How to Improve your strategic planning process

How to Improve your strategic business process
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A strategic business process, as well as a business plan, lays out a foundation to include your business goals, priorities, and a plan that aligns with your vision but also helps you identify how each process or step will be achieved and specify how staff will measure progress along the way. If the process is done well, strategic planning can help entrepreneurs and businesses develop a vision for the future—and a road map to get there.

To help you develop a strategic plan, the Boss Up and Rise platform offers a low-cost online training program to help you create, implement and launch a plan to help you and your business. Participants get access to the online platform 24/7 where you learn how to create and incorporate the steps into your plan and devise ways to implement and put them to work once they are completed. Feel free to peruse the website and sign up anytime!

how processes help you build and grow your business

If the business struggles and challenges have taught me anything is that having a plan/Roadmap is crucial for any business regardless if you’re a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or future CEO!  Now I know so many small businesses who think that they wouldn’t benefit from implementing processes, and procedures to help them improve their business, especially in today’s modern business world.

But one thing I did learn from the first recession – is that having a plan is crucial and so helpful to ANY business and thanks to my plans, processes, and procedures they help me during this horrific global pandemic. Not only did it help me with financial management by reducing unnecessary costs, but also implementing new online services, but also creating and managing remote clients and team members especially because you are not on site so having these important, processes and procedures is crucial to the success of your business.

Remember that a process is a simple way for small to fortune 500 businesses to provide a better service to their customers, increasing efficiency and profit along the way because without customers, we have no business.


“ Always plan for the plan & execute the plan so you can earn your worth.”

Starting and Growing your business is a struggle on its own and often the main struggle is trying to get everything done on your own, or with the hiring of unqualified staff (with no plan or process) which in return you are throwing money left and right trying to find a solution. Therefore I highly recommend that you create a plan & process and/or improve the existing processes and procedures in order to help you boost growth because it will have a positive impact on time, quality, and cost.

Time. Reduce your time by creating a fully documented procedure that will help employees, management, or your “right-hand man” carry out their work following a step-by-step process which in return will reduce the time needed to carry out the task. Because all the information needed to do the task on hand is all in one place. 

Quality. By creating a clear and concise process or procedure you will outline clear steps to follow also which means that the process is done the same way every single time regardless of who’s handling the task. This process will increase consistency and lessens the risk of errors, while also saving you time and money.

Cost. You can reduce your cost by more than half because the chances of errors are less and well you will spend less time correcting problems which ultimately means increased customer satisfaction and retention and of course, happier customers are more likely to use your services again and make recommendations of your amazing services.

create a simple process for your business

Creating your process and procedures doesn’t have to be complex, it can be a one pager explaining what you want to be done, what your business needs, and how to handle each task – simple as 1-2-3.  Get your templates and step-by-step guidance via my Boss Up and Rise Online Portal Join Me and let me help you Start and Grow Your Business the right way!


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