Faviola the CEO Hustler

Lessons learned throughout my business

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Faviola the CEO HUSTLER

Lessons Learned Throughout my Business


Faviola the CEO Hustler


Lessons Learned throughout my business are that no matter what you go through, you still need to…




TRUE STORY📖 I started my business in 2000 with a Dream & Vision.


I NEVER thought in my wildest dreams and didn’t I think I had it in me to build a Top-Notch Corporate Business…


But I did it! (I built a 6-figure business in less than 3-months)😱


▶️I didn’t have a plan, BUT…

▶️Had a Vision & Dream, And…

▶️I didn’t have a degree, but I had tons of business experience!

▶️ But more importantly, I never let ANYTHING STOP ME 🛑 or get in my way to succeeding!


But then something happened…

“The Rise, The Fall, The ComeBack, I am Faviola #TheCEOHustler”

Life happened!


I suffered an auto accident while coming back from San Francisco, CA.


I had all 3 of my kids in the car when we got rear-ended. I almost lost my small child, but Thank God, he’s OK.


Unfortunately, I ended up with severe neck/back/tissue/tendon injuries (still suffer from these same pains)!


If things couldn’t get worse one day we were at the Lake (our favorite place to relax) where unfortunately our middle child suffered a severe fracture (Jetski injury) and was in a body cast (femur fracture) for months!!!


Then to my surprise I got pregnant (which it’s supposed to be the best time for a mother), right?


Unfortunately for me it was such a horrible time and such a bad experience because I almost lost my Baby Girl due to a bad pregnancy due to (severe cholestasis). 


I was in/out of the hospital 🏥 for 6-months until finally my husband couldn’t handle me anymore and had to get me hospitalized. 


He had me admitted to the hospital for care and treatment. 


My daughter was finally born (premature baby at only 32 weeks), but as you all see from my family pics thank God she’s a beautiful miracle princess!  


Unfortunately during this same time frame, my father was also diagnosed with Glioblastoma (As you can imagen we were devastated by everything going on)…


You see there was so much going on as I was still recovering from:

  • Auto Accident
  • My Son in Body Cast
  • Then my pregnancy 🤰 (almost lost my daughter)
  • To make it worse my poor father was slowly dying from Brain 🧠 Cancer.  And then…
  • Unbeknownst to me the economy was collapsing…(S*** 💩was literally happening all at once!)


⚠️Unbeknownst to us the business was also starting to go downhill all due to these

⚠️”Life Situations and Unforeseen Circumstances)!

⚠️And of course, things just got worse!


I started getting sued left & right, getting harassed, threatened by interpreters and them literally coming to my home threatening me!!! 😢) who FREAKING DOES THAT?!!! 


Keep in mind that I also had 100’s of clients who owed me money 💵 who were not paying, and then the government shutdown!


This also affected my business sooo bad, yet I wasn’t at my client’s homes/doors/place of business harassing them or threatening them, but hey we are ALL DIFFERENT, RIGHT?!

And then S*** 💩😢happened my father passed away📿!!!


All of this while on verge of:

  • Losing my house and losing everything I worked so hard for.
  • I was heart broken💔
    • No money
    • In pain
    • Sick and devastated, but severely defeated,

It felt like a knife “ripping through my chest”💔!


Life was happening behind the scenes (but the “ruthless” interpreters/contractors, sorry to say this)…


These same “ruthless interpreters/contractors” were the same ones who for years:

  • I provided work too
  • Who I always put first

I took them out to:

  • eat
  • gave them awards
  • provided them with stipends
  • opened the doors to my house
  • invited them to workshops (for free)


I provided them with FREE Training because without them my business would not have grown as big as it did!


I acknowledge that they plaid a big part of my business.


But unfortunately life happened, S***💩hit the fan and everything I did for them went out the window. 


They forgot who I was and smeared my name like I was nothing (that broke me and brought me to my knees, sever depression, anxiety, suicidal)!


