Introduction to Interpreting

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This Introduction to Interpreting is an informational & step-by-step guide that provides you with the information and steps you need How to Become a Professional Interpreter including:

  • What You Need, what it takes, how to evaluate what you have, and make modifications, and adjustments, if need be.
  • Create Your Niche in your specialization and see what qualifications you have and what niche best fits you.
  • Create Your basic “Road Map” that will work for you and your business.
  • Create the right Processes to track and manage your time and understand how to set your market rates, terms, and conditions.
  • Understanding how to set your Professional Capabilities and Professional Bio 
  • Basic Sales & Marketing Plan for your services and niche and so much more…

What you get…

  • ​Upgrade Your Guide ($497 value)
  • ​FREE tips and information (at your fingertips) via my email (Priceless)
  • ​FREE Videos to help you with your journey ($priceless)
  • ​​Discounted rates for Workshops, 1:1 training ($100s in savings)
  • ​Access to a training video for 30 days & (Chat/Email) directly with me to answer any questions you may have…$1000s value)

After all, it takes more than just speaking a second language to become a professional interpreter, business owner, freelancer, or small to corporate business. 

It’s also very important to understand the requirements before you start ANY career or business to make sure it’s the right career or business for you.  Let’s “dive in” and let’s see if this is the best career and business choice for you!

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Introduction to Interpreting

Introduction to Interpreting is The Go-To-Guide that will provide answers to all your questions about what you need and how to “Kick Start” Your Interpreting Career and Business.

  • Steps needed to become an interpreter.
  • How to Start Your Own Business and Be Your Own Boss!
  • The Dos and Don’ts of the Industry.
  • If this is the Right Career for you.
  • Basic steps I used to “Kick Start” my career and business, and how to start yours!
  • Learn the Inside Secrets from someone who’s been on all sides of the spectrum; CEO, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, and Trainer.  

You’ll also learn:

  • How to Get Your Business Started
  • About this Billion Dollar Industry and the potential growth!
  • Exactly what it takes, what you need, and how to do it, and how you can join the 1000s of successful entrepreneurs and professional Interpreters and Translators. 

Let me help you Start Your Interpreting Career (the right way!). Invest in Yourself Today!

Don’t wait, the Demand for Interpreters is On the RISE!!!

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