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Daily Routine

I have a daily routine, do you have one? If so, what's yours?


How many of you finished 2016 sick with flu, bronchitis and breathing issues?


I myself was hoping to start my 2017 with a BANG!…  


Unfortunately, this DID NOT happen – why???  


Well, because I started my 2017 still sick with the flu, bronchitis, and asthma!


Does that mean I give up, or get depressed, or does it mean that I GET UP, FIGHT IT and KEEP MOVING?!



Today’s Blog I want to share a few tips and hack that I’ve used in my life to help me throughout the day.


Some of my life hacks include; products, discipline, and motivation because regardless of being sick, or life being hard I can’t wait to start every year on the right track!  


So, even if you fall off the bandwagon, you need to get up and keep on going!



  1. 15 minutes after I wake up I drink a warm cup of water and a slice of Lemon
  2. Yoga – I suffer from Back and Neck problems after suffering an Auto Accident 11 years ago, therefore I HAVE  to do my Yoga stretches on a daily basis before starting my day…One of my favorite stretches and method is:
  3. As I start getting my kids ready for school I like to drink my delicious Herbalife Tea with some delicious Fiber and Aloe to help my digestive health via my website Thrive4Wellness


4. I drop off my kids to School then I hit the gym for some light exercise and once I’m done I come home and drink my delicious and nutritious Herbalife shake.


Herbalife provides so many delicious flavors to choose from to supplement a meal to help me maintain my weight but since it also has tons of vitamins that means I don’t have to take 20 different vitamin pills :)!!!


I then get ready to start my workday!


As you all know me by now…Just like many “Soloprenuers” I wear all the hats!


Therefore I go through my daily plan to keep me on track.

  1. Work on my website
  2. Add posts to my blog
  3. Check my appointments for the day/week
  4. Prepare for the weeks ahead and months
  5. Office administration and back end office

And if I have assignments out in the field then I get ready to hit the streets and do what I love most #interpreting and #translating “Connecting Worlds 1 Language at a Time!


Since I suffer from an Auto-Immune Disorder I make sure that I keep my self stress free, eating healthy, exercise but more importantly, I drink my daily dose of organic oregano grape with some orange juice (consult with your physician before starting any new product).


I also take my VitaminD, B12 and my daily probiotics these are a must for my daily routine and keeping me out of the hospital!


Learn More about Getting Healthy and Fit


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If you ain’t healthy, you won’t be able to work!


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When I’m not working & helping my clients, you can find me traveling with my family; camping, hunting, hiking, skiing, jet skiing, dancing or sipping a glass of wine, or drinking margaritas or a Corona.  Yes, we love to have fun!

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