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Interpreter Skills Assessment and Educational Interpreter Training

Interpreter Training and assessment are very important for all interpreters.

Interpreters provide a valuable service and it’s very important that they get the training and development necessary to start and grow a successful business, but more importantly, provide excellent service.

Why should interpreters get training?

It’s important that all interpreters get training, and have the basic skills, and qualifications as required by their individual state, county, and federal laws in order to provide accurate and complete interpreting services to their clients.

Are all interpreters fluent?

Unfortunately, many employees, freelancers, and independent contractors claim to have training and “proficiency” in a foreign language, but the truth is that many interpreters only have a few months or a couple of years of experience.  

Because although this industry is a growing and lucrative industry the training available to interpreters is very limited.

There’s training for medical interpreters, and maybe legal interpreting, but there’s nothing like having real-life hands-on experience.  The only way to get that is by doing mock interpreting or shadowing colleagues to be able to get that hands-on experience.

Unfortunately throughout the years, I’ve seen first-hand interpreters “faking it till they make it” which is a very bad method – that will put many LEPs at RISK!

Now, there are many interpreters who learned a language by speaking it at home or by living in a foreign country and have “interpreted” for their friends and family which is a stepping stone to entering this industry.

Many colleagues will NOT agree with this, but the truth is that many interpreters have entered this industry by interpreting for friends and family.

So, the ‘million dollar’ question is…

How do you really know if their language skills meet your job/clients’ requirements?

Well, with Elite Services 4 You Skills Assessment and Interpreter Training you will now be able to provide an evaluation of your potential candidate’s ability to interpret in;

  • general settings
  • legal, clinical, and educational encounters. 

More importantly, provide them with the necessary training they need to provide you, and your clients with professional and ethical interpreting services.  

Education Interpreter

Helping you Break the Language Barrier…

To ensure that your employees are able to speak Spanish, and with the help of my services, I will be able to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of; vocabulary, terminology, and their ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.

I provide you with testing in a quick and cost-effective manner in the following language pairs: English<>Spanish. 

My Interpreting Skills Assessment is done either by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

My services enable clients to arrange assessments quickly and easily on an as-needed basis. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for my skills assessment.

I will assess your “potential candidate”, staff, employee, in-house interpreter on the following:

Evaluate the “potential candidates” knowledge and skills on the necessary vocabulary terms and the ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.

Elite Services_Interpreters Skills Assessment 

Your “potential candidate, staff, employee, the in-house interpreter” will be tested for the following:

  • Language proficiency English <>Spanish
  • Proper use of interpretation terms, protocols, and best practices
  • Delivery of accurate and complete interpretation
  • Ability to interpret the specific terms used with your specific business/company
    Assessments are available by telephone or via webinar. 

To schedule an assessment, please e-mail me Subject Line:INTERPRETER SKILLS ASSESSMENT

If your candidate does not pass their test, feel free to share my website where I can provide them with the training they need to help them Start Ther Interpreting Career!

Educational Interpreting

Educational Interpreting is more than just being an interpreter.  It requires high-level skill knowledge, terminology, and understanding of how the educational system works.

It’s also important to understand that each industry has its own uniqueness and more so in the educational setting especially when it comes to special education.

Therefore it is of utmost importance to understand what it takes to become an educational interpreter and what you need in order to meet both the educational system needs, but more importantly the parents/students’ and teachers’ needs.

Learn how Elite Services 4 You can train your bilingual staff and
help them improve their professional interpreting skills.

If you are bilingual and would like to start a career in Interpreting,
my Basic Interpreter Training course will help you get started!


What You Need

  • Understanding your role as an Interpreter.
  • Understand what an educational interpreter does.
  • Preparing for each setting.
  • Professional conduct and guidelines.
  • Resources and ongoing training.
  • Fluent in 2 or more languages
  • Get Trained 
  • Learn the processes and procedures
  • Get Business Skills
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Travel and be available upon request

Are you Bilingual and want to Start a Career as a Professional Interpreter?


Join my Introduction to Interpreting the Interpreter Training program!

Not sure what program is the right one for you? No problem!  Let’s Chat

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