COVID-19 and its implications on your business

The Covid 19 pandemic and how it has affected you and your business
Faviola Valencia Covid

How many of you ever in your wildest dreams ever thought we would be living through a Pandemic?  I always say that History always repeats itself, but I honestly never in my dreams ever thought I would be living and surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, and moreover surviving another economic recession!

This horrible pandemic has negatively affected many people’s lives, and health, and created so many barriers for people who already suffer from mental illness and substance use disorders.

During the pandemic, so many people reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder not only in young kids but in young and older adults as well.  Especially those who had nowhere to go when things shut down and more so those who had to be isolated, but couldn’t isolate themselves because they either had no place to go or things to do – in order to stay busy which added more stress especially if you were infected with COVID-19, it made things so much worse.

If you thought 2019 was bad reports show an increase in 2020 – the aftermath. Many were impacted both in their life and business and dealing with so many health issues, but also the stress of the unknown and what to expect moving forward, or that finally they came to the realization that they either lost a loved-one, lost their job, their business, or livelyhood causing so much more stress both in their lives & business.

increase in mental health, stress, anxiety, and even substance abuse

As a professional interpreter who provides interpreting in mental health settings, I’ve learned that the pandemic has affected not only those suffering from mental health, depression, and anxiety but also their families, friends, and loved ones.  Many who never suffered from anxiety, depression, and sleep disruptions were now experiencing all the symptoms, and even having thoughts of suicide both in young people and adults.  All of this has been due to the ongoing disruptions such as the closure of businesses, loss of jobs, closures of schools/distant learning, and transitioning to remote work (when they have no digital or remote work experience) adding to the stress and anxiety.  

Job loss and insecurity 

Throughout the pandemic, many people across the country experienced job or income loss, which has generally affected their mental health and created anxiety, and although the government provided so much assistance throughout the pandemic this situation still affected many who could not or did not receive pandemic relief.  You went from having job security, being healthy, and enjoying life to job & business loss, health problems, and loved ones dying!  

economic loss

Although the pandemic has been “somewhat” under control, unfortunately, COVID-19 has and continues to affect communities, businesses, and organizations locally, abroad, and globally, but if that’s not worse it has inadvertently affected the financial markets and the global economy.  We are still experiencing new pandemics, new strains, a possible recession, mortgage crash, and high inflation due to unscrupulous businesses who only care about their profit without taking into account the low and middle class who have been suffering for decades and will continue to suffer during these hard and unprecedented times.

The ONLY thing I can tell you is to NOT GIVE UP, HAVE FAITH, AND DON’T LOSE HOPE!  It’s NOT the first pandemic or economic crisis, and it won’t be the last.  So ALWAYS be prepared and keep on learning so that you can pivot next time this same situation happens – because it will!

History Always Repeats itself! – the CEO Hustler always helping you Boss Up and Rise!


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