After years of therapy and hitting “rock bottom” I learned to forgive them.


After a couple of years I decided to move on because I had kids, a family and I was NOT going to let this BREAK ME!


I’m sure they were going through similar situations due to the economy, but to be so brutal, disrespectful, vicious, hateful & to not care or understand my situation was beyond disbelieve! 


They didn’t care that


  1. My family was depending on me
  2. That 10 other employees & their families were also depending on me
  3. I also knew they were depending on me; and…


That I was doing my best to make things right! But…


I couldn’t because I had no more money, no more resources!


Unfortunately, after my Dad passed I no longer gave a S*** 💩😢 and had no choice but to file for Bankruptcy and Closed my Doors! 


I felt like a total failure, defeated, depressed and just TIRED!!!

I don’t wish this on ANYONE!


Therefor it’s so important to build a business that will hopefully prevent some of these issues that I went trough!


I will teach you everything that I’ve learned “Good, Bad, Evil” to help you AVOID the same entrepreneur struggles I went through.


All my lessons learned throughout my business!

Entrepreneurship Journey; Nightmares & Lessons Learned

Watch it for free. No registration needed. 

You See I’m a Tough Cookie!


I Learned My Lesson and I learned to #NeverGiveUp


If my father taught me anything in this world – that was to Never Give Up!


So, after a few months/years of therapy, counseling and letting the storm pass, I decided to get up and #BossUpandRise 💯🔥


I dusted my self off and went back 🔙 to the drawing board!


Looking back I don’t regret ANYTHING, but wished I could have done better, been better prepared, but hey God does things for a REASON!


I NOW appreciate the experience because;

1️⃣ I understand that God does things for a reason.  (This experience was necessary for me to learn & understand that we must prepare for the future & for ‘unforeseen circumstances’, but also take care of ourselves before being able to take care of others.)


2️⃣ It helped me so that I can help others AVOID these same struggles, challenges, but more importantly, help them prepare for the future and give back through training and development!


3️⃣ It helped me to be the person I am today. Share+Learn+Grow+Prepare+Plan for the Future and continue to Help Others!


You see, we all make mistakes, but we can all learn from them & help others AVOID these same mistakes.🙏


We have 2 Choices..Get up #BossUpandRise or Stay down and be defeated!


Regardless of the circumstances #KeepOnGoing

🚨#TheRiseTheFallTheComeback @theceohustler ™️🚨

Hustler Business Kit

Hustler Business Starter Kit

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Hustler Business Starter Kit

How to Start Your Own Business & Avoid Business Risks!

the ceo hustler helping you boss up and rise


Want to Start Your Own Business, but not sure where to Start or What you need or How to do it?

“Find something you Love & Just Do It”, Faviola “the CEO Hustler”

Get a Step-by-Step & Clear plan and Start Doing What You Love!


Remember that Starting a Business is NOT Hard, but it does come with lots and lots of “baggage”…


For example many start-ups start a business without a plan and therefore are not ready for growth moreover not prepared on the exact steps they need to protect their business from all the “legalities” involved in business.


Many are unsure of what to do next in other word they don’t know how to market, who to market too, what “backend” tools, resources are needed to help them with their overall business; email list, marketing, CMS, SMS, CPA, programs needed for A/P, A/R, etc.


I know I’ve been there and therefore I would like to share this VALUABLE PDF to help you start, prepare and take ACTION in your business (the right way) & help you AVOID the headaches involved in the Biz World!

So it’s very important to understand that if you are considering to start and become a professional business owner, freelance translator/interpreter being prepared will be of utmost importance and you will need a Business Plan.


So don’t delay and download this FREE Plan and you’ll have the option to Upgrade as your Business Grows and Starts monetizing.

Start Your Own Business Today with my "Free Hustler Biz Kit"

Download it now for free . Step-by-Step plan, resources & tips

Always remember that to Start + Grow a business requires planning and development, but more importantly execution & action!


