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Interpreter Training and Development for aspiring and motivated interpreters

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Interpreter Training and Development

Have you ever wondered, if your “bilingual employee, staff interpreter” speaks, understands and is actually interpreting or saying everything you say “word for word”?
I guess that’s the million dollar question, that many of you are asking yourselves now? 🤔😊

“Just because you speak a second language , it doesn’t make you a Professional Interpreter”

Are you in business and looking to hire, or contract bilingual staff?

Does your business require the assistance of a professional, skilled, and trained interpreter?

There’s a difference between a bilingual employee and a professional interpreter – did you know that?

Many employers think that using a “Bilingual” staff member in their business is going to SAVE them $…but let me tell you that is so far from the TRUTH!

A Bilingual person may be able to help you and your customers communicate basic things…like:

How’s your day, what are you doing, what do you have planned, what are your tasks, basic things”…

However, if you’re conducting an employee evaluation, employee meeting, benefits meeting, client/attorney meeting, medical evaluation, etc you will need the services of a Professional AND Experienced Interpreter.

Many companies, employers, and businesses think that just because a person is “bilingual”, they are competent to provide Professional Interpreting services.

That is so NOT TRUE!

Don’t put your Business at Risk (to SAVE MONEY) in the long run it will end up costing you 1000s of dollars if you don’t hire/contract an experienced professional.

What do you need to become a professional interpreter?

In order to be a Professional Interpreter, NOT ONLY do you need to be Fluent in both the Source language but also the Target language but more importantly you need to know what it takes:

  • Basic Interpreting Skills
  • What to do; Roles and Functions 
  • Your Responsibilities
  • And so much more; Ethics, Standards and Protocols, etc
That is why I’ve made it my mission since the inception of my Business to be the difference…

I am different – because I Love What I Do, I take pride in What I offer, but more importantly, I want to Help Break the Language Barrier in Communication and provide Top-Notch services (the way my daddy taught me!)

So, if you have in-house bilingual staff and want to use them as “interpreters” I invite you to check out my Interpreter Training to help you and your staff, employees, and potential interpreters get trained.

Just like any other professional career interpreting and translation requires training and development in order to become a Professional Bilingual In-house Interpreter.

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Want to Learn What It Takes to Become a Professional Interpreter? Start Your Career as a Professional Interpreter? Not sure what type of training you need? No problem contact me today and let me help you by providing you with a free estimate to train your staff & employees

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