Lessons Learned both in Life and Business


The lessons learned both in life and business thanks to 2008 and 2020

Life an My nightmare started when my 18-year-old son decided to join the Navy in 2019. He enlisted without us knowing until the day I got the call of his ceremony.

It was so heartbreaking, yet a very proud moment. Mind you that this was all during a difficult time due to all the problems arising during our last administration. It was not easy, but I was very proud of the choice my son made.

Proud Navy mom; my Navy sailor

He graduated from Boot-Camp on December 06, 2019 (one day) after his 19th birthday. We were in Chicago for his graduation (so thankful and blessed because the nightmare started a few months later).

This day was a stressful, proud, yet very emotional time for me. I was scared because I didn’t know where the Country was heading and there was so much going on with politics that I felt it was the wrong time for my son to enlist.

Remember we all have a lot going on “behind the scenes” and we all have our own stories…

Enjoying Chicago during my son’s graduation 2019

When we left for Chicago things were not right, I had a “gut feeling”…you know those feelings that you know something might happen, but you don’t know what or when…

Yeah, I get those a lot!…

You see I love to research and of course, I was doing my research, and guess what? While in Chicago I continued to research some more and I started to see all these trends and I told my husband… “Babe, I don’t know what is going on, but something bad is going to happen. Whatever it is when we get back we need to check our savings, do some prepping and pray that it’s nothing”Boy was I right!!!

So we got back from Chicago at the end of December 2019. We got a call in January from my son telling us he was leaving for Japan (you can imagine my stress, and anxiety, we were very happy because that’s were he wanted to be stationed at Okinawa, Japan).

He left and we didn’t get to see him or say goodbye, and he’s been stationed in Japan since the pandemic was declared in 2020. So yes, I have not seen my Baby boy for over a year and a half…

To add to the stress my son leaves for Japan, and due to the previous administration and handling everything poorly; the country shuts down, the world starts going into chaos. The deaths, the supplies, the kids not in school, businesses closing, etc, etc…

So with all this chaos going on, we DIDN’T notice what was also happening inside our house. We were so busy putting out fires, and trying to survive, adapt, pivot, and make sure the “house didn’t crumble”...

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Please let me know your thoughts, comments, and if this resonates with you!

My baby boy and future proboxer

My handsome baby boy unbeknown to us was suffering from PTSD.

He was already struggling with the passing of his best friend a brother to him. The problem was – that we never addressed his pain. We were so focused on our pain because losing Kody who was like a son to us was also very painful.

This is what happens when we are focused on our own pain, or dealing with chaos, daily life; pandemic, and my son leaving. I was unaware of his pain and suffering.

Remember: it’s NEVER to late to provide the help and assistance someone needs.  We were very blessed to have quickly notice, put a plan into play, get him the help he needed and thank God, he’s doing so much better and we are slowly moving forward.

Lessons learned: We will always go through ups/downs, chaos, trials, and tribulations, but the world doesn’t STOP! We have to take a moment, sit back, and analyze what’s going on within our household. Ask questions, and look at changes, and help those in need – NO MATTER WHAT!

Post, Podcast, and YouTube channel are written by: Faviola Valencia

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Surviving Covid-19

Covid-19, the pandemic - COVID positive

How my family and I survived COVID-19: A sacramento family story

First the aches and pains, and headaches, then came the fear, anxiety, and the unknown…

On August 26th I noticed my older son outside our separate mini-house feeling sick with minor body aches, headaches, and fever (he indicated that he had been feeling sick for about 3 days prior, but didn’t want to worry us and that’s why he was staying away).

Since he’s not vaccinated I asked him to immediately isolate (which he was already doing, but this time we all made sure to stay away). Unfortunately, he refuses to get the vaccine due to all the nonsense being spewed online.

By now my 11yr old daughter was going on her second week into school. During August 25-26 she kept coming home complaining about headaches, but she said it was because it was hot outside.

