A Day in the Life of an Interpreter

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A Day in the Life of an Interpreter

Being an Interpreter is very demanding

Requires a set of language skills, experience, dicipline and more


Starting a career as a professional interpreter requires more than just speaking a second language.  It takes years of experience, training, discipline, hard work and so much dedication and so much more.

It’s a professional career

Many bilingual “interpreters,” think that doing this job is easy and that all you need is to be bilingual.

Let me tell you that it is so far from the truth! 

Now, I say “bilingual” is the first step and stepping stone to starting a career as an interpreter, but there’s so much more…

A typical day of the interpreter’s life

In order to be a GOOD, PROFESSIONAL, AND TRAINED INTERPRETER, you need lots of training and development!

As a professional interpreter who’s been in business for over 20+ years let me tell you that this job as rewarding as it may be, it doesn’t get easier.

A day in the life of an Interpreter can be very rewarding but also very challenging.

My day starts early every day and can end very late at times.

  • I travel a lot
  • I’m on the road 3-5 days out of the week and sometimes overnight
  • My assignments vary from 30min assignments to 12-hour days
  • They vary from regular day-to-day appointments to low crime to even murder 
  • Often times my appointments are good and happy endings to stressful and emotional situations

Many assignments are very difficult to cope with, but we must fulfill the task at hand regardless of our personal feelings.

So remember that being bilingual is the start but there’s so much to learn in this industry!

So, if you’re like many who are bilingual and would like to start a career in Interpreting, but don’t know how?

Here’s how I can help you if you’re struggling with:

  1. What are the hours of an interpreter?
  2. The type of settings?
  3. Is this Freelance or Employee?
  4. How do you find jobs as an interpreter?
  5. Does it take long to become a professional interpreter?

Some of the many questions that I’m asked on a daily basis…

Learn more about my training.


Are you ready to become “Self Employed, Freelancer, Entrepreneur?…

Becoming a “Professional Interpreter” doesn’t happen overnight!  

It takes a lot of hard work, training, skill-building, dedication, etc…

TRUST When I say, it will take lots of Hard work, Dedication, Motivation and willingness to Learn!!!

I’ve been doing this for over 16+years and every day I learn something new!

Don’t get me wrong this industry is very rewarding, but also very challenging, but it has its perks!

For me, I love the flexibility, the challenges, the experiences, I enjoy working and meeting people, love to travel, and love the rewards that come with it!

  1. I pick and choose which hours/days I want to work
  2. I’m skilled in all settings medical, legal, federal and so much, much more!!!
  3. I do Freelancing work, although there are many employment jobs that hire in-house interpreters
  4. It’s a professional job!
  5. Many ways, methods to find jobs as an interpreter
  6. It all depends on your skills, qualifications, and basic experience

Find out more about this wonderful industry TODAY!



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