How to Rebrand yourself when REVAMPING yourself and/or providing more SERVICES

Rebranding is done when your products, services, market has changed.

I started my Corporate business in early 2000 at that time I was ONLY catering to the Hispanic Community.


After a few months, the business grew and additional services were added including new languages, as well as different locations and new services.


With this growth came the opportunity to rebrand my business as well as to change the name in order to reflect those new changes.


So, in 2005 I decided to re-brand from – Hispanic Interpreter Services to International Language Interpreters, Inc dba IL Interpreters. 


This new brand and services would not only represent a new market but also the new services being provided in different regions and in over 100 languages worldwide.

However, when you decide to rebrand yourself, or your business there’s certain things to keep in mind because rebranding can be a “slippery slope”.


Before you take the “leap to re-branding” it is important to seriously think about why you need it and more importantly how to do it.


It was easy to do with my business because everything fell into place and demand was there, but also the services were already being provided so I JUST DID IT!

Things to consider, if you are deciding to rebrand your business:

  1. Has your audience changed?
  2. Are you adding new services, products, etc.?
  3. Has your location, structure changed?

Here are some “crucial laws” of rebranding:

  1. Create a story that is going to resonate with your brand and audience.
  2. Don’t compromise your overall look; logo, marks, colors, etc. this all affects your target audience.
    1. I went from Navy Blue and Silver to Pink and Gold. My clients at first thought that I was a business who ONLY catered to women.

So, I had to recreate a marketing strategy to show that my colors represent that I’m a woman-owned business NOT a business that caters to ONLY women (there’s a difference).


  1. Avoid long and confusing brand names.
    1. You want your name to represent the services you provide
  2. Also, “if it isn’t broken, no need to fix it”
    1. Don’t overthink things and don’t confuse your audience.  Make sure you have everything in place before you re-launch.
    2. If you are just changing your name there’s no need to rebrand
      1. In other words, if you are still offering the same products, services, etc. then no need to rebrand
    3. Create a marketing “buzz” to reach new markets that need your services, but…
      1. Don’t be reckless by creating or splitting your businesses in order to charge more. This is reckless and can hurt your business.
    4. Lastly, remember rebranding isn’t for everyone and “if it isn’t broken, don’t FIX IT”. You can hurt your business along the way.

If your a Start-up, Entrepreneur, Freelancer and you want to start, grow, rebrand or need new skills I am here to assist you. 


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