Life and Business Lessons during a Pandemic

In Business and life we will have ups/downs and it's important to be prepared for the unexpected as much as possible.
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As Founder and Owner of Elite Services 4 You, the CEO Hustler, and Boss Up and Rise online coaching, my mission is to continue to help small business across the globe start and grow both their careers and business.

And I wish I could say…

Aren’t we all happy that 2020 is behind us? I wish I could say it was over, but I’m sad to say it’s not, but I’m definitely happy to say that things are getting better, but I know we are NOT out of the woods – just yet!

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for many of us. Unfortunately, many of you lost loved ones not only due to COVID infections, but also to; depressions, stress, and anxiety.

Trying to find supplies due to shortages of food and essentials

Many of you lost your business and some of you are still struggling to make ends meet. So YES, 2020 has taken a lot from many of us.

And although things may be going in the right direction according to a ” Bloomberg report (paywall), Yelp data shows that more than 80,000 businesses closed their doors permanently from March to July”…

But that’s not all! The American Bankruptcy Institute expects that more than 36% of businesses will have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020.

Just here working on my finances, marketing, and creating a new Business Plan for the upcoming years…

However, for those who remained in business, it certainly was an experience that was humbling and filled with anxiety. As for me, it brought back memories from the 2009 economic crash!

2020 definitely has brought on so much more anxiety, but this time around I was prepared and ready to take “the bull by its horns”.

This time around I saw some trends and if life has taught me anything is that we must learn from our past Life and Business lessons…and yes I learned! I learned from the last economic crisis, and I knew I didn’t want to go through that again! 

I also learned as an entrepreneur who went through the first economic crash, was that many of you still were NOT prepared!

Many of you didn’t have a plan, savings, and were struggling with stress, anxiety, and didn’t know how to get through this unforeseen circumstance!

One thing that I personally didn’t learn from the last economic crisis, was to pay more attention to my family vs concentrating so much on the business!

As we all know, we are still not “out of the woods”. The year is not over, and as we move along into the coming years – we will still continue to have disruption and change.

Therefore, make sure that you evaluate your business; finances, family, and continue to prepare for ongoing changes and both life and business disruption.

So, I’m sharing this Podcast and Blog to share my personal story, and why 2019 and 2020 were so challenging for me.

I hope that my personal experience and tips will help you and your business.

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