Vision and Dream Board


Vision Board 

Are you a motivated and struggling Entrepreneur who’s ready to Boss Up and Rise and ready to take his/her business to the next level?

Join Me via online to my live, close and personal “The Hustler Vision Board Paaarttyyy!


Calling all motivated entrepreneurs, freelancers, mompreneurs and let’s celebrate the New Year all while setting our goals so we can start a successful New Year! 


Making a vision board sounds like a good idea, right? But it sounds like a lot of work, too.  Well, although it’s a bit of work, you will not be alone and more importantly, you don’t have to be present…NO!


This is an Online Paaaartttyyyy!  So don’t put it off any longer! And let’s work on drawing more of what you want into your life and ensure your vision board gets made, so join me today.


This will also be a time to discuss your goals and learn strategies and put your plans into action with my free download (included when you register).  


our board to get a  will help you, your career and business and it will help you achieve and accomplish your Vision and Mission, but more importantly keep you – focused, motivated and inspired.  Join me Live, Close and Personal and let’s get this party started!

Be sure to reserve one ticket for yourself and one for each of your BFFs who will attend online!

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This is also a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded women | enjoy some lady time all while sipping on some tea, coffee, or wine 🙂 

Things to ponder:

  1. What does your dream and goals look like?
  2. How will sticking pictures and words on a board change my life? Well, visualizing your goals will help you attract what you truly want (trust me it works!). Like they say, “You must see it, you must feel it to believe it”.   
  3. So, when you see your Dream every day, it will be a reminder of your WHY!  Why you have to get up to work, why you have to work hard, why you have to stay motivated, etc….

Things to include in your board; a) What have you been daydreaming about..b) What type of business do you want to build c) What’s your dream vacation d) Other; finishing your degree, exercising and eating well, losing weight, getting a promotion, spending more time with family, or connecting and encouraging others? 

Please join us and let’s get excited about the vision board you want to create!


Your Registration includes; Gift Certificate for your Refreshment (Coffee, Tea, or Wine) Board, Materials (magazines, cut-outs, pictures, images are not included) and a goodie bag!


So, don’t delay and sign up and let’s work on making your vision a reality!  


 I can’t wait for you to Join Me 🙂




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