Unfortunately, we didn’t pay much attention since we were (following all the guidelines, and 3 out of 5 of us were already fully vaccinated), but by Friday the 27th when she came home she was running a very high fever and on that evening she developed a running nose, croup cough, and was in bed not feeling well. 

We immediately gave her home medications; ibuprofen, asthma treatment, cough medicine and we had her isolate in her room (which is horrible feeling for an 11yr old who wants to get her vaccine and is unable to do so and is so used to giving mommy and daddy hugs every night :). 

Since I was in close contact and caring for both my kiddos unfortunately by Saturday night I became sick with headaches, running nose, body aches, and just feeling miserable. Unfortunately, I have underlined conditions [positive ANA, Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia, pre-Diabetic, Arrhythmia, Migraines as well as Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD ]

On Monday, my husband left to work thinking we were all just coming down with the flu, and although I was feeling sick, but not as sick that it required him to stay home. 

He usually leaves very early, but by 10 am (which is very unusual since I’m always up by 6am) I finally managed to get up and I started to feel very sick that I became worried and scared. Now, keep in mind that (I don’t get scared easily) so I asked my 17yr old to drive us to the closest testing site because I was feeling very sick and this sickness felt different, so different it made me feel even more anxious.

Unfortunately 30 minutes later through the rapid test both my daughter and I were positive for COVID. My younger son also got tested and thank God he was negative as he also suffers from asthma and Lupus.

We went home, called my husband, and in tears, I broke the news to him and he was sent home (company policy). I was so scared not so much for me but for my (unvaccinated) 11yr old and 25 year old.

The symptoms and treatments

Testing lines were BIG and ENCLOSED with sick people – NOT GOOD! Testing station was good and kept clean and staff was great. Developed a face rash, was in hospital severe chest and breathing pain, home soups to help with symptoms, but also staying hydrated.

My son’s symptoms for about 12 days were of:

  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Lost taste and smell and;
  • Breathing problems


  • Chicken soup, Roman noodles
  • 3 day asthma breathing treatments to help with breathing
  • Fluids; Pedialyte, Ginger Ale, Teas, Immunity Essentials, lemon water with lemon tea

My daughters symptoms for 5-7 days

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Body ache and now;
  • Her body temperature is under 95 with cold sweats (for about 3 days)


  • Top roman (she doesn’t like chicken soup)
  • Ibuprofen, Tempra (Mexico), Tylenol
  • Fluids; lemon water, Pedialyte, Coconut Water
  • Multivitamins, probiotics
  • 2 asthma breathing treatments to help her with cough

As for me I’m still sick and miserable and had to be in the hospital twice for breathing treatments.  

  • Headaches (worse than my migraines)
  • Body aches
  • Sinus pain and runny nose
  • Cough and congestion
  • Lung and Chest pain
  • Struggling to breath
  • Dizzy, confused
  • Chills, fever, cold sweats
  • Severe cramping and nauseated
  • Lost my taste and smell 5 days into getting sick 
  • Face rash and leg cramps


  • Chicken soup, Roman noodles
  • Ongoing asthma breathing treatments to help with breathing
  • Fluids; Pedialyte, Ginger Ale, Teas, Immunity Essentials, lemon water with lemon tea
  • Iuprofen, Norco, Tylenol, Naproxen, Flexeril for pain and cramping
  • Neurobion Bellodec-tta, Simi b diabetico, Multivitamin, and Probiotics
  • Rest and Hot Showers for muscle relaxing, and pain

Last few days after several breathing treatments at home my chest, heart, and lug area got worse and home albuterol treatments were no longer working and I started to feel worse so I was taken to the hospital were I was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia.  I was prescribed prednisone 

Still sick and in pain, still doing my in-home treatments trying to keep my lungs open and functioning, and of course my poor son feels guilty but feels we are much stronger than him. I just hope he gets vaccinated SOON! Still eating soups and my roman noodles to help me with vitamins, nutrients. 

