Depression is a Killer

Suffering with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, or other health problems? If so, seek help!
depression is a killer

How many of you suffer from; Depression, Anxiety, Stress, or PTSD? How many can relate to this image?

Depression affects you, your family, your loved ones...Get Help!

Do you suffer from sleep disorders?

Are you struggling to wake and get up every morning, or for that matter doing the “Daily Life Things”; cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.?

How many of you have to deal with the Daily struggles that Chronic Illnesses and pain bring you, or dealing with your “Family and Friends” who don’t understand what you’re going through?

Well, let me tell you – I have to deal with it all the time, so you are NOT ALONE! 

When you come from a strong bloodline who doesn’t believe in; Therapy, Counselors, or seeking help – it makes it very difficult to express your feelings with others, do you agree?

After going into a severe deep depression my husband suggested I seek help and go to a Therapist / Counselor, I told him: “Me to a therapist/counselor, you are crazy!

What is my family/friends going to say when they find out, they are going to think I’m crazy!”

Unfortunately, we are so worried about what others think or say vs NOT GIVING A F*** and doing what’s right for us!!!

So let me tell you we shouldn’t care what other people say or think at the end of the day – it’s our lives, right?

Therefore, I took my husband’s advice and finally made it to the counselor according to my therapist, I was suffering from PTSD, which may be caused by the passing of my father. 

My husband was right… I shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, afraid, or scared to seek help!  Because, we are stronger when we recognize that we are human, that we too need help, and that it’s OK to seek help from a professional.  It shouldn’t matter what others think, say, or do!

As a wife, a mother (of 4 beautiful children), and a businesswoman, three years ago in (2010), I had a major breakdown (as mentioned above). 

So here it is…My painful journey…

I remember waking up one morning feeling so down; I had this horrible knot in my throat, this pain in my chest, I started to feel anxious – like I wanted to just; run, scream, cry, getaway, run away, or for that matter “blow my brains out” because my head was just spinning with crazy thoughts, my brain would NOT shut off…

The sweat, the fear it just felt so horrible, I felt hopeless, I felt fear and for the first time in my life, I felt useless and WEAK!

I felt like I had let all those who loved me down like they were going to see me as a weak person like they were no longer going to love me or see me the same way. 

If you are like me who has at one point or another felt this way, PLEASE, PLEASE seek some help – It’s NEVER too late!

Tips on what helped me:

  • I searched for a Counselor – one who I felt comfortable talking to and expressing my feeling too! (You will know when you find the right one, you will feel that personal connection).

  • At night drink some nice Chamomile Tea it will help you relax and sleep

  • Use natural sleeping supplements such as Melatonin Sleep Now this is natural and will help you get a good night rest (Seek advice from your Doctor before taking any medication and or supplements)

  • Eating healthy meals, especially in the morning will help you get the nutrients that your body needs.  As you may notice when you DON’T EAT, how does your body react? If you start feeling jittery, anxious, dizzy, etc., Sign Up and Order Your Delicious products and start getting a discount. 

  • Exercise such as Yoga has been a great exercise for me, jogging, running, walking…Many studies have shown that Yoga can provide stress reduction and anxiety relief. It can also enhance your mood as well as your overall sense of well-being. (Find something that you like to do)

  • Music can be very therapeutic and soothing, calming, and a distraction to the brain.  It’s believed that music can provide; stress relief, and alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension.

When I start to feel down, anxious, and depressed I tell my children that mommy needs some “me time to relax”, trust me at first my children would tell me:

“Mommy, why don’t you love us, why do you always cry, why do you lock yourself in the room, why this, why that mommy”…

And that made me feel even worse, it made me feel like I was a bad mother, or that I was neglecting my children. 

But no, that is NOT the case, as parents, children, teenagers, adults, etc., we all have our own “Daily Struggles in Life”, this may be with School, Dating, Work, Peers, etc., so it’s OK, to have some “Me Time”! 

So before you reach your breaking point go into a quiet room, turn on some soothing music, light an aromatherapy candle, dim the lights, do some meditating, yoga, and breathing exercises, or just take a warm bath, or go for a walk, a jog find something that you like to do and JUST DO IT!

Remember PAIN IS TEMPORARY, but if you quit and don’t seek help it can BE LASTS FOREVER!

Depression is a Killer but your not alone

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