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Interpreting Equipment

Conference Interpreting Equipment

When is the equipment needed?

  • When 2-25 attendees need interpretation
  • Indoors (200 ft range) Outdoors (100 ft range)
  • Ideal for conferences, events, tours;
  • Business meetings  
  • Workshops / Training, etc…

What is the advantage of using this equipment?

  • High-quality interpretation (real-time, simultaneously)
  • Faster communication vs. simultaneously
  • The listener will hear clear crisp interpretation with no disruption to English Speaking attendees
  • Wireless equipment DOES NOT require technical setup

How will it work?

  • The interpreter will speak into a portable FM transmitter with a headset microphone and broadcasting to the Non-English audience via wireless FM receivers with ear clip.
  • Listeners will hear the interpretation in simultaneous mode through their receivers.

Now that you know what you’ll need for a successful conference, event, or project, you can rest assure the I will offer all my clients with the solutions for their projects to ensure that you have the appropriate interpreting equipment and service at hand for all your events.


Also, keep in mind that working with an experienced and professional interpreter enables you to reap the benefits of USING A PROFESSIONAL PROVIDER.