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Faviola ‘the CEO Hustler’ Valencia, helping you Boss Up and Rise by providing you with the necessary information learned throughout my years in business.

Faviola the CEO Hustler


Lessons Learned throughout my business are that no matter what you go through, you still need to…




TRUE STORY📖 I started my business in 2000 with a Dream & Vision.


I NEVER thought in my wildest dreams and didn’t I think I had it in me to build a Top-Notch Corporate Business…


But I did it! (I built a 6-figure business in less than 3-months)😱


▶️I didn’t have a plan, BUT…

▶️Had a Vision & Dream, And…

▶️I didn’t have a degree, but I had tons of business experience!

▶️ But more importantly, I never let ANYTHING STOP ME 🛑 or get in my way to succeeding!


But then something happened…

“The Rise, The Fall, The ComeBack, I am Faviola #TheCEOHustler”

Life happened!


I suffered an auto accident while coming back from San Francisco, CA.


I had all 3 of my kids in the car when we got rear-ended. I almost lost my small child, but Thank God, he’s OK.


Unfortunately, I ended up with severe neck/back/tissue/tendon injuries (still suffer from these same pains)!


If things couldn’t get worse one day we were at the Lake (our favorite place to relax) where unfortunately our middle child suffered a severe fracture (Jetski injury) and was in a body cast (femur fracture) for months!!!


Then to my surprise I got pregnant (which it’s supposed to be the best time for a mother), right?


Unfortunately for me it was such a horrible time and such a bad experience because I almost lost my Baby Girl due to a bad pregnancy due to (severe cholestasis). 


I was in/out of the hospital 🏥 for 6-months until finally my husband couldn’t handle me anymore and had to get me hospitalized. 


He had me admitted to the hospital for care and treatment. 


My daughter was finally born (premature baby at only 32 weeks), but as you all see from my family pics thank God she’s a beautiful miracle princess!  


Unfortunately during this same time frame, my father was also diagnosed with Glioblastoma (As you can imagen we were devastated by everything going on)…


You see there was so much going on as I was still recovering from:

  • Auto Accident
  • My Son in Body Cast
  • Then my pregnancy 🤰 (almost lost my daughter)
  • To make it worse my poor father was slowly dying from Brain 🧠 Cancer.  And then…
  • Unbeknownst to me the economy was collapsing…(S*** 💩was literally happening all at once!)


⚠️Unbeknownst to us the business was also starting to go downhill all due to these

⚠️”Life Situations and Unforeseen Circumstances)!

⚠️And of course, things just got worse!


I started getting sued left & right, getting harassed, threatened by interpreters and them literally coming to my home threatening me!!! 😢) who FREAKING DOES THAT?!!! 


Keep in mind that I also had 100’s of clients who owed me money 💵 who were not paying, and then the government shutdown!


This also affected my business sooo bad, yet I wasn’t at my client’s homes/doors/place of business harassing them or threatening them, but hey we are ALL DIFFERENT, RIGHT?!

And then S*** 💩😢happened my father passed away📿!!!


All of this while on verge of:

  • Losing my house and losing everything I worked so hard for.
  • I was heart broken💔
    • No money
    • In pain
    • Sick and devastated, but severely defeated,

It felt like a knife “ripping through my chest”💔!


Life was happening behind the scenes (but the “ruthless” interpreters/contractors, sorry to say this)…


These same “ruthless interpreters/contractors” were the same ones who for years:

  • I provided work too
  • Who I always put first

I took them out to:

  • eat
  • gave them awards
  • provided them with stipends
  • opened the doors to my house
  • invited them to workshops (for free)


I provided them with FREE Training because without them my business would not have grown as big as it did!


I acknowledge that they plaid a big part of my business.


But unfortunately life happened, S***💩hit the fan and everything I did for them went out the window. 


They forgot who I was and smeared my name like I was nothing (that broke me and brought me to my knees, sever depression, anxiety, suicidal)!


After years of therapy and hitting “rock bottom” I learned to forgive them.


After a couple of years I decided to move on because I had kids, a family and I was NOT going to let this BREAK ME!


I’m sure they were going through similar situations due to the economy, but to be so brutal, disrespectful, vicious, hateful & to not care or understand my situation was beyond disbelieve! 


They didn’t care that


  1. My family was depending on me
  2. That 10 other employees & their families were also depending on me
  3. I also knew they were depending on me; and…


That I was doing my best to make things right! But…


I couldn’t because I had no more money, no more resources!


Unfortunately, after my Dad passed I no longer gave a S*** 💩😢 and had no choice but to file for Bankruptcy and Closed my Doors! 


I felt like a total failure, defeated, depressed and just TIRED!!!

I don’t wish this on ANYONE!


Therefor it’s so important to build a business that will hopefully prevent some of these issues that I went trough!


I will teach you everything that I’ve learned “Good, Bad, Evil” to help you AVOID the same entrepreneur struggles I went through.


All my lessons learned throughout my business!

Entrepreneurship Journey; Nightmares & Lessons Learned

Watch it for free. No registration needed. 

You See I’m a Tough Cookie!


I Learned My Lesson and I learned to #NeverGiveUp


If my father taught me anything in this world – that was to Never Give Up!


So, after a few months/years of therapy, counseling and letting the storm pass, I decided to get up and #BossUpandRise 💯🔥


I dusted my self off and went back 🔙 to the drawing board!


Looking back I don’t regret ANYTHING, but wished I could have done better, been better prepared, but hey God does things for a REASON!


I NOW appreciate the experience because;

1️⃣ I understand that God does things for a reason.  (This experience was necessary for me to learn & understand that we must prepare for the future & for ‘unforeseen circumstances’, but also take care of ourselves before being able to take care of others.)


2️⃣ It helped me so that I can help others AVOID these same struggles, challenges, but more importantly, help them prepare for the future and give back through training and development!


3️⃣ It helped me to be the person I am today. Share+Learn+Grow+Prepare+Plan for the Future and continue to Help Others!


You see, we all make mistakes, but we can all learn from them & help others AVOID these same mistakes.🙏


We have 2 Choices..Get up #BossUpandRise or Stay down and be defeated!


Regardless of the circumstances #KeepOnGoing

🚨#TheRiseTheFallTheComeback @theceohustler ™️🚨


Hello / Hola! I'm/soy Faviola

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A multi-passionate entrepreneur, business coach, professional interpreter, interpreter trainer, problem solver, and former CEO. Dedicated to helping you start, scale, and build the business of your dreams! When I'm not working & helping my clients, you can find me traveling with my family; camping, hunting, hiking, skiing, jet skiing, dancing or sipping a glass of wine, or drinking margaritas or a Corona.  Yes, we love to have fun! SHOP MY AMAZON STORE

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