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Faviola Valencia

Need Help With Your Business?

I offer a variety of Services to meet your needs.

LITTLE HISTORY: As a former CEO of a top-notch Language agency who started her business (with no experience, or qualifications) and built a corporate business from the “ground up”, I know what it takes to Start, Grow and Operate a Business.

I have over 19+years of professional language experience and over 25+years of business experience.

    • Using my Spanish Language Services I will Help You Break the Language Barrier in Communication.
    • With my Business Coaching programs, I will Help You Start & Grow Your Business.
    • I Will Help You Start Your Career as a Professional Interpreter through my various Interpreter Training Workshops, and;
  • I provide professional Spanish<>English Interpreting & Translation services domestically and internationally for all businesses sectors.

Fields of expertise


Investigation, Trials, Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration, Jail Interviews, Witness Preparation, New Client Intake, etc


Naturalization, Attorney-Client Intake, Green Card, Adjust Status, Petition, Unlawful Waivers, Refugee, Asylee, etc.


Parent/Teacher conference, Board meetings, IEPs, DELAC, ELAC, etc.


Natural resources, nature centers, museums, botanical gardens, scientific, ecological, etc


City, County, State, Federal; CDCR, DHSS, CDSS, etc

Non-Profit and General Business

Employee/Employer meetings, Insurance, Benefit meetings, Corporate, Funders, Community Leaders, Organizations, etc.

My Services

I provide professional Spanish Interpreting and Translation services for all industries. I offer Consecutive, Simultaneous and Conference Interpretation services 24/7.

Helping struggling entrepreneurs Start, Grow & Decipher their Business by providing them with the tools, steps, procedures, guidance, and foundation needed to help them “Kick Start” their Biz!

I provide online and onsite interpreter training services to all bilingual individuals seeking to start a career as a professional interpreter.  I offer monthly workshops and one-on-one training.

Skills Assessment provides an evaluation of your potential candidate’s ability to interpret in general, legal, clinical, and educational encounters.  Language Skills Assessment are available online or skype.

Transcription Services is a service widely used in the legal and medical field.  Medical, Legal transcriptions are more than taking voice recordings or handwritten notes and putting them into electronic format. 

A low cost, easy-to-access over the phone service with an average connection time of less than a minute.  A quick phone call is all it takes to set up your account.

Using a bilingual virtual assistant will not only help you grow your business (tap into the Hispanic Market), but it will save you hours from your workweek and 100s/week.

Your health is so important especially in this day in age where we’re all “On-the-Go, Go, Go!” and have no time for self-care, eating healthy, skipping breakfast, and meals. Get Your On-the-Go Healthy Shake!

Product Downloads and Resources to help aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Interpreting Equipment is also available for your events.  (Portable