Family and Depression how it affects you

How to over come Depression

Do you or someone you know suffers from Depression?

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok if you or anyone you know suffers from depression. I myself have been suffering from depression and it’s an everyday battle to overcome.  Some days I’m happy and cheery, and other days I’m lost and feeling alone.

Unfortunately, those that know me don’t think I have because they tell me “How can you be depressed, your family is great, your husband does everything for you; he cooks, cleans, works, and takes care of you the kids the house, and your kids; they are wonderful, they are loving, caring, respectful, and we see them also doing everything you want them to do”…

Well, let me tell you that depression has NOTHING to do with me loving or caring for my family! It has to do with me; with who I am, who I think I’m not, and who I wish I was, but everyone knows what I am…Or with the I wish; wish “I could have, should have, but I didn’t do?”.

Furthermore, depression has to do with; unresolved issues, deep unresolved emotions, self-esteem, life’s struggles, loss of a job, loss of a loved one,  physical, and mental trauma, peer pressure, and so many things that can cause Depression, and affect you and your family.

What depression feels like…

  • When you feel like you are lost in your own “world”.

  • Feel like something is missing or;

  • Just mentally, and physically drained

  • Your body hurts all over and nothing you do or take is able to take the pain away.

  • Feeling the knot in your throat, the pain in your chest and no matter how hard you try, the pain won’t go away.

  • You just want to be left alone and sleep, sleep to never wake up.

  • Or when you’re feeling sad and you don’t know why.

  • Feeling hopeless and worthless.

  • And lose interest in things, you use to love to do.

Depression comes in so many ways, it is a serious depressive disorder and SHOULD NOT be ignored, do you know what they are? 

How many of you have noticed the above symptoms in a loved one, or maybe you have families that when you talk about your feelings their immediate response is:

  • You’re crazy

  • It’s all in your head

  • Snap out of it

  • Stop being weak

  • Get over it

  • It will pass

Being judged by family (Mom, brothers, friends) is not easy, but it’s ok I don’t blame them they just don’t understand depression.

Had NOT been for the support of my husband and my kids and my Doctor, who as soon as they noticed the warning signs, they said: “Your pains are not from medical issues, your pains are symptoms of depression, go seek help!

I finally did – I went and saw a Counselor, who till this day has helped me with my day-to-day struggles, with the loss of my father (who died from stage 4 Brain Cancer), who has helped me overcome certain barriers.

It’s been 1 year since my “meltdown” and I thank God every day for having the love and support of my husband and kids; otherwise, God only knows what would have happened to me.

Depression Poem

Tips to help you with your depression

If you’re like me who has been suffering from depression, don’t worry there’s help, hope and you can get through this!

  • Seek professional help

  • Find something you really enjoy doing., i.e, walking, jogging, reading, meditating, listening to music, etc… When you start feeling like your Depression is going to kick in, go and do that one positive thing that you really enjoy doing

  • Natural teas; chamomile tea is great to help relax

  • Yoga and Meditation – stretching helps get the blood flowing and helps remove some of the tension in your body

Don’t Give Up!

Life is too Short and Beautiful to Give up!

Family and Depression and how it affects you and your family…remember you are NOT ALONE – There’s Help! Don’t Wait! Don’t Feel Ashamed! Don’t Let this Illness Take Over You! You can Beat It!


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