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Life and Business Lessons during a Pandemic

Aren’t we all happy that 2020 is behind us? I’m most definately happy, but I know we are NOT out of the woods – just yet!

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for many of us. Unfortunately, many of you lost oved ones not only due to COVID infections, but also to; depressions, stress, and anxiety.

Trying to find supplies due to shortages of food and essentials

Many of you lost your business and some of you are still struggling to make ends meet. So YES, 2020 has taken a lot from many of us.

And although things may be going in the right direction according to a ” Bloomberg report (paywall), Yelp data shows that more than 80,000 businesses closed their doors permanently from March to July”…But that’s not all! The American Bankruptcy Institute expects that more than 36% of businesses will have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020.

working on my finances and marketing

However, for those of who remained in business, it certainly was an experience that was humbling and filled with anxiety. As for me, it brought back memories from the 2009 economic crash! Which brought on so much more anxiety. This time around I was prepared and ready to take “the bull by its horns”.

What I also learned as an entrepreneur who went through the first economic crash, was that many of you were still NOT prepared.

Many of you didn’t have a plan, savings, and were struggling with stress, anxiety, and didn’t know how to get through this unforeseen circumstance!

One thing that I personally didn’t learn from the last economic crisis, was to pay more attention to my family vs concentrating so much on the business!

As we all know, we are still not “out of the woods”. The year is not over, and as we move along into the coming years – we will still continue to have disruption and change.

Make sure that you evaluate your business; finances, family, and continue to prepare for ongoing changes and both life and business disruption.

So, I’m sharing this Podcast and Blog to share my personal story, and why 2019 and 2020 were so challenging for me.

I hope that my personal experience and tips will help you and your business.

My nightmare started when my 18-year-old son decided to join the Navy in 2019. He enlisted without us knowing until the day I got the call of his ceremony. It was so heartbreaking, yet a very proud moment. Mind you that this was all during a difficult time due to all the problems arising during our last administration. It was not easy, but I was very proud of the choice my son made.

Proud Navy mom; my Navy sailor

He graduated from BootCamp on December 06, 2019 (one day) after his 19th birthday. We were in Chicago for his graduation (so thankful and blessed because the nightmare started a few months later). This day was a stressful, proud, yet very emotional time for me. I was scared because I didn’t know where the Country was heading and there was so much going on with politics that I felt it was the wrong time for my son to enlist.

Remember we all have a lot going on “behind the scenes” and we all have our own stories…

Enjoying Chicago during my son’s graduation 2019

When we left to Chicago things were not right, I had a “gut feeling”…you know those feeling that you know something might happend, but you don’t know what or when…

Yeah, I get those a lot!…

You see I love to research and of course, I was doing my researcher, and guess what? While in Chicago I continued to research and I started to see all these trends and I told my husband… “Babe, I don’t know what is going on, but something bad is going to happen. Whatever it is when we get back we need to check our savings, do some prepping and pray that it’s nothing”…Boy was I right!!!

So we got back from Chicago end of December 2019. We got a call in January from my son telling us he was leaving for Japan. We didn’t get to see him or say goodbye, and he’s been stationed in Japan since the pandemic was declared in 2020. So yes, I have not seen my Baby boy for over a year and a half…

To add to the stress my son leaves for Japan, and due to the previous administration handling everything poorly; the country shuts down, the world starts going into chaos. The deaths, the supplies, the kids not in school, businesses closing, etc, etc…

So with all this chaos going on, we DID NOT notice what was really happening inside our house. We were so busy putting out fires, and trying to survive, adapt, pivot, and make sure the “house didn’t crumble”…

Tune in to my podcast and listen to the full story 👇👇👇

Please let me know your thoughts, comments, and if this resonates with you!

My baby boy and future proboxer
Episode 49: Life and Business Lessons and Tips during a pandemic

My handsome baby boy unbeknown to us was suffering from PTSD.

He was already struggling with the passing of his best friend a brother to him. The problem was – that we never addressed his pain. We were so focused on our pain because losing Kody who was like a son to us, and was very painful.

This is what happens when we are focused on our own pain, or dealing with chaos, daily life; pandemic, and my son leaving. I was unaware of his pain and suffering.

Remember: it’s NEVER to late to provide the help and assistance he needed and thank God, he’s doing so much better and we are slowly moving forward.

Lessons learned: We will always go through ups/downs, chaos, trials, and tribulations, but the world doesn’t STOP! We have to take a moment, sit back, and analyze what’s going on within our household. Ask questions, and look at changes, and help those in need – NO MATTER WHAT!



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