As of today September 6 I’m happy to announce that my son and daughter are doing so much better, as for me I’m still struggling but staying positive and doing everything I can to stay away from being hospitalized, or worse death.


This is NOT like any other flu or cold. Every year I get Influenza and pneumonia (I guess it’s due to my autoimmune disorders) this is NOTHING like it!  Of course everyone is different but I honestly feel that due to all these underline conditions and had I not had gotten the shot I would be hospitalized or worse dead! the pain is excruciating and the breathing problems and pain is horrible!

For the first time my son said “Mom, I feel like I’m dying the pain is so bad mom – help me and I’m so sorry for getting you sick”…I hope that God willing he goes out and gets the vaccine because his luck may not be great the next time especially with the new varients

Hope I can provide you with an update about my COVID-19 symptoms once I'm healthy and feeling better. As of today still haven't recovered my taste or smell and still feeling crappy and struggling to breath but thank God no oxygen as of yet and hope to keep it that way.

Post, Podcast, and YouTube channel are written by: Faviola Valencia

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Life and Business Lessons during a Pandemic

Life and Business Lessons Learned during the 2020 Pandemic

As Founder and Owner of Elite Services 4 You, the CEO Hustler, and Boss Up and Rise online coaching, my mission is to continue to help small business across the globe start and grow both their careers and business.

And I wish I could say…

Aren’t we all happy that 2020 is behind us? I wish I could say it was over, but I’m sad to say it’s not, but I’m definitely happy to say that things are getting better, but I know we are NOT out of the woods – just yet!

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for many of us. Unfortunately, many of you lost loved ones not only due to COVID infections, but also to; depressions, stress, and anxiety.

Trying to find supplies due to shortages of food and essentials

Many of you lost your business and some of you are still struggling to make ends meet. So YES, 2020 has taken a lot from many of us.

And although things may be going in the right direction according to a ” Bloomberg report (paywall), Yelp data shows that more than 80,000 businesses closed their doors permanently from March to July”…

But that’s not all! The American Bankruptcy Institute expects that more than 36% of businesses will have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020.

Just here working on my finances, marketing, and creating a new Business Plan for the upcoming years…

However, for those who remained in business, it certainly was an experience that was humbling and filled with anxiety. As for me, it brought back memories from the 2009 economic crash!

2020 definitely has brought on so much more anxiety, but this time around I was prepared and ready to take “the bull by its horns”.

This time around I saw some trends and if life has taught me anything is that we must learn from our past Life and Business lessons…and yes I learned! I learned from the last economic crisis, and I knew I didn’t want to go through that again! 

I also learned as an entrepreneur who went through the first economic crash, was that many of you still were NOT prepared!

Many of you didn’t have a plan, savings, and were struggling with stress, anxiety, and didn’t know how to get through this unforeseen circumstance!

One thing that I personally didn’t learn from the last economic crisis, was to pay more attention to my family vs concentrating so much on the business!

As we all know, we are still not “out of the woods”. The year is not over, and as we move along into the coming years – we will still continue to have disruption and change.

Therefore, make sure that you evaluate your business; finances, family, and continue to prepare for ongoing changes and both life and business disruption.

So, I’m sharing this Podcast and Blog to share my personal story, and why 2019 and 2020 were so challenging for me.

I hope that my personal experience and tips will help you and your business.

“Check out Part-2 of Lessons Learned in Life and Business”

Post, Podcast, and YouTube channel are written by: Faviola Valencia

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My Maui Vacation Spots


How many of you are interested in visiting Hawaii? I finally was able to visit the beautiful island of MAUI and let me tell you…I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

We were very fortunate in being able to stay for almost 3 months in Maui! Therefore, we had to make sure that we planned and budgeted for our trip (day-by-day). We didn’t know how expensive or inexpensive things would be, but we were financially prepared by setting a trip budget.

Let’s get started and let me share my adventure

Now I’m an adventurist I don’t usually plan for my trips. I find it to be boring, it’s more exciting to plan as you go, and go as you plan…right? 🙂 The hubby, kids, and I usually just say…”Today let’s go…and we would hop on a car and travel, or hop on a plane and take off to our destination” – yup that’s how we ROLL!