And remember that many businesses fail because they are not willing to do the work or to afraid to start & take action, but I know that’s not you and I know that your ready to start & take your business to the next level, right?


So STEP ONE, download my Starter Kit and make sure that you have all your “ducks in a row” and that you have the basic foundation in place…


STEP TWO, check out this FREE VIDEO & find out if this is the right journey for you!


STEP THREE, if you still need help and want to scale your business, then check out my Marketing Like a Boss for Entrepreneurs & Let’s Get this Business started now!

Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Check it out for free . No registration needed. 

Vision and Dream Board

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Vision Board 4 You!

A Vision Board is just a Vision if you don’t have clarity or don’t know How to make it work for you!


A Vision and Dream Board are simples methods to help you stay Motivated, Inspired and to Help Your Dreams and Vision turn into reality!

Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind.

And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! – Jack Canfield

How did you start your Business?

I started with a Vision at the age of 14...

My first Vision Board was created around 94′ many people (back then) didn’t know much about boards. 


I remember I used to cut-out pictures from magazines or would take pictures of things that inspired me, or things that I wanted to do!


Unfortunately, I don’t have that Vision Board (got lost when we moved to Sacramento)…


But my Vision and Mission never changed!

My Vision for both Family and Life was simple…


I remember my Vision always being (like many little girls) get married, have children, and live in a small house with a “white picket’ fence.


Those Dreams soon came to reality:

  1. Married my “longtime childhood friend”.
  2. Bought our “small white picket fence” in 96′ at the young age of 22.
  3. We have our ideal family (4 beautiful children)
  4. Remodeled my kitchen “designed it just like I wanted; custom cabinets, open concept, beautiful tile, etc
  5. Bought our ideal Toys (cash no financing); Jetski, 4 wheeler and SS (SS turned out to be a lemon, so dealer bought it back) 

The bottom line everything I dreamed of when I was a young it came to reality! 


But it wasn’t’ easy…It took a lot of hard work, dedication and long hours.


Onto my Business Corporate Life.

My Business Life and Vision.


First and foremost, I come from a family of immigrants.


We immigrated into the Country around 78′-79′. My father started his Upholstery Business in the late ’80s; he inspired me and motivated me and made me want to Be My Own Boss.


I’ve always been a hard worker, go-getter, researcher and not afraid to take on a challenge! 


At the age of 14, I started working because I loved shopping (back then not now ☺) and loved to having and earning my own money. 


At a very young age, I started to work in a variety of fields, and business sectors. 


So by the time I was 17, I was working as an Office Manager for a Small Construction Business. 


I learned so much not only, seeing my father being his own boss, but working for a small to medium-size business and this motivated me to continue working towards my Vision.

So by the time I moved to Sacramento, I had made up my mind and that was – starting my own business!


  1. Started my Freelance business in 2000
  2. Mid-2000 I turned my Freelance business into a Corporate Business
  3. By mid-2000, my business was now a 6-figure business.
  4. End of 2000, I had over 2,500 contractors, over 10+ employees, contracts throughout the USA and abroad
  5. My goal was to become a Top-Notch interpreter and I achieved that by; self-training, researching, and development. This allows me to provide services to a variety of business sectors!
  6. I wanted to live the “Lap Top” business life. I achieved that in 2010 by incorporating services to make that dream a reality
  7. These changes allow me to work from home and I am an Entrepreneur!

Join My Vision Board Party (Live)

When you Sign Up for the Training, you will receive an email with Training Details;

  1. Welcome “kit”
  2. Agenda
  3. Things you will need for the Training
  4. Your Download (if you purchased it and signed up for the training, you will receive a refund for the Download purchase), the Download is included in the Live Training.
  5. Additional Instructions
Let’s Get Ready to #BossUpandRise and put your Dreams and Vision to Work!
Vision Board Training

How to Contract a Virtual Assistant

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant, what you need to do before you decide to hire/contract/work/invest on a VA for you and your business.

Question: Your business is growing, right? Great!


