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Have you ever wondered, if your “bilingual employee, staff interpreter” speaks, understands and is actually interpreting or saying everything you say “word for word”?

I guess that’s the million dollar question, that many of you are asking yourselves now :)?

Do you think that just because a person is “bilingual”, they are competent to provide Professional Interpreting services?

Remember, “Just because your bilingual, it doesn’t make you a Professional Interpreter”, it takes more than just knowing 2 or more languages to provide these services.

To be a Professional Interpreter, NOT ONLY do you need to be Fluent in both the English language and the Target language, you also need to know:

  • Basic Interpreting Skills
  • Roles and Functions of an Interpreter
  • Responsibilities of an Interpreter
  • Ethics, Standards and Protocols, and much, much more!!!

With my Interpreter Training and Skills Development, you, your staff, employees and potential interpreters will be on your way and started on your path of becoming a Professional Interpreter.

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Faviola Valencia Aranda

Faviola Valencia Aranda

Professional Spanish Interpreter | Translator | Trainer and Coach. Need a Spanish Interpreter or Translator? Need help getting your business started? Ask me how?

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