Training and Development for Bilingual BIAs And Those Interested In Working As A Professional Educational Interpreter.

Every interpreter including those working as an educational interpreter, and/or bilingual BIA requires a great deal of training, and understanding of the industry.

Unfortunately, not many bilingual individuals entering this industry understand what it takes, what you need, and the special requirements needed in order to provide accurate and professional services.

That’s why I made it my Mission to Empower you through training and development to help you provide the best language services to your LEPs.

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About Faviola Valencia

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I’ve been providing Interpreting and Translation solutions since 2000. 

With over 20+ years of professional interpreting and translation experience, I am your one-stop shop for all of your interpreting, translation, over-the-phone (OTP), video interpreting (VRI), and transcription services locally and abroad. 

Don’t put your Business at RISK – contract an Experienced and Professional Interpreter, Business Coach, and Interpreter Trainer for all your business service needs!  At Your Service 24/7.

  • Court Interpreter Training Institute Certificate of Completion, University of Arizona
  • Marketing Tools for Interpreters & Translators, Certificate from SCATIA
  • Criminal Realignment & Difficult Conversations and How to Approach Them
  • Interpreting Certificate and Units from CFI
  • Partnering with the Provider for Successful Encounters, the National Council on Interpreting in HealthCare
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Get the A-Z guide to become a professional educational interpreter

Steps & Processes

Provide you with the steps, processes needed to get your career started, and how to provide services for educational interpreting.

1:1 sessions

Interpreter training sessions are provides both online or 1:1 depending on the training selected. Assessments are done via phone or zoom, and Education training is done at your schools location or via zoom.

Rules & Guidelines

Learn the rules and guidelines needed to perform your duties as a professional interpreter.

Interpreters provide an array of services to so many clients, many industries, business sectors, therefore it’s very important to understand your Role as an Interpreter, the requirements, and your duties as an interpreter.

corporate business world

Educational Interpreters

Interpreters provide an array of services to so many clients, many industries, business sectors, therefore it’s very important to understand the requirements, what you need, and how to provide the services for each setting and business sector.

Educational Interpreters provide services for IEPs, DELAC, ELAC meetings and understanding the requirements, terminology, ethics, protocols, standards, etc… are so important.

Interpreter Training & Assessment

Did you know that Interpreting is more than just knowing how to speak 2 or more languages?

  • It requires bilingual skills, experience, and the ability to process languages quickly and accurately.
  • Requires the understanding and knowledge of the different modes of interpretation and more importantly the ins/outs, and do’s and don’ts of the industry.

If you’re bilingual and seeking a career as a professional interpreter in the educational setting this training is for you.

If you are a school district and have in-house interpreters, BIA’s, or subcontract interpreters and want to help them and train them in order to provide professional interpreting services for your LEPs this training is for you.

Looking to hire/contract an interpreter & need their language assessed? Contact me today and let’s talk about your needs and how I can help you and provide you with the support you need for your business.

My training includes techniques, guidelines, pre-session, modes, vocabulary, professional conduct, standards and so much more…

Nurturing the best to give an outstanding result...things to ponder when Contracting Interpreters

Things to ponder when searching for a training program, or contracting an interpreter:

There are many online and offline Interpreter training programs offered through institutions of higher education nationwide, but it’s important to find the one that meets your needs, but more importantly, will provide you with the requirements, the training needed to start and grow your career as well as your business.

If you’re looking to contract an interpreter, make sure to contract an experienced interpreter who has over 2 years of interpreting experience in your industry, who may have a bachelor’s degree in Interpreting, and who’s bilingual and fluent in the language pairs you are seeking. 

However, keep in mind that’s still not enough to become a professional interpreter especially if you don’t have the experience or qualifications.  

Furthermore, keep in mind that most companies, agencies, don’t require certification, or training, and sometimes they don’t even require experience.

Regardless of your needs, if you don’t have the experience, skills, qualifications, or experience – you may NOT be qualified to render and provide the services of a professional and experienced interpreter.

Therefore, I strongly believe that any business hiring and/or contracting a bilingual staff member to perform the duties of a professional interpreter should require at least a minimum of 2 years of professional interpreting experience, as well as other requirements.

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