So when we decided to go to MAUI it was NOT going to be different! But I know some of you prefer to plan your vacations and that’s OK, I got you!

Today I will share some of my adventures and places that you can visit. I will also share the “cost, precio, mula” – because it will be expensive, so plan wisely!


We went during the pandemic in November 2020 so there were many restrictions such as; COVID testing before you travel. Therefore, you need to make sure you have ALL your documents in place in order to AVOID being quarantined. So make sure to check out their online portal for daily updates.

Travel: The airline I used was Southwest Airlines. My experience with them has always been Top Notch, I’ve never had any problems with their airline. I love their Rapid Rewards program; their cancelation policy (during the pandemic it was GREAT) because we had to cancel our flight 3-times. Our COVID tests were not in on time, therefore, we had to cancel our flights. I also love their low-fare portal check out their low fare calendar for low prices.

As for accommodations – now that’s a different story 😒 hotel can run you anywhere from $250/night and up. We stayed in Wailea Grand Champions Villas; 2 bedroom condo with an amazing view and full amenities and just a few blocks from the beach was about $5K per month (but we had an amazing discount), but I know many Californians (who I met in Maui) were spending about $2k for a 10-week stay, so yes it’s pricey, but the experience of a lifetime!

Restaurants are also very pricey especially when you have a family of six. So for us, it was important to rent a cond this allowed us to cook at home vs spending daily eating out.

We made our weekly purchases at Costco. We spent anywhere from $150-$250 per week (yes food at the grocery stores was also expensive). Also, expect a long drive to the stores (depending on where you stay) speed limit is 35-45 on HWY. Our weekly drive to Costco was about a 45min drive.

Auto Rentals are very pricey and depending on the days you go their cars can be very limited! Make sure to pre-plan and try to rent your car in advance. They also have scooters, but you cannot take them on the HWY. So if you want to check out the surrounding areas, you can’t travel from Wailea to Lahaina. These amazing little towns are on the other side of the island, so a car rental is the best route. I used Hawaii Car Rental and Dan was amazing, the prices (we paid about $260/week for a medium-size vehicle), services were great!

NOW onto the fun stuff!!!

It was important for us to make sure our kiddos had as much in MAUI; enjoying the outdoor activities, and just having fun! Therefore we had to budget for activities (although we did go a bit over budget). My daughter enjoyed some of them more than others and we did repeats 😂😉

The time zone is different in MAUI (PST we are 2hrs ahead). So, if you want to enjoy MAUI and all its amazing adventures, you have to start early! Like 6 or 7 am early. Especially if you want to explore the road to HANA. This drive will take you all day! Therefore starting late means traffic and crowded places of interest, but also very dangerous on your way back. If you’ve never traveled this road, this road is a very winding road and at times has one-lane roads.

The Road to Hana isn’t your average road trip…and it’s definitely NOT The Road Less Traveled. This teeny-tiny – sometimes a one-lane – curvy road is just as crowded as it is charming. The road to HANA is packed with amazing views – turquoise seascapes, waterfall pools, botanical gardens, and lush rainforests, and the views of the trees, beaches are just breathtaking.

I was told that the road to HANA from Wailea – (according to google maps), was a 64-mile stretch. It also said it would take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Well, the thing about Google Maps and Californians – they lied!

Thanks to my research with the locals; who told me this trip would be an all-day trip and that even that would not be enough! And boy they were RIGHT! We actually made 2 trips and it was STILL NOT ENOUGH time! We will have to re-explore on our next trip!😉

Here’s a quick tip I learned: You need to download  GyPSy Guide to Hana app and it can be downloaded on your phone and it provides you with a guided audio tour. It’s $6.99 and provides you with (from what I’ve heard); incredible advice along the journey, but it also tells you Hawaii history as well. It also provides you with; best viewpoints, attractions, and things you don’t want to miss.

