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Language Services

Conferences and events take planning, and so does the interpreter providing the services. I will help you define the needs and requirements for your Interpretation project, no matter how complex it may be.Contact me Today!

Business Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to start or grow your business? Join and get the training you need; tips, resources, proven steps to help you build a profitable and sustainable business using your skills, products, or services...

Interpreter Training

Are you bilingual and want to start your own interpreting career or business? Join today and get ready to enter this billion-dollar industry and get ready to learn what it takes, what you need, and how to get started - today!


Turn your voice or audio recordings into an accurately written document as per my customer requests. I will transfer Sp<>Eng Recordings from audio tapes, video tapes, mini cassettes, DVD's as well as electronic files and convert them into a written transcription format​.

Over the Phone + VRI

Over the Phone and VRI Interpreting services is invaluable to support their day-to-day business operations.  Don't let these unprecedented times affect you or your business.  I'm at your Service 24/7 via onsite (PPE), Over the Phone (Quick Call), or via Remote Interpreting (Zoom, Skype, other)!

Bilingual VA Services

Don't let this pandemic stop you from operating your business.  Cutting back on costs?  No problem!  Need a VA to help you with all your business tasks; office administration, accounting, scheduling, recruiting, sales and marketing and other tasks to help your business start & grow? I'm ready to assist you on a P/T and contract basis - learn more...​

Interpreting Equipment

Have a conference and need portable interpreting equipment for your participants? No worries, I have access to equipment to meet your interpreting needs.  Contact me for more information.


Providing products and apparel for interpreters and entrepreneurs; glossaries, forms, and templates. Get your products today. #BossUpandRise ​

Health + Fitness

Being an Entrepreneur takes so much out of us and at times creates so much stress and overwhelm. What if I told you that I have a quick, easy to make, and healthy product to help you get through your days? learn more...

Your language & business partner

Faviola Valencia dba Elite Services 4 You, your professional  English<>Spanish language professional providing you  with language and business services and solutions for small and Fortune 500 global businesses across the world.

I’m a California based, woman-owned, certified DVBE, minority owned and Small Business. I’m bound by HIPAA standards, and I adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct, Accuracy, Confidentiality and knowledge-based standards. I’m also a DGS, CMAS Contract Holder.

From the inception of my business in 2000, I envisioned building a business unique to this industry, one that is able to make a difference to the people we serve, and 20+ years later I’ve been able to accomplish this dream by providing professional, ethical, and excellent services to all the clients I serve.

I have a background of over 20+ years of professional experience working as CEO in the language industry and over 3 decades working as an executive administrator and management office positions, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best service at all times!

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Upon receipt of your request, your appointment is immediately ‘penciled in’.  Once you accept the terms/conditions we can finalize and confirm your appointment

Simple. Just submit your online request form and upon receipt, you will receive an email or call to confirm your request.

I’ve been in business for over 20+ years. I’m a California based, woman-owned, certified DVBE, minority-owned, and small disadvantaged certified business and I’m a DGS and CMAS Contract Holder.



My RISK assessment will determine, if I’m qualified to accept your assignment or take you on as a client.  If I don’t feel confident or qualified I will NOT accept an assignment for which I may not be qualified, as it can potentially affect your case, threaten testimony, or worse put someone in jail, or even cause death.  Therefore, I will ONLY ACCEPT assignments, clients that I know I’m 100% qualified to do and help!  I will NOT put YOUR BUSINESS OR MINE, or the LEP AT RISK.

I’m a self-made entrepreneur and a qualified experienced interpreter.    I have over 20 years as an Entrepreneur, CEO, and professional Interpreter working in a variety of business sectors.  


In order to provide you with 100% excellent services, I’m constantly perfecting my skills through training and development:  

-Court Interpreter Training Institute Certificate of Completion, University of Arizona 

– Marketing Tools for Interpreters & Translators, Certificate from SCATIA 

– Criminal Realignment & Difficult Conversations and How to Approach them, Interpreting Certificate and Units from CFI

-Partnering with the Provider for Successful Encounters, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care

-Small Business Training Certificate, SBA Administration and so many more trainings throughout my 20 years in business…

I’ve been in business since 2000.  I started my own business from the comfort of my home and built a 6-Figure Corporate Business in under 3-months.

As a former CEO and Freelancer I know the ins/outs of both the Interpreting and Business world and therefore know what it takes to Start, Grow and Launch a Business, but more importantly I know the ups/downs, “trials and tribulations” a business goes through both when starting and growing your business and I know how to work through them!

Looking to Start or Grow your Business? Let’s Start it on the Right Track to Avoid all the problems and challenges that may arise!

I started working at the early age of 14 and by the time I was 18, I was managing a Small Construction Business as well as my father’s Upholstery Business.   

I’ve worked for both Small and Fortune 500 Businesses as a; Receptionist, HR, Executive Administrator, Recruiting, PM, Accounting and Management and thanks to all that experience I was able to incorporated into my Business creating a 6-Figure Business in under 3 months (from processes and procedures to contracting and recruiting and so much more). 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with I.C., Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Corporate, State, County, Federal, Non-profits, Educational settings and many other business settings.  While building my Business I had to recruit, train, mentor and help other I.C start & grow their Career & Business and since the inception of my business I’ve had the pleasure to train 1000s Start and Grow their Career as well as their Business.

Interpreting, Translation, Business Coaching and Interpreter Training services are billed either on a:

 Per minute (OTP) | Per word (translation) | per hour (Interpreting), Per class/workshop/1: training for Business Coaching or Interpreter Training.  I also offer A La Cart.  You will pay in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

On a one-time basis, or we can set up a contract.

I offer services onsite, over the phone, video remote, but adhering to Covid-19 guidelines 

Yes, I offer discounts, including Volume and Non-profit, and return client discounts.

Yes, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements are important to me and especially my clients.  Therefore, upon request I will sign your Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements.  Furthermore I’m bound by HIPAA standards, and I adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct, Accuracy, Confidentiality, and knowledge-based standards set forth by both the Interpreting and Business industry. 

I’ve been working as a Freelance Independent Contract Interpreter and Translator since the inception of my business in 2000. 

I have experience in Simultaneous, Conference, and Consecutive Interpretation.  I’ve worked as an Onsite Interpreter, Translator, OTPI, and Transcriptionist. 

I’ve worked in a variety of Industries including but not limited to City, State, County, Federal, General Businesses, Insurance Companies, and so much more.

As mentioned before I know the “struggles and challenges” a Start-up business goes through as well as a Growing Business and therefore I have created a variety of programs, downloads, groups and even freebies to help you through your journey!

I offer a Low-Cost step-by-step downloads, a Private Monthly Group (Training and Development) for Students and Entrepreneurs. I offer Low-Cost Group Workshops, but I also offer 1:1 training for motivated Entrepreneurs and aspiring CEOs…

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