But do you have the tools, processes, and procedures in place to hire/contract people in order to continue that growth without overwhelming yourself?


Well, now’s a great time to take charge and see where you may need help, as well as what processes and procedures you need to put in place to get this process started!

Here are somethings to ponder...

So, if your thoughts are to grow your business (today or in the future), you have to understand that it’s going to require lots and lots of work, if you want this contracting/recruiting process to work!


Things you must consider before you decide to hire employees, or recruit freelancers because (trust me), they will either “make you or break you”…YES, I SAID IT!


Also, keep in mind that it’s your responsibility not only to hire/contract employees, freelancers, contractors, management, etc., but it’s also your responsibility to train, mentor, but more importantly to have processes and procedures in place, because otherwise instead of moving forward you will be taking steps back!


💡TIP 1: Don’t line people up without having the right procedures in place.

💡Tip 2: Really understand your Biz growth and what you need and where you want to go.

💡Tip 3: Set your processes in place; recruiting, HR, administration, etc.



  • Lining people up before having processes in place will ONLY create chaos, confusion and in the long run problems.
  • Many of use don’t have an HR degree, or experience and therefore we may not be good in the whole recruiting and training process and that is why creating these processes and procedures will come in handy. (I created my own internal processes and procedures and therefore have been tested and proven to work effectively for all business sectors)
  • So, if you decide and envision your business growing, it is very, very important to have these procedures in place for each department, each staff member, etc.

These are just some basics to ponder, but it requires more than just this…


I hope you find these growth strategies helpful when you decided to hire help. These three simple tips make such a huge difference when it comes to getting the right person for the job, trust me, I’ve been there!


For more guidance and specific tips for your situation, that’s where my coaching can be even more useful – so contact me today, let’s chat and see how we can work together and get your processes and procedures in place, so that you can #BOSSUPANDRISE and be that #CEOHUSTLER you’ve always dreamed of!

faviola the ceo hustler

4 Simple Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Get The Sleep They Need for Success

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4 Simple Tips to Help Entrepreneurs

Get The Sleep They Need for Success

Start Your Own Business


Are you losing sleep due to your small business goals? Well, you could be derailing your efforts to reach those goals faster. Sleep is crucial for your health and wellness — and even your success. So, here is how you can help yourself get more of it.


Your Tech Could Be Keeping You Up


Being a successful small business owner often means being attached to your laptop and smartphone. But if you make a habit of bringing those devices into your bedroom, you could be disrupting your sleep quality.


The bright blue light emitted from cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions prevents your brain from producing the melatonin needed to fall asleep soundly and stay there for enough time.


Getting those devices out of your room is a good first step to enhancing your sleep levels. While most tech should be banished from your bedroom, some smart devices are actually made to help you sleep.


If you have problems getting your business to-do list out of your head, using a noise machine can help calm your brain, or you could look into a vibrating alarm clock so you are not jolted out of your dreams by noise.

“Selfcare is so important for the daily and business life, so take care of yourself, we only have 1 life, so let’s take care of it the best we can! – Faviola”

Quality Sleep Is Key to Your Success

In business, a busy schedule is prized. However, if your schedule as an entrepreneur is getting in the way of your sleep hygiene, you could be impacting your success.


You need sleep in order to focus on getting your business up and running and to keep yourself healthy enough to do your best every day. So, freeing up some of that work time for more sleep can actually be more beneficial for your business.


If bouts of insomnia are keeping you up, know that sleeplessness is common among entrepreneurs too. All the emotions and thoughts that are racing through your head can make it hard to wind down, even when you schedule to sleep. If you cannot get the seven to eight hours you need every night, at least take steps to improve your sleep quality. Keep your bedroom cool and dark so you can get the most out of the rest you do get.


Your Night Routine Plays a Critical Role

Even if you get your tech out of the bedroom and schedule time for sleep, it still may not be enough.


