Quick Credit Repair Strategies

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Learn some Quick Credit Repair Strategies to help you improve your overall personal credit. If you’re a business owner you need to consider working on improving or building your business credit. Business credit is very important if you want to start bidding for contracts.
Now many say that credit repair is NOT difficult or that it doesn’t take long. Well, I’m here to tell you that it depends on each individual situation.
Whatever your situation is here are some quick credit repair strategies which will help you improve your overall credit.

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Why is Credit Repair so important?

Why Improving your credit score is so important. Well, it means you can qualify for a home, a car, an apartment, better rates, and credit terms. This is also true when it comes to your business credit. Your business credit is very important for your business. Business credit allows you to purchase inventory, buy a company car, lease a facility, etc., but it will also help you start or grow your business.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business then it’s time you start working on repairing your credit now! Remember that everything takes time and it’s nearly impossible to improve that situation overnight.

Start Buiding Your Credit Now— before you really need it.

Quick Easy Steps

  • Obtain your annual credit report, it’s FREE
  • Analyze your report and work on Disputing negative marks, but make sure NOT to dispute old accounts. Accounts get removed within 7-10 years
  • Make sure to Dispute incorrect late-payment entries. Don’t dispute OLD items especially if they are about to be REMOVED it will ONLY hurt your credit
  • Get ready to play the Credit Companies Game. Yes, the credit companies will play games so be ready to put your ‘game face’ on when it comes to disputing items
  • Don’t have credit cards then start by opening a Secured Credit card through your bank
  • You can also Increase your credit limits. But that’s once you have started working on your credit and improved your credit score
  • You can also Open another credit card account, and see if you’re pre-qualified as this will NOT IMPACT your credit
  • Pay down outstanding balances, and set up auto pay. I use this amazing app it helps me keep track of my bills, but also provides me with a quick overview of my spending habits.

Why is building Business Credit so important

Building and having access to business credit is the lifeline for every business. Business credit helps you to obtain the capital you need for your business.

Business credit helps you expand your business, cover day-to-day expenses, purchase inventory, overall business operations, and cash flow.

When starting your own business it’s important to create a plan, especially a financial plan. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to build business credit will allow you better opportunities with banks, lenders, and suppliers. As your business grows and if you decide to apply for contracts some suppliers rely on business credit when making their contract decisions. Therefore, as you start building your business you also need to ensure you’re building your business credit.

Get the steps you need to start building your business credit, but also the steps you need to get business contracts. Book Your Call Today!


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