Keep in mind that cell phone and bathroom services are very limited on some of these roads. So, make sure to go to the bathroom and get some snacks; download some music, get a map, and ALWAYS be prepared!

Did you know that Banana bread is a serious business in MAUI? And don’t forget about their amazing jelly and shakes stands in Kihei). So, if you’re into banana bread as much as I am, try the banana bread! There are many stands and places you can get a bite of their bread 🙂… Aunty Sandys (Mile Marker 17 down Keanae Road). There’s also Halfway to Hana stand (Mile Marker 17), Nahiku Cafe (Mile Marker 29), and Hana Farms (Mile Marker 34).

Ok, another thing about the road to HANA and I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the “back way”. It creates a loop instead of turning around at Hana. And guess what? Well, we took the loop! It was an amazing venture!!! Check with your car rental about their policies, and restrictions. Some car rental companies explicitly prohibit their vehicles from being driven on some of these roads. The roads are very bumpy; full of dirt/rock, potholes (some people have gotten stuck and some tow-trucks will not drive there) from what we were told by locals.

An amazing place to eat on your way to HANA - Mama's Fish house

Amazing Stops on The Road to Hana

  • Paia Town – First stop! This little cute little town. Make sure to fillup here because I don’t think you’ll have another chance until you get to Hana. Visit Paia Bowls or a stop at Mana Foods or PAIA Town Center lots of goodies; road trip snacks, and don’t forget to visit the Secret Beach for sea turtle viewing. 🙂
PAIA Town Center
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees – Mile Marker 7
  • Garden of Eden – Mile Marker 10/11; It’s $15/pp admission fee. It’s a great place to stop for a bathroom break, but also a chance to get out of the car and stretch out.
HANA road, botanical garden
  • Ke’anae Peninsula – Mile Marker 16;
  • Half Way to Hana – Mile Marker 17; If you have a craving for some banana bread…delicious banana bread
  • Coconut Glen’s – Mile Marker 27
  • Nahiku Cafe & Marketplace – Mile Marker 29; Another great place to grab some coffee and some banana bread…I tell you the banana nut bread is amazing!
  • Waianapanapa (Black sand beach) – Mile Marker 32; Shiny black-sand Waianapanapa Beach
  • Hana Town – Mile Marker 34; You’ve made it to Hana! Congrats and make sure to enjoy all the stops!
Red Sand Beach; rocky beach
  • Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach (it’s ROCK NOT SAND)– An amazing hidden beach, but you have to be careful walking down to this beach as many accidents have occurred. Make sure to wear hiking shoes and definitely have a first aid kit. You must also limit your items to take down to the beach as the paths are very narrow.
  • Wailua Falls – Mile Marker 45; Get out of your car in the dedicated parking lot. Make sure you are careful where you park. Many of these locations are very narrow and there are not many places to park.

Keep watching and stay tuned for more of my daily life, business, vacations, and upcoming trip TIPS. I will share my adventures; tips, resources, and information inside my blog post; the CEO Hustler Show on YouTube, and the Boss Up and Rise Podcast. There’s so much to see and explore so you don’t want to miss it! FYI, this was just ONE ROAD!!! Wait until you hear and see about our surfing, ziplining, Molokini adventures, and more…it’s beautiful!!!

So what’s up y’all! What did I miss? Our 2+month stay was amazing and we had the opportunity to visit so many amazing spots along our journey! Leave a comment on all your favorite stops, and I would love to hear about your Hawaii adventure!

Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain

managing your business with chronic pain

How Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness can affect you

When Starting and Running a Business it’s important to factor in and consider our overall health especially those who are dealing with Chronic Disease or Illnesses.

Those of us dealing with chronic pain, disease, or illness know that it’s not fun, easy, and can become very overwhelming, and can create more stress.

Early on I was taught to ‘live with it, deal with it, you’ll be ok’ having aches, pains, etc…Had I know then what I know now I would have done things very differently!

