Never Give Up on your business, life, or dreams

Here's why you should never give up on your business, your dreams, your life, your vision...there's always light at the end of the tunnel

Just a few Reasons You Should Never Give Up on the Business You Love, or give up on life!

As the holidays get closer, the bills pile up, the cost of living goes up, and so the problems don’t go away, as entrepreneurs and business owners, it would be impossible to say that we haven’t had a bad day in business and were guilty of having thoughts of…

Giving up, throwing in the towel, ‘…it might be time to get a real job,’ instead of investing long days and longer nights on the business that we love, and so forth…

And as the year-end comes to an end, and we are still not where we want to be or expected to be we start to get that feeling of;  #givingup – right?

The Reasons

Some of the many reasons; are problems, struggles, and just like you…

I cry, I lock myself in the room and cry myself to sleep. I ask myself time and time again “Why Me, Why Me” and just can’t find a way out.

There’s a time when I just feel that things just keep coming my way and more things keep thrown at me, more problems arise, more issues, etc…

I sit alone and ask myself; “Why do I even try, Why do I continue, Why even do it, Why, Why, Why”…

Well, I’ll tell you why!…

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Because life is beautiful, life is great, life may have its ups and downs, and life may throw things at us that we don’t like, but guess what?

Not many people have the luxury of being alive – another day!

There are so many men, women, and children that wish they had one more day to go through the daily life struggles that we complain about every day!

Little Secret

I know my father would have wished to be here one more day and would have preferred dealing with the daily struggles, drama, and problems vs being “6feet under”.

So as long as we have a breath in our lungs, we should be grateful for another day… A day to enjoy life; see your kids, grandkids, marriages, baptisms, celebrations, birthdays, the outdoors, traveling, et…

So, STOP COMPLAINING and STOP saying YOU, YES YOU!  That you want to GIVE UP!


Every problem has a solution

  1. There’s a solution to every problem
  2. Life is Great
  3. It’s Beautiful
  4. Life is Precious
  5. No problem is too big
  6. As long as we have life, there’s HOPE
  7. Have FAITH
  8. Love Yourself
  9. Enjoy Life


God does things for a reason, you may not know the reason (NOW), but TRUST ME – you will see it – sooner or later…



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