Marketing to the Hispanic Community

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Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Did you know that the Hispanic population will grow much quicker than any other population?

Yes, that is correct! Over the last few decades, the Hispanic/Latino/Mexican population in the U.S. has increased by almost 65%.
As a matter of fact, the Hispanic/Latino/Mexican population is the fastest-growing major population group in the U.S. and has surpassed every other minority population.
So regardless of the type of business, you are in marketing to the Hispanic Market is a must!
BUT!!!  Check this out…
If you are bilingual – fluent in both Spanish and English, you can also use your bilingual skills to start a Career and Business as a Professional Interpreter!

Yes, that is correct!


I’ve been using my bilingual skills since I was little; however I’ve been using my bilingual skills to start my own business as a professional Spanish interpreter and translator as well as a Spanish virtual assistant! 


So, if your serious about learning more on how you can use your bilingual skills to start your own business then let me help you start and grow your business…by getting the training and coaching you need if you want to succeed in the Biz World!

Well, throughout my years in business, I’ve built long-lasting relationships with the local community and I know what it takes to build relationships, trust and how to market to the Hispanic/Latino/Mexican community.
It’s about Trust and building solid relationships!

Things to ponder when marketing to the Hispanic Community

Understand the difference between Hispanic and Latino

Lastly, be aware of cultural differences and diversity.

When it comes to marketing outreach to our Hispanic Community, it all comes down to being aware of cultural diversity within any country, where multiple ethnicities and a variety of language dialects exist.


And although no one is expected to know each dialect and market, there is much benefit and value to thoroughly researching and understanding the various linguistic and cultural differences, as well as the spending patterns within a particular country.  


There’s so many ways to do the outreach and one is by hiring or contracting an employee or company who’s aware of the various differences, as well as knowing “the latest research on buying trends, social media trends, etc.”


Furthermore, if you’re making the effort to market to the Hispanic Community it’s only fair that you make the effort to understand, be approachable, reachable and be able to relate with them the way they relate to one another. Know their local culture, language, and customs. Bottom line: Localize, localize, localize.

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