I probably would have:

1. Eaten better.
2. Gotten my rest.
3. Decreased my alcohol intake.
4. I would have exercised more/partied less.
5. And would have made better choices when I was younger.

You see living with a chronic disease or illness hasn’t been easy, it’s been a very painful road and at times I’m so sick of being in pain that I want to hurt myself even more…

Those of you that go through this know that we tend to:

1. Go on a hunger strike.
2. We easily get depressed.
3. Stop eating well.
4. Start overworking.
5. And we stop the self-care.

Not because we choose to, but sometimes our will power to move ahead gets shattered!

You see, I’ve always suffered from medical issues caused by anemia, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain (First auto accident at the age of 15).

So when you add the Real Life Stresses; family, kids, business, life, daily ups/downs, it can trigger your pains even more!

If you haven’t read my previous article that I wrote in 2017  Depression is a Killer were I talk about some of my internal issues and quickly learning how some of these aches and pains were being triggered, and finally realizing that I needed to get some help!

Moreover, I learned that there are many things we can do to help us get through life and help us with both with our life and business.  I talk about it in this article:  ( Your Health is Your Business 

I also learned that dealing with constant health concerns can actually prepare you for the ups and downs of business and life. I read this amazing article: Business.com they spoke with a few entrepreneurs who actually live with similar challenges and they shared some tips on how to manage their business and life check out the article, you will love it!

As for me, I learned to listen to my body, but I’m not going to lie after years of abuse, it’s still very difficult to stay on track, but I try every day! Check out this article where I share some tips about Physical and Emotional Health

Learn to Listen to your body and do Selfcare!!!

If you’re like me who’s running a business you know that it’s mentally and physically exhausting, and the risk of overworking yourself will happen daily. Therefore learning to listen to your body and learning how to manage your chronic conditions, and paying attention to your symptoms becomes a vital part of being able to continue working.

“If you neglect your health in the long term for a short-term business need, you may find that you’ve created bigger long-term problems for yourself,” warns Kyle Brost. 

Little background:

I’ve been suffering from autoimmune disorders for over 30 years, unfortunately I didn’t know until just recently. I was diagnosed just a few years ago, after I pressured my doctors to review all my medical history with me, yeah, go figure!

So, for the past 5 years, I’ve been learning new ways to stay healthy, and trying to pay close and careful attention to what both my business, my life, and my body needs.

Analyzing my capabilities, my strength’s, my needs is crucial in order to adjust my workload when possible, rather than pushing myself to the extreme!  And although I’m not always successful I know I have to try in order to avoid getting sick!

It’s very important and at times very hard to be in tune with how I’m feeling; my workload, daily life ups/downs, and notice when things may be headed downhill and I try to stop it, but that’s not always the case.

My family and I know that when this happens, I need to start taking the necessary steps to prevent it from getting worse, unfortunately, we are human 🙂 and of course that’s not always the case, and make the mistake of pushing myself till the end – NO BUENO!

Managing stress levels

We all know that having high levels of stress can often make chronic health and pain problems worse. But controlling the stress “is easier said than done, right?”

Therefore paying attention to your stress, both with business and life, is a must if you want to continue to stay active and productive in both business and life. After all those of us with kiddos, we know that being healthy and active is a must in order to care for our kiddos, right!

So starting in 2015 after lots and lots of research I learned that I had to start listening and understanding my triggers because these triggers will also cause flare-ups.

My flare-ups are caused by; the food I eat to the stress I have, from being overweight, to not eating or resting well, and of course, overworking has been my main triggers!

So keeping your stress to a minimal level is a must!

1. Staying away from the “toxic people”, even if it’s family
2. Delegating your work both home and business
3. Creating a routine/plan
4. Controlling your workload/flow both home/business is a must
5. Understanding and being ok with the fact that NOT ALL days will be easy

Manage Your Time

One of the many illnesses that I’ve been diagnosed with is; Fibromyalgia, RA, Lupus, Chronic Pain just to name a few.

