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Interpreting and Translation services

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Need an interpreter or document translation?

Whether you need interpreting, translation, or transcription services for your event, appointment, international conference, business meeting with your overseas partners, or a visit from a foreign delegation, I can help you communicate in English<>Spanish.

As a former agency owner, I know the issues and challenges that may arise when providing interpreting services, so you can rest assured that when you contract my services you will get someone with experience in your field, but more importantly, someone who WILL NOT accept an appointment or assignment that I may not be qualified or experienced to do.

About elite Services 4 you

Since the inception of my business in 2000, I’ve had the pleasure to provide Language Services; interpretation, and translation services for over 30,000 meetings, events, conferences, and appointments across the U.S. 

When you contract my services you can rest assured that you’ll be working with a professional interpreter at all times.  One who adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct, Standards, and Ethics for Interpreters.

This Code of Conduct guarantees the highest standards of integrity, impartiality, confidentiality, and professionalism a Professional and Experienced Interpreter must adhere to at all times!

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Onsite, OTP, and VRI


Simultaneous Interpreting – involves converting a speaker’s message into another language while the speaker continues to speak, this is an intense method that requires a lot of language skills. This type of interpreting is commonly used in conferences, depositions, and legal and classroom settings.  (the method is best used in Depositions, Legal matters, and Conferences) because it saves time and improves the quality of output. 

Consecutive Interpreting – Most widely used in healthcare and community interpreting settings, Consecutive Interpreting involves the interpreter speaking after the speaker has finished speaking.

 Whispered Interpreting is another form of simultaneous interpreting for which no interpreting equipment is required and is mainly used at Depositions, Hearings, Small group conferences, or one-on-one.  

Conferences, IEPs, DELAC, ELAC...

Educational Interpreting

Elite Services 4 You, offers two specific services for the language industry including language assessment which assesses the language skills and knowledge of bilingual individuals before hiring or contracting their services. Elite Services 4 You also developed an in-house interpreter training for BIAs in order to help them prepare, and provide the best service possible when working with students, teachers, and the educational system.

Elite Services 4 You Educational Interpreter training is designed for interpreters working in a K-12 educational setting.

Schools and Districts offering the Elite Services 4 You BIA training now have the option to offer the training to their staff interpreters to attend via group setting at designated satellite sites [Min 30 participants] or allow their staff interpreters to join the training from the comfort of their homes

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Education Interpreter

Birth Certificates, Collateral Material, Handbooks, more...

Translation Services

Standard Translations The translator guarantees to establish the meaning and clear content of your documents.

Notarized Translations A notary public guarantees that your document is legally authentic.

Certified Translations A Certified Translator guarantees that a translation is true and completed from an original document.  The majority of legal documents require certification and notarization.

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Over the phone interpreting service

Over the Phone & Video Remote Interpreting


With the simple call, email, or text you can contract Faviola for Onsite, OTPI, or VRI interpreting services.  Whether it’s for an environmental conference, recorded statement, medical emergency, a court proceeding, or a business conference, Faviola will provide you with a clear, high-quality connection using zoom, Google meets, skype, or any other platform selected by your company. 

Using Faviola as your professional interpreter will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there with you every step of the way.  Elite Services 4 You an easy, cost-effective way to meet your language interpretation needs.

I’m at your Service 24/7 via onsite, Over the Phone (Quick Call), or via Remote Interpreting (Zoom, Skype, other)!

Audio, DVD, Recordings, and more...

Transcription services

Turn your voice or audio recordings into an accurately written document as per my customer requests.

I will transfer Sp<>Eng Recordings from audio tapes, video tapes, mini cassettes, DVD’s as well as electronic files and convert them into a written transcription format​.

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Breaking the language barriers

Offering you with a Wide Range of Services locally & abroad

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When you utilize my services you will receive excellent and professional service at all times.   When you work with me you WILL NOT have any miscommunication or cultural gaps.

Face-to-face language services will provide you with the following personalized benefits:

At Your Service

Get personalized and continued service (from start to finish) giving you and your client peace of mind knowing that they will be understood each and every time.

Think Ahead

With my knowledge and experience I will help you overcome cultural nuances, and obstacles and will help you “Break the Language barrier in communication.

Thank you for your business to all my current and past clients.

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