Your nighttime habits before bedtime affect your sleep quality as much as what you do in your bedroom. Try winding down your work assignments earlier and getting into bed so that you can get an earlier beginning to your day.


If your usual nighttime routine includes checking emails and answering phone calls, you may need to adjust those practices too. In order to get the rest, you need to be successful, you have to guard your personal time.


Set out-of-office hours that will give you time to unwind before crawling into bed. Doing so from the start will help you maintain that positive balance between your work and life as you become more successful.

But Your Health Routines Have an Impact Too

The way you care for yourself during the day matters just as much too.

For example, many entrepreneurs reach for the most convenient food and beverages to keep themselves going. Before you reach for that high-fat snack, however, you should know that it could end up keeping you awake.


More fat and processed foods in your diet can lead to disruptions in necessary sleep processes, as well as digestive issues that can make you too uncomfortable to sleep. An imbalanced gut can lead to an upset stomach, constipation, and other problems that can make it harder to sleep.


So, think about meal prepping some healthier options, and also consider getting in daily workouts, which will help you sleep better too.


Sleep is not an option, especially if you hope to start and run your own small business. Your brain needs sleep in order to focus and get those crucial business tasks done.


So, if you are looking for long-term sleep as an entrepreneur, make sure that better sleep hygiene is listed on your shortlist of life and business goals.


Photo Credit: Unsplash

Social Media Frenzy

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Social Media Frenzy "Hype"

How to Overcome Online Social Media Barriers

Social Media 2019


How many are you overwhelmed with ALL this Online Social Media “Hype” going on!


Or maybe you’re confused and even feeling stressed and even depressed because you are doing everything in your power to grow your online business?!




Just when you think you “nailed it” and you’ve mastered it, SOMETHING NEW COMES UP, right?!




Now, you have to go back to the drawing board!


I know how you feel because for a minute I was just like you – going through those same challenges. 


And more, so because I was seeing all these profiles with only (10 images) with 100K+ followers or those with (no images) and 20K+ followers, so I would ask myself…


How in the world are all these people doing it?


How come I post and post and no “real interaction”, no “real followers”, why isn’t my account growing, etc…And then…


  1. People where BUYING FOLLOWERS!
  2. They were doing the “FOLLOW/UN-FOLLOW” method to grow faster!
  4. And they were BUYING LARGE FOLLOWER accounts!

So, then I continued to research and figured out that It’s the QTY of FOLLOWERS, it’s the QUALITY of REAL FOLLOWERS!

So…I STOPPED STRESSING OUT and STOPPED trying to be like the “Other Guys”!

  1. Yes, the “Shadow Banned” is REAL!
  2. The “Algorithm” is REAL!
  3. You can grow your account Organically, it just takes time!

Also, you DON’T NEED TO SPEND 100’s and 1000’s to START or GROW YOUR BUSINESS online!


Do the Basics, the BASICS ALWAYS WORK!




It all comes with time and patience, don’t put your Business at Risk before you even get it off the “ground”…Baby Steps always work!


With over 1,000,000,000 of Instagram users and over 2,000,000,000 of Facebook users and millions of online users your potential to grow your business with FREE marketing online!


So, STOP “going here and there” and downloading “this and that”, find a platform you like and learn it and stick to it, and eventually, your Biz will start to grow…

Here are some free;


  1. Post Consistently.
  2. Build and set the mood.
  3. Be unique and ALWAYS be Yourself.
  4. Use hashtags, as well as community, motivating and positive tags
  5. 80/20 post rule (20%personal and 80% valuable business) posts
  6. Max 30 hashtags
  7. Set Good Bio

Ready to Learn and set your SM Accounts today?!


Sign up for my SM Entrepreneur Group Training...Spaces are Limited!

This is a Live Training and I will go over the Step-by-Step process with you and we will set everything up online during the training, so be ready and prepared!


I would also like to INVITE YOU to my Exclusive Entrepreneur Cafe Group a Go-to-Place to get what you need for you and your career and business!