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My 10 commandments of Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Knowing who is the Boss.
  • Always being a Good Listener.
  • Identifying and Anticipating my customers or prospects needs.
  • Always make customers feel important.
  • Help my customers understand Who I am, How I work and What I provide.
  • Knowing when to apologize and accept my mistakes or when something is wrong, REMEMBER; Customer is ALWAYS right.
  • Always get regular feedback and testimonials
  • Give it 100%
  • Appreciate the “YES” and “NO” is NOT in my vocabulary, always strive to provide and help my customer with their needs.
  • Team Work
  • Running a business has it’s perks, but it’s also very complicated.  So always do your research and stay on top of the competition


Faviola Valencia Aranda

Faviola Valencia Aranda

Professional Spanish Interpreter | Translator | Trainer and Coach. Need a Spanish Interpreter or Translator? Need help getting your business started? Ask me how?

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