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Maui vacation tips for traveling for the everyday entrepreneur.

How many of you are interested in visiting Hawaii? I finally was able to visit the beautiful island of MAUI and let me tell you…I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

We were very fortunate in being able to stay for almost 3 months in Maui! Therefore, we had to make sure that we planned and budgeted for our trip (day-by-day). We didn’t know how expensive or inexpensive things would be, but we were financially prepared by setting a trip budget.

Let’s get started and let me share my adventure

Now I’m an adventurist I don’t usually plan for my trips. I find it to be boring, it’s more exciting to plan as you go, and go as you plan…right? 🙂 The hubby, kids, and I usually just say…”Today let’s go…and we would hop on a car and travel, or hop on a plane and take off to our destination” – yup that’s how we ROLL!

So when we decided to go to MAUI it was NOT going to be different! But I know some of you prefer to plan your vacations and that’s OK, I got you!

Today I will share some of my adventures and places that you can visit. I will also share the “cost, precio, mula” – because it will be expensive, so plan wisely!


We went during the pandemic in November 2020 so there were many restrictions such as; COVID testing before you travel. Therefore, you need to make sure you have ALL your documents in place in order to AVOID being quarantined. So make sure to check out their online portal for daily updates.

Travel: The airline I used was Southwest Airlines. My experience with them has always been Top Notch, I’ve never had any problems with their airline. I love their Rapid Rewards program; their cancelation policy (during the pandemic it was GREAT) because we had to cancel our flight 3-times. Our COVID tests were not in on time, therefore, we had to cancel our flights. I also love their low-fare portal check out their low fare calendar for low prices.

As for accommodations – now that’s a different story 😒 hotel can run you anywhere from $250/night and up. We stayed in Wailea Grand Champions Villas; 2 bedroom condo with an amazing view and full amenities and just a few blocks from the beach was about $5K per month (but we had an amazing discount), but I know many Californians (who I met in Maui) were spending about $2k for a 10-week stay, so yes it’s pricey, but the experience of a lifetime!

Restaurants are also very pricey especially when you have a family of six. So for us, it was important to rent a cond this allowed us to cook at home vs spending daily eating out.

We made our weekly purchases at Costco. We spent anywhere from $150-$250 per week (yes food at the grocery stores was also expensive). Also, expect a long drive to the stores (depending on where you stay) speed limit is 35-45 on HWY. Our weekly drive to Costco was about a 45min drive.

Auto Rentals are very pricey and depending on the days you go their cars can be very limited! Make sure to pre-plan and try to rent your car in advance. They also have scooters, but you cannot take them on the HWY. So if you want to check out the surrounding areas, you can’t travel from Wailea to Lahaina. These amazing little towns are on the other side of the island, so a car rental is the best route. I used Hawaii Car Rental and Dan was amazing, the prices (we paid about $260/week for a medium-size vehicle), services were great!

NOW onto the fun stuff!!!

It was important for us to make sure our kiddos had as much in MAUI; enjoying the outdoor activities, and just having fun! Therefore we had to budget for activities (although we did go a bit over budget). My daughter enjoyed some of them more than others and we did repeats 😂😉

The time zone is different in MAUI (PST we are 2hrs ahead). So, if you want to enjoy MAUI and all its amazing adventures, you have to start early! Like 6 or 7 am early. Especially if you want to explore the road to HANA. This drive will take you all day! Therefore starting late means traffic and crowded places of interest, but also very dangerous on your way back. If you’ve never traveled this road, this road is a very winding road and at times has one-lane roads.

The Road to Hana isn’t your average road trip…and it’s definitely NOT The Road Less Traveled. This teeny-tiny – sometimes a one-lane – curvy road is just as crowded as it is charming. The road to HANA is packed with amazing views – turquoise seascapes, waterfall pools, botanical gardens, and lush rainforests, and the views of the trees, beaches are just breathtaking.

I was told that the road to HANA from Wailea – (according to google maps), was a 64-mile stretch. It also said it would take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Well, the thing about Google Maps and Californians – they lied!

