Entrepreneurship Planning


Faviola the CEO Hustler

Entrepreneurship Planning Process

Entrepreneurship Planning is an Online Workshop that will help Entrepreneurs + Interpreters Get the Basic Business process started in as little as 4 weeks!

The entrepreneurship planning process is an online workshop created for motivated entrepreneurs seeking to start their own businesses, and turn their idea into reality!

4-week online program with Faviola ‘the CEO Hustler’ Valencia will walk you through proven steps, processes, and procedures that will help identify your goals, dreams, and vision and help create a plan to help you start your business on the right track!

  • Start-up Plan; Incorporate your skills, products, or services and…
  • Create the right Processes for your business
  • Develop a quick Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Incorporate your strategies into your Plan and so much more.

Bonus: 30 min call with me to further discuss your business! (worth over $500)

Bonus: Business Plan, Sales & Marketing Strategy (worth over $500)

Bonus: Access to Chat directly with me; regarding your forms, and templates included in this workshop. (worth over $250.00)

Remember: If you can’t make it to the scheduled date/time, you will have access to the recording and access to all the above perks!

***This is also for you if you’re already in business but struggling to put the pieces together, or struggling to grow your business – Don’t MISS this opportunity to Start and Grow Your business all while doing what you LOVE***

Entrepreneurship Planning


Entrepreneurship Planning

Entrepreneurship Planning will help you turn your idea into a full-blown business. Create, launch, and grow your business. Learn the steps, and strategies to start your own business on the right track!

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