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Ready to Start & Grow Your Business?

How would you like to have access to downloadable templates, or have a Go-to-Place where you can get all the 411 to help you Start and Grow Your Business?

Well, let me tell you that you no longer have to “wish for it” because I have just the place for you!

Faviola Valencia dba Elite Services 4 You is proud to present this Exclusive Members Group; Entrepreneur Cafe

Yes, a group for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners just like you!

In this Members Only Group, you will have access, to all the “Bells and Whistles”, i.e., tips, guides, networking, resources, checklist, training, and development, and so much more…

All this and so much more for “Pennies on the Dollar”

Quickly About Me:

I’m a wife, mother, proud navy mom, and have both business and bilingual skills and 20+years of experience…

I started interpreting and “managing a small business” at a very young age.  I also helped my father with his business, but also worked in a variety of business sectors, and managed a small construction business. 

Throughout my journey, I also helped friends and family communicate as an (Interpreter) so I used my experience and decided to venture off and start my own business.

By  2000 I decided to take “the leap of faith” and Start My Own Biz using my “language skills and prior business experience” to help me start my own language interpreting business -turning it into a Corporate six-figure business…

YES – My Own Corporate Business!!!

The steps

In order to be successful with my business, I had to learn how to:

  • Recruit, train, and mentor staff, freelancers, subcontractors
  • Coach interpreters & upper management
  • Create the right systems, processes, procedures, etc…

Fast forward I’m still training and coaching motivated entrepreneurs “just like you” to start, grow and achieve their goals and dreams!

Skills, products, or services

Are you a motivated entrepreneur, freelancer, interpreter, aspiring CEO, and have a special skill, a product, or service?

Do you want to Start Your Own Business?

That’s awesome!!!

What’s even more AWESOME, you don’t have to do it alone!

Unlike you, I had to do it alone and deal with my own struggles, pains, and headaches while Starting and Growing my own business!

Thanks to all those struggles, and challenges I was able to create a proven system to help entrepreneurs just like you AVOID these same challenges…

AND…I’m going to share them with you!

Starting your own  business

Starting your own business is a struggle on its own, and growing it is a whole different ball game. 

Despite all the ups/downs, I was still so fortunate to learn how to obtain contracts, but what’s even more amazing is that I was able to obtain contracts throughout the USA!

  • The State of California, the State of New York, Colorado,
  • Hospitals, many non–profits, and
  • Fortune 500 companies, and businesses across the USA…

The other things I learned to do were Sales and Marketing; Management, Procurement, etc…

These are some aspects of a business that you must learn if you want to grow your business. 

As my business grew I made it my mission to develop something awesome, something that would help entrepreneurs just like you start their own journey without the struggles and headaches…So, here we are…

3 Plans to meet your needs

Free Plan or Student or Premier

If you have NOT started your business, or if you are thinking of starting your business, or if your business is NOT growing, then this Exclusive Member Only Group is just for you…

JOIN MY GROUP for students or entrepreneurs and get the help, guidance, tips, networking you need to successfully START, RUN, MANAGE, GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Get the tools you need.
  • Find the Resources you need.
  • the Training you need.
  • Start Networking with like-minded Entrepreneurs just like you.
  • Everything you need in my One-Stop-Shop…No matter what industry you’re in!


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