Therefore, understanding that having these medical conditions will cause sudden flare-ups and trying to “be superwoman” and not taking breaks will cause pain and will put me out of work!

More importantly, it’s not fair for my family to keep going through my aches/pains because I refuse to LISTEN TO MY BODY!

So, listen and take some of these basic and simple steps:

1. Take a breather
2.  Go for a walk
3. Listen to some music
4. Quick exercise; yoga, meditation, stretching
5. Create a system for both life and business and DO IT!

Always ask yourself: How precious is our time and health? It’s a valuable resource and therefore should be treated as such.

We also have a tendency to test our limits and push ourselves and maybe that was ok when we were young, but in the end, as we get older we start paying the price…

So if you’re young and healthy take care of yourself, if you’re like me older and in pain then start listening to your body and create a plan, and change your way of life, but more importantly SEEK HELP, you are NOT ALONE on this journey!

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Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout and Boost Happiness

The CEO Hustler Blog

Hard work is fulfilling, exciting, life-affirming, and hard. Sometimes, unfortunately, that last one starts to overtake all the others. When the difficulty of each day begins to overshadow your pride and satisfaction, you’re starting to experience burnout.

Burnout is a risky thing to ignore because it rarely goes away on its own. Left unaddressed, burnout can cause you to feel anxious and depressed, or lead to unhealthy life habits like excess drinking or overeating. At the end of the day, you need to feel good about how you’ve spent your time. If you’re not, here are a few ways you can take control of your situation and leave burnout behind.

Get Your Diet on Track

Stress can lead to poor eating, and poor eating can lead back into stress – meaning if you eat snacks and junk food to handle your burnout, you’re probably just making it worse. Instead, focus on getting a balanced diet that features plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

Eating right to prevent burnout goes beyond simply keeping your weight in check or boosting your nutrient intake. More and more research shows that your gut microbiome makes a huge impact on your overall wellness, including your mental health. You can support a healthy gut biome by eating an overall healthy diet, particularly one that includes probiotics. You can get this through yogurts, fermented foods, or a daily supplement – regardless of the source, getting good bacteria into your gut should make a big difference.

Work Out Regularly

Much like a good diet, we all know we should be getting regular exercise, but actually doing it is a whole other matter. It can be hard to imagine fitting a good workout into your day if you’re already busy. However, try to find time to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three to five times a week. Not only will this keep your body in good shape, but it will also release excess adrenaline which may be contributing to stress.

There are several ways you can fit exercise into a busy schedule. For example, consider going on a brisk walk during your lunch hour or spending part of your day doing toe steps at a standing desk. You can also wake up a little bit earlier to make some time for a quick, energy-boosting workout in the morning. Live close to work? Consider walking or riding a bike during nice weather instead of driving.

Working out regularly will do you a world of good, but you can also speed up your metabolism (and gain more benefits) by taking a metabolism booster. Before taking one of these supplements, carefully review the ingredients, learn about any side effects, and get the approval of your doctor.

Meditate Daily


One of the simplest things you can do for your own mental wellness is to add mindfulness meditation into your daily routine. Studies have found that practicing mindfulness decreases anxiety and boosts overall health significantly. By training your brain to stay in the present moment, you’re less likely to spend your time away from work focused on what’s happening at the office. Mindfulness allows you to be truly off the clock and enjoy your downtime.

If you’re new to meditation, consider downloading a mindfulness app for beginners. These have plenty of guided meditations that will help you learn how to focus on the present. Don’t be intimidated if it takes a little while to get the hang of it – after all, you’re building an entirely new habit, and your brain isn’t going to be used to it right away. Simply allow yourself to refocus on the meditation and your breathing, and know that it will get easier with time.

Burnout can lead to major life dissatisfaction, and that’s why it’s so important to recognize and address it, even before it sets in. Build these habits into your regular routine, and you’re a lot less likely to feel overwhelmed by work and other responsibilities. Instead, you’ll be able to handle your workload with ease.

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