Thanks to my research with the locals; who told me this trip would be an all-day trip and that even that would not be enough! And boy they were RIGHT! We actually made 2 trips and it was STILL NOT ENOUGH time! We will have to re-explore on our next trip!😉

Here’s a quick tip I learned: You need to download  GyPSy Guide to Hana app and it can be downloaded on your phone and it provides you with a guided audio tour. It’s $6.99 and provides you with (from what I’ve heard); incredible advice along the journey, but it also tells you Hawaii history as well. It also provides you with; best viewpoints, attractions, and things you don’t want to miss.

Keep in mind that cell phone and bathroom services are very limited on some of these roads. So, make sure to go to the bathroom and get some snacks; download some music, get a map, and ALWAYS be prepared!

Did you know that Banana bread is a serious business in MAUI? And don’t forget about their amazing jelly and shakes stands in Kihei). So, if you’re into banana bread as much as I am, try the banana bread! There are many stands and places you can get a bite of their bread 🙂… Aunty Sandys (Mile Marker 17 down Keanae Road). There’s also Halfway to Hana stand (Mile Marker 17), Nahiku Cafe (Mile Marker 29), and Hana Farms (Mile Marker 34).

Ok, another thing about the road to HANA and I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the “back way”. It creates a loop instead of turning around at Hana. And guess what? Well, we took the loop! It was an amazing venture!!! Check with your car rental about their policies, and restrictions. Some car rental companies explicitly prohibit their vehicles from being driven on some of these roads. The roads are very bumpy; full of dirt/rock, potholes (some people have gotten stuck and some tow-trucks will not drive there) from what we were told by locals.

An amazing place to eat on your way to HANA - Mama's Fish house

Amazing Stops on The Road to Hana

  • Paia Town – First stop! This little cute little town. Make sure to fill-up here because I don’t think you’ll have another chance until you get to Hana. Visit Paia Bowls or a stop at Mana Foods or PAIA Town Center lots of goodies; road trip snacks, and don’t forget to visit the Secret Beach for sea turtle viewing. 🙂
PAIA Town Center
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees – Mile Marker 7
  • Garden of Eden – Mile Marker 10/11; It’s $15/pp admission fee. It’s a great place to stop for a bathroom break, but also a chance to get out of the car and stretch out.
HANA road, botanical garden
  • Ke’anae Peninsula – Mile Marker 16;
  • Half Way to Hana – Mile Marker 17; If you have a craving for some banana bread…delicious banana bread
  • Coconut Glen’s – Mile Marker 27
  • Nahiku Cafe & Marketplace – Mile Marker 29; Another great place to grab some coffee and some banana bread…I tell you the banana nut bread is amazing!
  • Waianapanapa (Black sand beach) – Mile Marker 32; Shiny black-sand Waianapanapa Beach
  • Hana Town – Mile Marker 34; You’ve made it to Hana! Congrats and make sure to enjoy all the stops!
Red Sand Beach; rocky beach
  • Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach (it’s ROCK NOT SAND)– An amazing hidden beach, but you have to be careful walking down to this beach as many accidents have occurred. Make sure to wear hiking shoes and definitely have a first aid kit. You must also limit your items to take down to the beach as the paths are very narrow.
  • Wailua Falls – Mile Marker 45; Get out of your car in the dedicated parking lot. Make sure you are careful where you park. Many of these locations are very narrow and there are not many places to park.

Keep watching and stay tuned for more of my daily life, business, vacations, and upcoming trip TIPS. I will share my adventures; tips, resources, and information inside my blog post; the CEO Hustler Show on YouTube, and the Boss Up and Rise Podcast. There’s so much to see and explore so you don’t want to miss it! FYI, this was just ONE ROAD!!! Wait until you hear and see about our surfing, ziplining, Molokini adventures, and more…it’s beautiful!!!

So what’s up y’all! What did I miss? Our 2+month stay was amazing and we had the opportunity to visit so many amazing spots along our journey! Leave a comment on all your favorite stops, and I would love to hear about your Hawaii adventure!


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