How to Pivot Your Business during a pandemic

How to keep your business growing even during a pandemic
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Pivoting your business during a pandemic and how to succeed.

Even during the best times business owners know they have to adapt to all the changes that come along with life and business.  And as we know starting or trying to grow a business during 2020 was definitely NOT the best thing to do!

Many of us were left with the unknowns the “what if, how can I, how do I, etc..”

There were also many businesses across the globe dealing with so much more than just worrying about keeping their doors open, many were actually dealing with the loss of life; family, friends, and loved ones.

How 2020 impacted so many…

2020 was definitely a challenging year and we will continue to deal with the ongoing problems because we are still “not out of the woods” and we still don’t know what we are dealing with and what to expect…

The aftermath will continue to provide many challenges around the globe and new variants; evictions, deaths, illnesses, and so much more will continue to arise.

However and unfortunately, life still goes on and we still have to find ways to make a living…


Here are some quick tips to help you pivot your business even during a pandemic.  

ONE: Always be prepared!

TWO: Be creative; what other services can you provide, can you provide online services, more services, offer discounts, etc…

THREE: Analyze your business, create a plan, and cut back on costs and overhead

But Faviola, how can we prepare, or plan ahead for things that we don’t know will happen? Well, one thing I’ve learned is that HISTORY, ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF!…

You know when the Walking Dead was “a thing”…My kids always told me that I was “obsessed with the show”…But I wasn’t!

I was observing the “what if, could it, and if it did” how would I prepare?

I also said it before when the economic crisis happened in 2008 I was NOT prepared, I had very little savings, I was not researching or watching for trendsand NOT being prepared hit us very hard – literally ‘left and right’ to the point of almost LOSING IT ALL!!!

This time around I was better prepared and even though I didn’t know what the heck was going to happen, I knew I had to make sure I was prepared both with my business and my household.

So yeah watching these crazy, fun, weird shows did help me better prepare for the “what if, could it, and if it did”…what would I do?

Well, you prepare – that’s what you can do!

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What I learned from the first crisis and how it helped me PIVOT during this PANDEMIC

  • Never put “all your eggs in one basket”
  • Always have a bit of saving to get you through at least 6-12 months
  • Make sure to always have food, supplies, and first aid
  • Cars need to always have fuel ⛽ and be ready to go
  • Have a few 100 bucks in your safe, or house in case you need to leave
  • Watch for trends, and pay attention to what’s happening around you!!!
  • Create a plan, offer more services, go virtual, analyze your business, and look for trends and how you can benefit from them…CREATE OPTIONS!

How did you prepare your business?

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  • Ask for help, if you don’t know what to do
  • Go back to the basics
  • Market research and analyzing the market
  • Learn new strategies to help you promote/market your services
  • Contact your clients and find out how you can best serve their business
  • Create a new plan to help you prepare, plan for the new changes
  • Always make sure your business in order; taxes, insurance, planning, etc…


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