It’s important to take care and protect your home if you own one.


The process of finding a new home is never simple. With the constant change in mortgage rates, purchasing a home should not be taken lightly. There must be proper preparation to avoid a financial disaster, and preventative measures should be considered if you have high-end appliances.

By acquiring a home warranty, you can ensure the safety of your property. To help reinforce this, in the following, you’ll see examples of why having a warranty can be a benefit.

When it comes to home warranties and home insurance, they should not be thought of as the same thing. While they do share certain similarities, they are still entirely separate entities and should be treated as such.

Make sure you do your homework before signing on the dotted line with a warranty.

How do warranty policies operate?

Home warranties, like any other service, come with their own set of guidelines and restrictions. While one company may be able to handle all of your heating needs, another may not. Your policy may also cover the purchase of a second refrigerator as an add-on. Now, some warranty claims may get denied, and it is important to know why so you can avoid it. A good example is if you claim an appliance isn’t working correctly and requires reimbursement for a replacement. If the damage is determined to have been caused by intentional human error, then your claim could be denied.

They’re pretty similar, but to what extent?

Despite the similarities between warranties and insurance policies, they are two different services. However, it would be helpful to see how far their similarities reach. With these plans, you’ll be covered and reimbursed if repairs and replacements are needed in your home, which will keep your finances safe.

How vastly different are they?

Now, where they differ is in what exactly they each cover and the fact that home insurance is a requirement if you pay a mortgage, while a warranty is entirely optional.

Protection in many forms is available.

Home insurance is divided into two parts, liability and property coverage. The liability portion of homeowner’s insurance is distinct from the property portion. You’ll need to have both in order to get a mortgage.

Property insurance is most similar to a warranty. In the case of an unforeseen incident, you’ll be protected with either one. As a result of this, the issues they address are generally distinct. As an example, your property insurance will kick in if a tree branch falls on your house and takes off a section of your roof or if your home is broken into. Appliances and systems that fail in your house will be handled with the aid of your warranty, which covers the cost of such repairs.

  • Liability insurance, on the other hand, is designed to protect you if someone gets injured while on your property. An example of this is if your guest trips and falls hard after climbing the crumbling front steps of your house that you haven’t had a chance to fix.
    • Your liability insurance will step in to cover their potential medical bills and any potential lawsuits. This way, you can breathe easier.

If you’re talking about home warranties and what they cover, then you’ll see that the coverage applies to two categories (home appliances like refrigerators and stoves as well as home systems like HVAC and plumbing). The amount of coverage you can get is entirely dependent on the insurance company and policy you select. As a rule of thumb, many providers give a variety of options for both ordinary coverages for either category and premium coverage which covers both.

Always a good idea to be covered!

For the most important investment you’ll ever make, take care to protect your home and ensure it lasts a long time to either sell it or pass it down to your children. Repairing or procuring a suitable replacement at a fair price for your appliances may be a major hassle, as can dealing with unexpected failures or breakdowns like renovating the kitchen. You might accidentally hit a water pipe that will need to be fixed, and fixing plumbing is not cheap. Because of this, a warranty might be advantageous!


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