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Faviola Valencia

Over the Phone Interpreting

Over the Phone Interpreting, is a low-cost and easy-to-access over the phone service- with an average connection time of less than a minute and available 24/7.  

A quick phone call is all it takes to get your account setup and once registered, you’ll be able to get connected and start using my professional over-the-phone Spanish interpreting services.  

Risk Assessment is my top priority and you can rest assured that when using my services you’ll receive prompt, secure, professional services at all times. 

I will sign Non-Disclosure agreements (if need be),  I adhere to HIPPA laws and adhere to all Confidentiality Agreements.

I am the “VOICE”, I will convert verbal content into the target language while maintaining tone, syntax, and overall meaning so nothing is lost during the interpretation.​ 

My list of “No’s” is straight forward
  • No monthly fees

  • No contract obligations

  • No travel/mileage cost

  • No 2-hour minimum


          “A quick phone call is at it takes”

Who needs my services?:

Hospitals, Law Firms, Government, Public Sector and Commercial organizations find that Over the Phone Interpreting is invaluable to support their day-to-day businesses and customer support.


I will provide you with professional, accurate, Over the Phone Interpreting at all times!

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