New Interpreting Business Opportunity

In life and business we will always have opportunities - Don't Let Them Slide By!
Faviola the CEO Hustler

New Business or Life Opportunities

Never decline them!

I’m a strong believer that God always has a plan and new opportunities for each and every one of us.


And just when you think things are going downhill new opportunities come your way, right? Yes, they always do!  Therefore, I always say…

“Stay Positive, stay away from the Naysayers, the Betty Downers and Don’t Give Up or Lose Hope”...

Here’s the thing that as a business owner who’s been in business for over 20 years I still go through ups/downs in my business.


Some of these many factors are; health, slow down, economy, etc… However, I’m always looking for new opportunities and I’m always HUSTLIN!


Needless to say, that I’m so happy that God has provided me with a great opportunity (once again)!

You see I had the pleasure to work for one of the greatest bosses in my time. Yes, 20 years ago, I was working in the insurance industry as a Mortgage Loan Processor for his Mortgage side business.


It was great working for him, I loved it, but it wasn’t a career that I wanted to pursue. I was still searching for a Business Opportunity and therefore I quit!


Who would have known that 20 years later I would be working for him once again?  Yes, true story!

I started working for him as a Virtual Business Operations and Human Resource Manager (God works in mysterious ways, right)?


You see 3 weeks ago I contacted him to obtain a Business Insurance quote for my Business and I was obviously shopping around for a better RATE.


And as the conversation continued reminiscing on the past, present, he said…

“Faviola, since you’ve done so great with your business ever since you left me, would you be interested in working for me, even if it’s on a part-time remote basis?”

And of course, my immediate response was “sure, why not”… I didn’t ask why, when, where, it was just OK, it just felt right!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve started and I don’t regret it at all!

You see this is where your skills, past experience and training comes into play.

In just under 3 months I was able to provide him with his Employee Handbook, Sales and Marketing training manual, I trained, mentored and develop a Business Plan, Strategic Plan, and Marketing plan.


More importantly it helped him increase his sales, recruit and staff 5 new employees and contractors, but more importantly, I was able to SAVE him 1000s in cash/year by reducing some of his unnecessary costs and increase his overall profit margin!

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I’ve done so well and they are very pleased with my services/job performance that he has been discussing offering me a “Partnership!”, YES! A Partnership!…


I’m a big believer that God does things for a reason and as long as you have “FAITH and NEVER GIVE Up” God will always have your back!


Bottom Line; keep those good positive channels open because you never know when it may open a new door for you!

So, if you are seeking to Start Your Own Business, but not sure what business matches your skills here’s a FREE list to help you find the right career. 


Because remember that starting and growing your own business has never been easier—and there’s never been a greater choice of “roles” and But businesses to choose from.


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