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Out in the field, doing what I love!

Doing What I Love!

Throughout my years in business, I've had the pleasure to work and build professional business relationships with both agencies, as well as direct clients across the globe. The fields and industries I serve are, but are not limited to:

Legal - Immigration, Civil Litigation, Workers Compensation, Depositions, Hearings, Mediations, Mandatory Settlement Conferences, New Customer Intakes, "A Day in the Life", Investigations, Recorded Statements, Property Damage and more...

Medical - Hospitals (pre-ops, post-ops, medical visits and more...), Medical Evaluations, and more...

Education -IEP's, Parent / Teacher Conferences, PTA meetings, Board Meetings, ELAC, DELAC, LCAP and more...

Business - Employee / Employer meetings, Disciplinary Meetings, New Hire Orientations, Promotions, Health Benefits Meetings, and more...Add Your Business to My list of Satisfied Customers...

Entrepreneurs Start-Up Businesses

If you have a product, service, skill and you want to Start and Grow Your Business - you, my dear are at the right place with the right coach to help you get your business started!  I've helped 1000s of entrepreneurs just like you! In my line of work I've had the opportunity to see it all, "the good the bad and the evil" and I will teach you the Good, and will keep you away from the bad and evil!

Contract Holder

What my loyal long time customers are saying:

“I have personally retained Faviola Valencia to serve as a Spanish interpreter. I ask witnesses if they are able to understand the interpreter and all of the witnesses have testified that Ms. Valencia speaks Spanish very well and that they can understand her. I have not had one opposing attorney question or criticize Ms. Valencia’s performance as a Spanish interpreter. I highly recommend Ms. Valencia to serve as a Spanish interpreter for your company or firm. ” Tony O, Attorney at Law

“Love working with Faviola, she’s great!”, Lori L, Court Reporter

“Faviola you have always been prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. You’re my first choice when I need an interpreter in this area. I would certainly recommend your service to others”, Linda R., Investigator

“I have always received positive feedback from our field staff, in regards to the expertise and the level of professionalism of Ms. Valencia. I appreciate your commitment to customer service, and willingness to resolve/address issues in an expeditious manner”, Michelle S., State of California Procurement Services

“We contracted with IL Interpreters for approximately two years. During this time we were very pleased with the services provided by Faviola and her professionalism. We look forward to future opportunities to work with IL Interpreters. I would recommend your services”, Arnold F., Director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation



What my entrepreneur “Rock Stars” are saying…

“I learned new ideas and strategies that I can use at my appointments”

“Faviola has a wonderful personality and presents ideas clearly and professionally”

“The training was great and exceeded my expectations”

“I was able to start my interpreting career and making what I’m worth”

“Thanks to this training, I’m now working directly with the hospital as an in-house interpreter”

“I can’t believe I was able to get my business started in no time”

“I’m able to work when and wherever I want”

Did you find today’s training helpful?

Yes, it’s always useful to learn new reference materials and websites

Yes, it was very educational

Yes, very helpful & educational

Yes, Faviola thank you for a very good training!

Yes, it was very helpful because I learned a lot about pre-session and how that part is really important and it will help everything go smoothly

What did you learn from this training?

Different types & modes of interpretation

Learned to (Self Evaluate)

Many rules & great tips for Interpreting

The do’s and don’ts of an interpreter

I learned a lot from today’s training, as being just the voice and never use he/she or he/she said.

I learned what I need to change and do to get my business started

Learned that its ok to make mistakes, as long as I learn from them

Start Your Interpreting Career

What did you learn from this training?

Ask what mode of Interpretation they prefer

I will apply everything I learned to my (IEP) appointments

I will use these skills when interpreting

Be better prepared for the next assignment

Get my business plan in place

Use the tools presented and provided by faviola

Everything! Faviola has a wonderful personality and presents ideas clearly and professionally.

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