Jobs in Demand During and After Covid-19

Here's a brief list of pre and post pandemic jobs that you can do using your skills.
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Have you heard them say that “skills are the professional currency of the 21st century”?

However, figuring out what skill sets you to have in order to be able to start your own business might not always be smooth sailing.

COVID-19 has impacted many lives leaving many to wonder what they will do if their job is closing down, if they are being laid off, etc…

You will start noticing that supply and demand in many industries will shift (some may shut down temporarily while the economy recovers, and others may have no option but to close permanently), and as a consequence, many jobs/careers will significantly change on a global scale.

The Pandemic Shift

As such, as we transition to a post-pandemic world, so now is the time to shift and pivot and find ways to start your own business, or shift and develop new skills in order to make a difference.

I may not be a fortune teller, but as a former agency owner who went through the recession struggles, and who takes research very seriously I’m happy to share my predictions and insights with you to get you started on the right path to move forward.

You may or may have not noticed how the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 is taking a huge toll on the global economy, it’s helping some businesses that already work remotely, but destroying millions of jobs around the world as cash-strapped companies are forced to reduce staff because their business can’t work remotely, or they are not set for remote work. The “International Labour Organization has forecast that the pandemic could reduce global working hours by nearly 7 percent in the second quarter of 2020—equivalent to 195 million full-time jobs.”

The pandemic has forced many companies to rethink the way they operate their business forcing them to go digital and allowing employees to work remotely (from home). All these changes have increased the demand for certain tech professionals allowing them to help many companies with this transition.

However, when the pandemic gets under control and we go back to “normal” how will this impact you?

There are many business sectors that are safe industries in the post-Covid-19 world. Here’s a brief list of some of those industries, and businesses whose demand is on the rise now and will continue to increase in the long run.

Director of remote work

During the pandemic, businesses needed to shift their operations and therefore needed to figure out how to manage thousands of employees who would not work from home. As we know pre-pandemic, only a few people had the flexibility to work from home.

A manager/director dedicated to helping set up, and manage remote workers, and working with in-office personnel in order to operate their businesses smoothly was required. One of the many tasks of the remote-work director/manager would provide all of the necessary tools needed to work remotely; technology, software, computers, communication tools, furniture, and fixtures to make sure that the folks working from home have a good experience, but also transition and operate in a smooth and professional manner.

Remote Interpreter and Translator

Pre-pandemic many interpreters and translators were working and providing onsite services to local businesses across the world. With the pandemic causing so many businesses to close down many interpreters and translators were unaware of the potential of working remotely. Unaware of the technology, the tools needed, and how to properly set them selfs up for business many had to learn how to do it.

Pre and Post pandemic interpreters had to quickly figure things out in order to continue to help and provide services to businesses across the globe. Now many interpreters continue to provide remote services and translators continue to provide document translations online as well.

Therefore if you’re bilingual and want to become an interpreter this is a good industry to enter and start your own interpreting and translation career and business.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve seen the Terminator then you know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is real and it’s a technology that focuses on teaching machines to think like humans – “Where’s Sara Connor”.

AI, machine learning is a method used to create complex algorithms that learn based on experience and make accurate predictions. So if you’ve seen on your phone, social media, or online platforms when you talk about something and open up your phone, smart TV, or computer you’ll notice many ads populating based on what you just said or searched…Crazy, right?

As the tech industry shifts the demand for AI/Machine Learning Engineers is exploding. Did you know that it rose from 2015 to 2018, and the number of job openings for these professions grew by an astounding 344 percent?

I consider this to be one of the best jobs in the future by most measures. These tech developers are using big data that train models involved in all aspects such as; language processing, economic forecasting, and image recognition.

According to indeed the average base salary for an AI/Machine Learning Engineer is $146,085.

Other trending jobs are:

  • Virtual Assistants and Administrators
  • Information Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Computer Researchers
  • Data Analyst

These are just some there are many more trade jobs available allowing you to work remotely pre and post-pandemic. Therefore analyze your skills, and your passion and find something you love, but also that will allow you to work pre and post-pandemic.

What remote job do you have that I can add to this list of amazing trade jobs using their skills?


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