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Looking to Start a Business

Great!  So you have decided to Start Your Own Business, now what???

Well, for starters you will need a website for your business, blog, resume, or your online venture.  Regardless of what type of business you are starting, you need an online presence.

I’ve been in business for over 18+ years and I’ve used from self-hosting to various hosting plans therefore will ONLY recommend what has worked for me, as a small business and entrepreneur

As small businesses and entrepreneurs, we are always trying to find ways to SAVE and find things that will work for us efficiently and smoothly, but also trying to SAVE – correct?

Well, I’ve used WhyNotDomains, GoDaddy, to WixPlans, YahooPlans, etc…but I honestly say that after 10 years with Go Daddy, I’ve decided to switch my plans to SiteGround and it’s the best decision ever! YES, EVER!!!

Sitegrounds plans are economical, but more importantly to me, the customer service has been awesome!

To me, SAVING TIME means SAVING MONEY…As a small business, an entrepreneur doesn’t have time to waste on technical issues and ongoing calls and the back and forth in order to resolve a problem, correct?

With Siteground since my switch they have been very responsive, they have resolved my issues on the spot and on-demand (issues that I had with GoDaddy and for months on end could not get resolved by GoDaddy), but since my switch, over to Siteground, my problems have been resolved.  Their chat system is efficient and very responsive, therefore I highly recommend you try and use them.

Need help with starting or growing your career or business?  No problem! 

I have the tools + resources + training and development you need to get started…Sign Up for your Boss Up and Rise Call


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