How I became an Interpreter / Entrepreneur

How you can start your own business and become a Professional Interpreter
How to Become an Interpreter

How you can start your own business and become a Professional Interpreter

How old were you when you decided that one day, you could be your own boss?

I was 10 years old when the idea of becoming my own boss someday came to my head.

At a very young age, my parents would take us to their upholstery shop a family-owned business since 78′. 

A business built from the ground up by my father “Mr. Valencia”, now (Deceased).  A successful immigrant, who migrated to the USA in 78′.

I remember my parents taking us to the shop right after school and on the weekends and telling me “Mija, you are very smart, so I need you to help me talk to the customers and answer the phone, ok?”

He would also tell me “write down the vehicle information, answer phones, help me file these documents, help me write out these invoices, so we can bill” and at times I would even help clean the cars (auto detail).  

I also learned how to buff, sand, wax, and detail the cars, as well as un-stitch the upholstery, and cut the material to re-upholster the vehicle seats.  

While at the shop I would also help take the headliners apart, and even the door panels clean them up, and prepare them for the new material. So, yes I got into the business world at a very young age.

By, the time I reached about 14-15 years old and obtained my (Driver’s permit), I was already helping pick up cars as well as delivering the cars to the auction. I also helped my father provide estimates, and quotes, and also did his Sales and Marketing.

As you can see, my love and passion for business started at a very young age. And therefore I knew in my heart that if I found something I loved, had dedication and passion, and worked hard, I too could have my own business.

And, that’s how Hispanic Services got started in early 2000 and the rest is history!

I am an Entrepreneur; Interpreter, Translator, Trainer, and Consultant.

Ask me how I can help you start your own Interpreting business and how you can become an Entrepreneur.


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