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    Business Training

    Entrepreneur Business Plan 101

    Entrepreneur Business Plan 101 is your Go-To-Guide to help you get your Business Started, as well as help you Grow your business.

    This Entrepreneur Business Plan 101 will provide you with a Step-by-Step plan so that you can implement and get what you need to Start and Grow Your Business!

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    Interpreter Training

    Introduction to Interpreting

    Introduction to Interpreting: Use your Bilingual Skills to Start Your Interpreting Career Today! 

    • Learn what it takes to become an interpreter.
    • Learn if this is the right Career for you.
    • Learn what it takes to Start Your Own Business …
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    Business Training , Interpreter Training

    Interpreting Candidate

    Interpreting training is for those interested in starting a Career and Business using their bilingual skills!

    Learn what it takes to Start Your Interpreting Career

    Learn the Do’s and Don’ts

    Learn the Code of Ethics

    Learn the …

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    Interpreter Training

    The Business Guide For Interpreters

    Are you starting your career as a professional interpreter, or currently working as a professional interpreter?  If so, don’t wait and order your 2019 Planner – this planner comes with all the “Bells and Whistles” that you need for you and your business!

    Resources and Guide