How to Become an Interpreter and Entrepreneur

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How to Become an Interpreter and Entrepreneur

Understanding what you need and what it takes to become a professional interpreter.

Did you know that if your Bilingual you can actually become a professional Interpreter or Translator and start your own business – with the right training?


You see interpreting can be an amazing career in today’s economy.  For decades Immigration into the US has led to a growing number of individuals seeking assistance in immigration settings, medical, and legal settings just to name a few.


Unfortunately, many are unable to speak or understand the English language. And therefore require the assistance of a professional, skilled and trained interpreter.  Now let’s make it CLEAR…They need HELP from a trained interpreter who speaks FLUENTLY both English and their target language, as well as knowing the right terminology in the respected field.


Ever wonder what you need to become a professional interpreter? Well, the first step to becoming a professional interpreter is to make sure you understand the requirements.  However, if you are seeking to become a certified interpreter there are also steps you must take in order to become a medical/legal certified interpreter.  The requirements to apply are a different from one to the other, so it’s important you understand the requirements.

Faviola the CEO Hustler

If you’ve been following me for sometime you know that I’m NOT ONLY a professional and experience interpreter, but I’m also a former CEO to a Top Notch language services company, but more importantly I’m a Business Coach and Interpreter Trainer.


I’ve been in business for over 20 years, I’ve worked with small to fortune 500 companies and I’ve been helping 1000s of entrepreneur across the USA and abroad start, grow their business, but also help them break the language barrier in communication.


I’m often asked whether I’m contracting or even hiring interpreters and translators. I don’t mind the question. “We’ve all had to hunt for work, and these days far too many people are without it” and more so with the economy collapsing for the 2nd time, right?


You see I don’t mind you asking, however what I do mind is that you are NOT taking action and therefore your just not committed or willing to do the work to START your Career and/or Business as a Professional Interpreter or Entrepreneur. 


I’ve also found that roughly 90% of those who inquire are not qualified to be translators or interpreters, nor do they have the experience or qualifications to enter this amazing industry.


I’ve said it before Being bi-lingual is an excellent skill, and a stepping stone, but as ESPN analyst Lee Corso would say, “Not SO fast, my friend!”. 


There’s more to this industry that you must understand.  So here’s a little 15 – minute video explaining a bit about the industry, what you need and how you can benefit from being an interpreter.


Let me know in the comments if you liked it, agree or disagree and how I can best assist you!

Paths to starting your career as a professional interpreter

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Faviola Valencia, the CEO Hustler dba Elite Services 4 You has over 20 years of professional business and language experience.  I’ve been providing interpreting, translation, transcription, over the phone interpreting, localization, interpreter training and business coaching services to small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, law firms, government agencies, international corporations and professional organizations just to name a few.  


I’m proud to say that I’ve been the company and interpreter of choice for so many years to so many amazing companies and organizations.  If you are ready to Boss Up and Rise and ready to Start and Grow Your business using my same steps, processes and procedures then let’s Chat!

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