in 78′ and built his own Upholstery business – from the ground/up) and therefore I had the opportunity to start my own Corporate Business in 2000 (from the ground up).

I went from being an “Illegal” unknown Freelancer to a CEO building a 6-figure business in under 3-months all from the “ground – up”! I’m happy to share my journey, experiences, trials and tribulations with you and I’m ready to Help You Build the Business of Your Dreams!

Faviola the CEO Hustler


Faviola the CEO Hustler


Investigation, Trials, Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration, Jail Interviews, Parole Hearings, “A Day in the Life”, Witness Preparation, New Client Intake, etc​


Naturalization, Attorney-Client Intake, Green Card, Adjust Status, Petition, Unlawful Waivers, Refugee, Asylee, etc.


Parent/Teacher conference, Board meetings, IEPs, DELAC, ELAC, etc.

General business & industries

City, County, State, Federal; CDCR, DHSS, CDSS, etc​…

Natural resources, nature centers, museums, botanical gardens, scientific, ecological, etc…

Employee/Employer meetings, Insurance, Benefit meetings, Corporate, Funders, Community Leaders, Organizations, etc.​..


Most frequent questions and answers

I’ve been in business since 2000.  I started my own business from the comfort of my home and built a 6-Figure Corporate Business in under 3-months.

As a former CEO and Freelancer I know the ins/outs of both the Interpreting and Business world and therefore know what it takes to Start, Grow and Launch a Business, but more importantly I know the ups/downs, “trials and tribulations” a business goes through both when starting and growing your business and I know how to work through them!

Looking to Start or Grow your Business? Let’s Start it on the Right Track to Avoid all the problems and challenges that may arise!

I started working at the early age of 14 and by the time I was 18, I was managing a Small Construction Business as well as my father’s Upholstery Business.   

I’ve worked for both Small and Fortune 500 Businesses as a; Receptionist, HR, Executive Administrator, Recruiting, PM, Accounting and Management and thanks to all that experience I was able to incorporated into my Business creating a 6-Figure Business in under 3 months (from processes and procedures to contracting and recruiting and so much more). 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with I.C., Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Corporate, State, County, Federal, Non-profits, Educational settings and many other business settings.  While building my Business I had to recruit, train, mentor and help other I.C start & grow their Career & Business and since the inception of my business I’ve had the pleasure to train 1000s Start and Grow their Career as well as their Business.

I’ve been working as a Freelance Independent Contract Interpreter and Translator since the inception of my business in 2000. 

I have experience in Simultaneous, Conference, and Consecutive Interpretation.  I’ve worked as an Onsite Interpreter, Translator, OTPI, and Transcriptionist. 

I’ve worked in a variety of Industries including but not limited to City, State, County, Federal, General Businesses, Insurance Companies, and so much more.

As mentioned before I know the “struggles and challenges” a Start-up business goes through as well as a Growing Business and therefore I have created a variety of programs, downloads, groups and even freebies to help you through your journey!

I offer a Low-Cost step-by-step downloads, a Private Monthly Group (Training and Development) for Students and Entrepreneurs. I offer Low-Cost Group Workshops, but I also offer 1:1 training for motivated Entrepreneurs and aspiring CEOs…


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