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How old were you when you decided that one day, you could be your own boss?


Well, let me tell you I was 10 years old, when at a very young age my parents would take us to the #upholsteryshop a family business that was started in 79′ from the ground up by my father “Valencia”, now (Deceased).  A successful immigrant, who migrated into the USA in 78′.

I remember my parents taking us to the shop right after school and on the weekend’s.  I remember him telling me (Mija, you are very smart, so I need you to help me talk to the customers and answer the phone, ok), he would also tell me to: “write down the vehicle information, answer phones, help me with filing these documents, help me write out these invoices, so we can bill” and at times I would even help clean the cars.  I learned how to “buff, sand, wax and detail the cars, as well as un-stitch the upholstery, cut the material to re-upholster the vehicle seats.  I would also help take apart the headliners, and even the door panels. So, yes I got into the business world at a very young age.

By, the time I was 15years old and obtained my (Driver’s permit), I was already helping “picking up as delivering the cars”, I was also helping my father provide estimates, and also doing his Sales and Marketing.

So,  yes my love and passion for business started at a very young age.  I knew in my heart that if I found something I loved, had dedication and passion and worked hard, I too could have my own business.

And, that’s how Hispanic Services got started in early 2000 and the rest is history!

I am an Entrepreneur; Interpreter, Translator, Trainer, Consultant. Ask me how I can help you start your own Interpreting business and how you can become an Entrepreneur.



Faviola Valencia Aranda

Faviola Valencia Aranda

Professional Spanish Interpreter | Translator | Trainer and Coach. Need a Spanish Interpreter or Translator? Need help getting your business started? Ask me how?

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